Midday Coffee Break

What’s up?

In case you missed it on Facebook, our Hillary won her primary race for Lehigh County Commissioner (District 5). You go, mujer!

In other election news coverage, the residents of California voted down five of six ballot initiatives meant to address a steep budget shortfall and deficit, according to CNN. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has said if the measures fail, California’s deficit will balloon to $21.3 billion and he will have to make even more drastic cuts in education, health care and even release prisoners. Yikes.

Also in CNN: New Hampshire has come closer to signing a same-sex marriage bill now that the state legislature is adding language to protect religious organizations and individuals.

Oprah Winfrey recently interviewed two extraordinary single fathers. When I first saw the headline, I rolled my eyes thinking single mothers have had to juggle children and work for eons. Why is this news? But these men are seriously extraordinary, including a widower-ed father of nine who also works as a full-time corporate attorney and another widower who not only cared for a newborn when his wife unexpectedly died but also created a foundation in her name to help other parents in his position. Very cool.

Also in Oprah: A New York City screenwriter and producer wrote about the eight most annoying questions she has received about her adopted daughters from China. I was appalled at the rudeness of these questions like “What did they cost you?” and “Do they speak English?” Rude, rude, rude.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?