Midday Coffee Break

What’s up?

I swear the Palins and their former son-in-law-to-be Levi Johnston should be on Jerry Springer. Here is the latest bizarre interview given by Johnston and his family to Larry King. I am not sure why the Johnstons are going to the press, but it appears the Palins won’t let him take the baby even for a weekend. This is the statement the Palins released to Larry King: “Bristol is focused on going to college, raising Tripp and advocating abstinence.”  

Also in CNN: A homeless mother who asked President Barack Obama for help during a townhall meeting is still facing joblessness and may lose her current home, which was lent to her by the wife of a Florida lawmaker.

A grieving mom over at the OC Moms blog is looking to form a support group for the siblings of deceased children. Her 15-year-old son overdosed on prescription drugs a year ago and she was shocked at the lack of counseling groups for her other children.

Another mom at OC Moms blog sought support and resources for her 16-year-old son who will soon be a father. At least one reader offered suggestions in the thread.

The founders of the Mamasource newsletter have created Mamapedia, or a place you can ask questions of “moms who’ve been there.”

Mental Floss had a fun article about 10 “celebrities” who were homeschooled. By celebrities, the writer meant people like novelist Agatha Christie and telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell. But wasn’t everyone who was not a farmer homeschooled during those days?

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?


Florida Primary Open Thread

UPDATE: I was going to put up a picture of John McCain, but I do not want to scare you. Yup, he won Florida, according to MSNBC. Mitt Romney came in second place. As expected, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in Florida, but there are no delegates at stake. -Elisa

The polls close at 7 p.m. in Florida. While the Republicans are beating each other up for the nomination — Rudy Giuliani is toast if he does not win — the votes for the Democrats do not count. Because Florida moved up its primary, the Democratic Party stripped Florida of its delegates. Still, Hillary released a statement asking that they count, which did not (understandably) sit well with many of the commenters at CNN’s blog.

As stupid as the rules are — I have said it before, but I want the primary schedule redone — they are the rules the candidates agreed to.  John Edwards’s and Barack Obama’s names were not even on the Michigan ballot! None of the candidates actually campaigned in Florida, which would give the state to Hillary by default. (She has the name recognition.) You can’t change the rules midway because they do not suit you. My rant for the day…

Correction: Also, in case you are interested, Markos will be on Larry King Live at 9 p.m. west coast time, or midnight EDT, to discuss the Florida primary. Happy election watching all!


Hump Day Thread

It was nine years ago that I stood in front of a church in Bamberg, Germany, when Markos asked me to marry him. (He was stationed there for the Army in the late ‘80s. That’s how he knew about it.)

Tomorrow we will leave for Bamberg, as our friend — the one who was in on the secret and discreetly left us at the church nine years ago — is going to get married this weekend. We will stay with his fiancée and their two children.

In a week, we will make our way to Crete and visit Markos’s (paternal) family who I have never met. Visiting Greece is a lifetime goal I can scratch off my list. But never would I have imagined visiting with two children in tow. Fortunately, we will stay with his family, which means I will have help with the kids and will get a rare, personal glimpse into the culture. I am a little rundown — woke up with a sore throat this morning — but am so excited about this trip! Pictures will follow, when I return on the 19th…

Speaking of Europe, former Treasury chief Gordon Brown has replaced Tony Blair as the new prime minister of Britain. Based on this Associated Press report, it wasn’t clear if Gordon will reverse his pro-Iraq War stance. Hmm.

In the meantime, if you are not as obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance as I am, check out tonight’s Larry King Live’s interview with Paris Hilton. King scored the first sit-down with Mizz Hilton following her release from prison yesterday.  

For more celebrity gossip: Tiger Woods’s daughter’s first photos for public consumption were released to Fox Sports.

PETA released its annual “world’s sexiest vegetarian celebrity“ list. Country singer and former American Idol winner Carrie Underwood was crowned the sexiest female vegetarian. Tonight Show bandleader Kevin Eubanks topped the list for male vegetarians.

I often get pitched by all kinds of companies, non-profit groups and individuals doing neat things. But due to time constraints or uncertainty of whether they are a good fit for MotherTalkers, I rarely mention them. This website, however, seems up our alley since we have a book club.

BetterWorld.com sells new and used books and uses the proceeds to address literacy worldwide. The company, which prides itself on being a “green“ company — “We ship all of our orders climate neutral with offsets from the Carbon Free Fund,“ a spokesman wrote me — offers free shipping within the United States and charges a mere $2.97 to ship books abroad. I thought it sounded like a good deal. Just FYI.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you? Happy hump day all!