Tuesday Open Thread

Good morning! How are y’all enjoying our new (temporary) digs so far?

Our baker baker posted this story on her facebook page and I couldn’t help but laugh. It’s Scary Mommy’s take on the whole “It gets easier” line of advice that new parents receive. She basically called bullsh*t:

It’s true: You won’t always be walking through life in a complete haze or sterilizing baby bottles for the rest of your life, but in my brief experience, parenting doesn’t get any easier. I look back on those days of schlepping around an infant carrier and complaining about spit-ups as the easiest I’ll ever have it. I’m sorry, new moms. Truly.

Some of her points are hilarious (“The bags under your eyes and the poochy stomach will go away. They will? Clearly I’m doing something wrong”) but overall, I found myself disagreeing. For me, it has gotten easier as my children have gotten older (and this is coming from someone who actually enjoys newborns and infants). I will say the sleep thing is probably 80% of it. But now that Maya is 7 and can entertain herself quietly without me worrying that she’s hurting herself or destroying our house, she seems way easy (check back when she becomes a teenager, I’m sure I’ll be eating my words!). Yes, I spend time schlepping her to lessons and practice, and supervising homework, and helping her navigate the social minefield that is 1st grade, but overall, it feels easy for the moment. Certainly easier than my 2-year-old who can’t sit through a meal, draws on the walls with crayons, naps when he damn well feels like it and can still throw a hell of a tantrum. Yesterday, he peed on the bathroom floor and when I looked over and realized what was happening, he had a shit-eating grin on his face. There’s really no other way to describe it. I was as appalled as I was amused!

What say you? Has it gotten easier as your kids have gotten older, or do you long for the days of the immobile, helpless infant who could be quieted with a boob or a bottle? Weigh in!

Also, this place in D.C. has created a cupcake in a cup, topped with frozen yogurt. I want to go to there. That is all.

What else is on your mind today? Chat away!


Thursday Open Thread

It’s Thursday!

And I am knee-deep in the new television season. I loved the season premiere of Modern Family last night (fave LOL line: “Is that from Footloose?!”) and am enjoying the new series Up All Night.

I am also looking forward to the season premieres of Saturday Night Live (two words: Alec Baldwin), The Good Wife and The Amazing Race.

What shows are you enjoying/looking forward to?

And lastly, did you catch Dancing With The Stars? The dancer I most enjoyed watching was Carson Kressley. He wasn’t the most gifted hoofer, but I found him the most charismatic. Must have been the Jagger strut…

What’s on your mind today?


Hi My Name is Janice – I Am New Here

Hello everyone! I would like to apologize to anyone who felt neglected by my lack of response to a comment in one of my previous entries. This is my first “online diary” and I am not accustomed to responding to readers. Up until now I have been happily guest posting on other blogs where the owner is responsible for interacting with their readers. I am excited about this new opportunity and am looking forward to getting to know other members here :) I am a very busy mom (who isn’t) so please be understanding if I don’t get back to you right away.

I am a mother of 2 amazing kids, 1 boy and 1 girl, love animals, live in Florida, and I enjoy being unpredictable. My life is filled with variety and contradiction. I may sound like a lunatic at times because my rambling sounds more like a stream of consciousness. I will be talking about hosting a kids party at my house, then car insurance, then relationships, then finances, so on and so forth. My point is I live in the moment. I love what I love now and will love what I love tomorrow even if it totally contradicts what I love today. Change is the only thing that is certain in this world and I embrace that.

Sometimes I get personal and other times I will just feel like writing something instructional or informative. My writing style fluctuates depending on my mood. So bear with me 😉 Thank you for having me and I am excited about building a very random diary lol


Hello. I’m new here.

Sorry for the lame diary title, but I honestly couldn’t think up anything that was amusing or entertaining or clever or even intelligent. So, I went for what I could grasp – unimaginative and obvious.

After lurking here for a few weeks, I finally decided to start posting comments last night, and another member here suggested that I write a diary introducing myself. So, here goes . . .
My job is such that I am required to spend long hours at a computer, reading DailyKos.1 And one day, after having read at least five hundred histrionic, hand-wringing, Chicken Little comments, my “Oh my g-d, are you f-ing kidding me” threshold having been reached and exceeded, I decided to take a brief respite by clicking links in other user’s blogrolls. You know, just to see what I could see. Maybe learn a new thing or two.

What I learned from that experience:

* There are approximately 1,000,000 political blogs on the internet
* 999,999 of them are copies of DailyKos
* the same people post at all of them2

Slightly disappointed, I went back to the dk home page and did something I’d been meaning to do for a while – clicked a link that brought me here. Glad I did. It’s a nice place, really. I think I just may stick around for a while.

All About Me : Chapter One

I work for a large telecommunications company in the Pacific Northwest. I don’t drive a Prius, or drink lattes. However, politically, I am so far left that I make most progressives a little nervous. You know the type: die-hard social activist, proud union member, can say the word “anarchy” without cringing. Yeah, that’s me. My brother calls me a “commie”, but that’s okay. I call him a “jack-boot fascist.”3 It evens out. I am also a writer. I’ve penned poems, short stories and screenplays, and am currently working on my first novel. I have a love/hate thing with writing. I love the physical work of writing, of getting ideas out of my head and giving them a physical shape through words. However, most of the time I’m writing, I’d rather be doing something else – like sleeping (I always get the urge to write in the middle of the night), but it’s an obsession. Or an addiction. I can’t ignore it, and the times that I’ve tried, I teetered so close to madness that people got worried.

I have two children: A 6’2″ 14 year old son, who was born during a meteor shower, and is one of the chillest, most laid back, compassionate and thoughtful persons I know. Three years ago, he made the decision to “become” a Buddhist. No one was surprised. He also has the distinction of being the one in a family of bi-racial people, who hasn’t a single molecule of melanin in his skin. He burns if he thinks about the sun for too long. Them genetics is weird. He and I joke that he was actually switched at birth in the hospital. I seriously hope that was not actually the case, cuz I ain’t givin him back. For real.

The daughter . . . ah, the daughter. She’s thirteen now and I could write a book about this kid. Maybe someday I will. She’s already hard at work at carving out an identity for herself in this cool, crazy world, and I cannot wait to see what the resulting sculpture will be. She is truly a work of art. She’s my heroine.

Back to me . . . I was the “weird kid” in school; an honest-to-goodness punk from the original Dysfunctional Family, who spent more time writing and listening to The Clash than socializing, and desperately believed that I would eventually stumble into Narnia. I just had to find the right magical closet. I still cling pretty tightly to that old hardcore DIY mentality, and rage against the machine every chance I get. I’m reminded by friends near to my own age that I was born the year Nixon was re-elected which makes me officially “middle-aged”4 and need to get over it. Eh, whatever. My kids think I’m cool. My SO loves me (bless him). I amuse the hell out of myself. What more do I need in life besides $1,000,000 and a car that doesn’t break down every five minutes? Nothing really. I’m flush.

And for anyone who might be wondering: my user name (same one I use at dk) is taken from the name of an album by the reggae group Culture. “Two Sevens Clash” is actually a reference to the year 1977. I’m not sure why it’s significant, other than that’s the year Star Wars was released, and I started kindergarten. But it’s a fantastic album, and if you’ve never given it a listen, I highly recommend doing so.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell. It hasn’t rained in a whole hour here in Washington, and there’s a faint glow in the sky eking its way through the cloud-cover that may or may not actually be the sun. That makes it a good day.

Best regards and many blessing,

UPDATE – my SO just informed me that 1977 was significant to Rastifarians because Marcus Garvey made the prediction that Africa would be free when “the two sevens clash”. They believed that the Rapture/Apocalypse would be in 1977

1 – Not exactly true
2 – A gut feeling. There’s some things you just know.
3 – He’s not really.
4 – this is a scientific impossibility as evidenced by this equation: (x)+ 10 = Y, with “x” representing my current age, and “y” being true Middle Age. As you can see, Middle Age will always be ten years ahead of whatever age I am at the time, and thereby, making it impossible for me to ever reach it.


Plugging a friend’s blog (Austin girl)

So, per rule 2 up there, I’m not supposed to do this. But I think I can manage to write enough to make it not so one-liner-like.

I have a single mom friend, Jill, in Austin TX, who has her own blog. And damn, she writes really well! I know she’s smart and all, but I didn’t know she had such a knack for analyzing things so well. She draws cool metaphors and paralells and all that.

I’ve invited her (more than once, I think) here to MT, but while she’s totally liberal – I suppose MT isn’t the forum for everyone. Some folks wanna do it on their own.

So here’s the link. http://www.thinkswansonthink.blogspo…

Calls herself Little Miss Patriot. I dig it! And she needs more visitors. And I think, deserves more.