Monday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

First, an update: as it turns out, Matt, our baker baker’s husband is able and working on switching the underlying platform of to keep us there. (Yay!) However, to let him do his thing we should meet here until he is done. Then he will converge the two sites and we will continue meeting at as we have the last seven years. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

In the meantime, I am collecting funds to pay him, hopefully, for a one time upgrade and every once in a blue moon if the site is down. If you feel inclined to help, paypal me at elisa at mothertalkers dot com. Thank you!!

In other news: I was tickled to see this rock video by Daily Kos intern Faith. She is the lead singer with the red hair and she used Eli’s dolls to rock out! We were all smiles here. Enjoy!

Mitt Romney won the Puerto Rican Republican primary this past weekend, according to the Washington Post.

I already see the Republican presidential candidates all over this one: the Springfield, Massachusetts school district will hand out condoms to students 12 years and older with parents’ approval AND handing out information on abstinence as well. Of course, this won’t stop us from hearing about it on the campaign trail as if kids today don’t already face teen pregnancy and STDs.

Seattle is considering canceling its contract with Teach for America before completing one of it’s three-year commitment with the organization, according to 360 Education Solutions. Public officials are starting to question the program’s effectiveness especially since the program trains its students only 5 weeks to become teachers and it is expensive to implement.

This BlogHer story touched a nerve as I’ve shown up to an Aveda hair salon in Chicago to be told that my children couldn’t stay with me. This particular story focused on whether hair salons should have child-free policies. My beef is if they are going to have such policies, then they need to state that upfront. It isn’t fair to the parents to show up to learn of the policy.

And justice is served. A Rutgers student who secretly video-recorded his roommate having sex with another man to share with others — in which his roommate later committed suicide — was convicted of 15 charges related to the incident, according to the New York Times.

Also, Freedom Airlines settled with a mom who it kicked off one of its flights five years ago for breastfeeding her baby. Companies, take notice.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?


Primary Election Open Thread

Update #2: Sen. Hillary Clinton won Puerto Rico by a huge margin. According to exit polling by CNN, she won all income, age groups and other demographics by at least 60 percent.  

Update #1: The DNC rules and bylaws committee reinstated all of Michigan and Florida’s pledged delegates, but gave each delegate only half a vote to punish the states for moving up their primaries, according to CNN. This is the same punishment meted out by the Republican National Committee when four states moved up their primaries against party rules, according to the New York Times.

The Democratic National Committee is expected to meet on Saturday and determine the fate of the Michigan and Florida delegates.

Puerto Rico will hold its primary on Sunday. Enjoy!