Special Election Open Thread

I am off to a memorial service for a friend’s mother so I am posting this early today.

I admit, I have not gotten involved in the Massachusetts race at all. I didn’t make calls or donate any money. In light of the healthcare fiasco and all the uncertainty around that issue, which is dear to my heart, I am afraid I am suffering from a bout of outrage fatigue and need to check out of politics for a while. I actually hung up on the Democratic National Committee today when they called to ask for money. Once again, I told them I would donate to MoveOn.org and to please remove me from their list.

I am just so upset at how little the Democrats have accomplished with super majorities in the house and senate. If the tables were turned, the Republicans would have passed so much (bad) legislation just because they could. We were so focused on bipartisanship and pleasing a small group of so-called moderates that we got nothing done. It’s time to challenge some of these Dems in the primaries and start over with a clean slate of candidates.

Okay, I am getting of my soapbox now and letting you all debate tonight’s senatorial election in Massachusetts amongst yourselves. Here is a Boston Globe article on the record turnout for this special election. The polls close at 8 p.m. ET.

Of course, if you are suffering from outrage fatigue, too, you can discuss other stuff. Enjoy!