Midday Coffee Break

What’s up?

I am posting the midday coffee break a little early as I need your help. Remember the BPA ban for baby products I was advocating for here in California? After an emotional day of testimony yesterday, that vote in the Assembly was delayed until today, according to the Los Angeles Times.

While the Republicans overwhelmingly opposed it, a few Democrats sided with big industry by opposing it. Rep. Jose Solorio of Santa Ana, for example, said the formula companies couldn’t comply with the law by eliminating toxic BPA from their cans. Right. Because other places that prohibit BPA in baby products — Minnesota, Connecticut, Japan and Canada — have no baby formula. The worst part about this argument is that low-income mothers are least likely to have access to BPA-free products.

It isn’t too late to call your Assemblymembers, CA moms! If you live in, especially, southern California please call your Assemblymember. We are also targeting a few key legislators to get them to change their “no” votes to YES votes on SB 797:

  1. Wilmer Amina – Carter 916-319-2062
  1. Alyson Huber- 916-319-2010
  1. Norma Torres- 916-319-2061

We have even provided a script to help you out:

“Hello, My name is _____________________ and I am calling on behalf of Moms in California in favor of supporting SB 797 to get the chemical bisphenol-A out of baby bottles and formula cans.
I know that the Assemblymember has one last chance to support this bill today through an “aye“ vote when it is up for reconsideration. I am greatly concerned that as a mother, Assemblymember ____________ is unwilling to protect the state’s children herself. I am urging her support of SB 797 today.

Thank you for your time!“

I know this is in the middle of your work day, but PLEASE pick up the phone and make one or two calls! It really does make a difference. Thank you for protecting our kids from BPA.

In other health news, Morra Aarons Mele over at BlogHer gave an excellent overview of the historic battle for the government-run, public option Medicare as it relates to today’s discussion on healthcare reform. Also in BlogHer: Maria Niles wrote an impressive overview of all the healthcare systems in the world. In other words, the “for-profit-vs-socialist” debate is a simplistic view of the healthcare debate.

From the PhD in Parenting blog: A Canadian mom gave a detailed description of the single-payer medical system in Canada, which I want to point out, is NOT what is being proposed by Congress or President Obama.

In non-health news: Actor Tony Danza is co-teaching an English class at a high school in Philadelphia for a reality show on A&E called “Teach,” according to AP.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?