CDC: Teen Birth Rates Down

The CDC just released preliminary numbers suggesting that teen birth rates declined by 4% from 2008 to 2009.

The 2009 preliminary estimate o f registered births for the U nited States was 4,131,019, 3 percent less than 2008 (4,247,694) (Tables 1-3 and Figure 1) [2]. Births declined for all race and Hispanic origin groups, down 4 percent for Hispanic women, 2 percent for non-Hispanic white, non-Hispanic black and American Indian or Alaska Native (AIAN) women, and 1 percent for Asian or Pacific Islander (API) women. Early birth counts through June 2010 suggest continued decline [3].

A Washington Post story pointed out that less women, overall, were having babies. They attributed the decline to the recession.

“When money is very tight, all of us think harder about taking risks, expanding our families, taking on new responsibilities,” Brown said. “Now I know that teens may not be as savvy about money as those in their 20s and 30s – they probably don’t stress over 401(k)s like the rest of us –but many teens live with financially stressed adults, and they see neighbors and older friends losing jobs and even losing houses. So they, too, feel the squeeze and may be reacting to it by being more prudent…. Maybe part of tightening our belts includes keeping our zippers closed, too!”

That fits with earlier research released in the spring by the Pew Research Center, which found that states hit hardest by the recession experienced the biggest drops in births.

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Saturday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

Laurie Puhn at the Expecting Words blog wrote a thoughtful column on having boys and secretly wanting a girl. She made, what sounds like, a great book recommendation on raising boys.

This is disappointing: Virginia’s newly elected Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell just reinstated “Confederate History Month” for April 2010, according to the Washington Post. On the upside, both the Washington Post’s poll and its commenters deemed the move racist. Go WaPo readers!  

Hybrid Mom magazine doled out tips on how to manage your time when you work from home.

Here is yet another study I dug up, this one on trans fats, which are commonly found in fried and processed foods. According to an article on MSNBC, women with coronary heart disease who consume trans fats are three times more likely than other women to die of a heart attack.  

The number of babies born to teenagers has dropped 2 percent from 2007 to 2008, according to the Washington Post. As the article pointed out, this is welcome news after two years of steady rises in the teen birth rate.

In related news, ABC News ran a profile on Bristol Palin, how she is handling teen motherhood and what is she doing on the advocacy front.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s 19th child is home from the hospital after being born three months early, according to Reality TV World.

This is a surprising and kind of sad celebrity split. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy just ended their five-year relationship, according to People magazine.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?