Election Update and Other News

There are still races that are too close to call like the gubernatorial race in Oregon and senate race in Colorado, although some networks, including FOX, have called Colorado for incumbent Democrat Mike Bennet, according to the Washington Post.

Unfortunately, the Washington Post, among other publications, have called the Florida gubernatorial race for Tea Party-backed candidate Rick Scott. The Democrat, Alex Sink, has conceded the extremely tight race. (Both are under 50 percent, with one percent – or 53,000 votes — separating the two.)

Oh, and I must share with you this Seer Press News article that was bandied about yesterday among my family and friends. It was about a couple in Tennessee whose house burned down because they “forgot” to pay the optional fee to the fire department. You see, the fire department in this town was not taxpayer-funded but supported by an annual subscription fee of $75. Of course in this case, the residents are not upset at their fellow taxpayers for refusing to adequately fund a fire department — which they expect to work for free — but the firemen. I wonder how much of this we will see in the next two years as the funding of already fragile public infrastructures are further cut? We can always blame the government employees we aren’t paying!

Finally, in non-election news, this month is National Adoption Month, according to our Dana at Mombian. She gave an update on the states that prohibit even unmarried couples from adopting, just to show you we have a long way to go in achieving equality in this country.

In international news, Honduras has a major teacher strike going on, according to Honduras News. Glad to see some organizing in Latin America.