Flip help

I got a Flip Camera at work and am having problems with the software.  Yesterday, it wouldn’t let me save to my computer (not enough room on the disk?) and today it won’t even let me open the software.

If you’re a Flip user, please give me your tips, suggestions, short cuts.

Making the vids is easy, editing on the software looks easy, but none of it does me any good if I can’t save them.


Adam Lambert on AMA

Well, I finally got around to watching the actual video of Adam Lambert on the AMAs.  For all the talk about how shocking the video is, I was intrigued but couldn’t find it.

Then tonight, in another web search, I found it here.  

I have to admit, I didn’t find it shocking or horrible or even particularly provocative.  It’s not my “type” of music, but I liked it, and could see that he was trying to the envelope.  He’s very talented and creative, and is using this forum to challenge his listeners.  

I admire Lambert standing by what he did, for being gracious in his media interviews, but for also saying “this is who I am, if you’re offended then I’m not for you”.  He’s open about his sexuality, and open about challenging our assumptions.

In one interview he said it’s not that different than what Madonna or Christina Aguilara have done.  And  to me, it’s not that different (relative to the time period) from what  Prince did 25 years ago.

What do you think MTs?

I watched about 15 minutes of American Idol  this year and didn’t really know who Lambert was.  But now I’m a fan.


I know time flies… ::UPDATED::

…but THIS seems ridiculous!

DS driving the car.

I thought I had at least 15 more years before I had to worry about this!  LOL!

Sorry bout the oddball soundtrack–there’s some weird static and I’m listening to “Wicked” in my car.  It’s overly dramatic music for a very funny moment, and I’m laughing like a crazy lady.  ðŸ˜€

Yup, its DS.  DH is underneath him with the seat reclined all the way.  We live on a pipestem driveway, which is basically a private cul-de-sac.  DH was switching cars with me, and had pulled straight back out of our driveway, then I pull out and got out of his way so he could pull back into the driveway.  Does this help make sense now?  :)


Who’s Mother of the Year?

Most days, I don’t think I’d qualify for a Mother of the Year award.  I’m just trying to get my baby and toddler to nap, to nurse or eat, to potty train, praying they’ll be quiet during my conference calls, and hoping to send just one more work email.  And I’m daydreaming about the day so many people told me about– the magical day that they will play together.  

But today, I hear I’m up for a Mother of the Year award!  How could this be?

MomsRising got a writer from the Onion and a crack team of actors and tech gurus to put together this fabulous video, featuring me as Mother of the Year.  But guess what– you too can be Mother of the Year!  Click the video and try it out!

This video is hilarious, and it will definitely bring a smile to any mom’s face.  We all deserve a little fun and big props on Mother’s Day– heck, how about all week leading up to Mother’s Day too– and this video is a great way to enjoy that.

Have fun!  Happy Mother’s Day!


Thursday Open Thread

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I thought I would shamelessly share Maya’s latest cute video. We took lots of videos of her during her first 2.5 years or so, then they dropped off as life got in the way. I forgot how much fun it is to pick up the camera and capture a moment of silliness.

DH is on a strict diet and exercise regimen, and he bought a fitness ball the other day. As you’ll see in the video, Maya has taken a shine to it.

I shot this video using my little Canon digital camera. We also have a Flip camera, but it’s hidden away in a drawer somewhere. Do you take a lot of videos? Prefer photos? Anyone out there scrapbook? I am good about posting photos and videos online, but have yet to start Maya’s scrapbook…

What else is going on? Chat away!


Reason #1,037 I’m Going To Hell

I’m a sucker for viral videos. From the Dramatic Prairie Dog to Chocolate Rain, I always have a minute or two to waste on goofy clips.

The latest viral sensation involves a 7-year-old boy still woozy from a trip to the dentist. He is drugged, confused and barely coherent and OMG– it is HILARIOUS!!

In between guffaws, I started to wonder: how does this little boy feel about becoming known around the world for a less-than-graceful moment? How do his parents feel? Would I have posted this video on YouTube?

My answer: yes. I find this funny as hell. When we lived in Sacramento we posted many YouTube clips of our DD so that family members could see her latest antics for themselves. We never managed to capture anything as hilarious as this drugged-up kid, but if we had, you can bet I would have posted it! For it to go viral would have been a heck of a shock, though.

What about you? Do you post kid videos on sites like YouTube? Do you think this boy’s parents should have posted the video? And what are YOUR favorite viral videos?

Here’s a cute moment my husband captured while home with DD one day. Hope it gives you a chuckle!


Naomi Wolf and the End of America

I had mentioned briefly in a few open threads that listening to Naomi Wolf and Thom Hartmann go back and forth about her new book, The End of America, had freaked me out enough to want to head out and exercise my second amendment rights, just in case. As a person pro constitution but not particularly gun-loving, that’s a huge line for me to cross.

I’m not particularly comforted by the following youtube clip of Naomi giving a synopsis of the book, either, but I feel a bit more informed. It’s long, but completely worth it, IMO. 42 minutes of it are simply scary, but the last 5 give you hope. I thought I’d post and see if anyone else had read the book or went through the clip and either share the fear (you’re welcome, I guess) or at least start a discussion. That said, I’ve most likely just put myself on “the list” by passing it along, but such is life in these times. If anything, I understand the need to be a patriot now.

Obama/Biden 2008


Today I need to feel smart

There are some days when I feel like my brain is oozing out of my ears. I look at that PhD thesis sitting on my bookshelf, and I can’t even understand all the words of the title. It doesn’t help that I’ve got a whopper of a sinus infection and my house is full of paint fumes.

So on days like these, I needs videos like this. Not because I think this woman is so stupid that she makes me feel smart. But because there are days when I need a reminder to not broadcast my stupidity to the internet. I sooo should not have gone to work today.



My dance turned out great

I mentioned a while ago that I would be competing in a local version of “Dancing with the Stars” as a “celebrity” representative of the newspaper I work for as a reporter. I even included a snippet of video that showed me practicing.

Well, the dance was Sunday night … AND I WON. I still find this stunning, since I’ve never thought of myself as a dancer and never had trained as a dancer before in my life (even as a kid).

If you’re interested, please go to one of my blogs on our Quad-City Times newspaper Web site and watch one of the videos of the dance. The one my husband took (which is on YouTube, but linked from my blog) is actually a little better, because he includes the awards ceremony. The videos are fairly short,  but (I think) they’re fun to watch.

I’ve been OBSESSED with preparing for this thing, along with covering a major flood and other work and family issues, so I’m sorry I haven’t been a regular contributor here lately. I’ve missed MTers, and hope to visit with you more now that the dance is behind me. :)