Wednesday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

I was out last night at an election-viewing party, got home at 9 and looked at our open thread for predictions. You all are GOOD! And nerds.


I am excited to report that this bad reality TV show that is the Republican primary continues! Here are the results as of midnight on the east coast:

Alaska — Not in yet
Georgia — Newt Gingrich
Idaho — Mitt Romney
Massachusetts — Romney
North Dakota — Rick Santorum
Ohio — Too close to call
Oklahoma — Santorum
Tennessee — Santorum
Vermont — Romney
Virginia — Romney

In related news, the anti-immigrant and anti-women rhetoric coming from the Republican Party as of late is catching up to them in a big way. As my husband pointed out in a story that I saw floating in Latino tweeting circles yesterday, a FOX News poll shows that U.S. Latinos prefer President Obama to any of the Republican candidates six to one. Yesterday, I was listening to CNN en español for political news coverage and was amused to hear a Republican on the ground lie through her teeth about contraceptives and family planning. “You can buy contraceptives for $5 at Wal-Mart!” she actually said. “Republicans support family planning!”

She said this in reply to the radio host’s question, in which he pointed out that Latina women, like most U.S. women, support contraceptives and family planning so aren’t Republicans shooting themselves in the foot on this, too? Sheah!

Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh keeps on hemorrhaging advertisers and a Republican legislator, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, said she regretted her vote for the Blunt amendment, which was a way to deny women health insurance coverage for contraceptives. Let the soap opera continue!

Also, I threw my hat in the ring for this essay-writing contest held by the Oakland Children’s Hospital Foundation. The winner will receive free tickets to an event to read the essay as well as phone calls from 1) a Random House/Ballentine editor, 2) the Executive Editor at O Magazine, and 3) an agent from ICM. I know that there are a lot of writers here so I thought I’d share.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?