Thursday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

Brain, Child magazine ran a depressing story about nightmare adoption stories. These stories centered around children who had reactive detachment disorder (RAD), were psychotic and had to be institutionalized. One perspective of the story I have not read anywhere else were those of the adoptive families who were put in this impossible situation. They were racked by guilt and grief. What a tragedy.

In somewhat related news, the New York Times ran a column on how even the best biological parents can plant a “bad seed.” The children in the article wigged me out. For unexplainable reasons, they exhibited anti-social, mean and toxic behavior like refusing to return their gravely ill mother’s phone call. The doctors had no explanation for this behavior, as the siblings of the “bad seed” — their term — were well-adjusted. Do not read this or the Brain, Child article unless you are a masochist like me.

The Washington Post ran a story dispelling all the statements by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on beheaded bodies found along the border as well as the notion that most undocumented immigrants are drug mules. As reporter Dana Milbank blankly stated, Arizona’s anti-illegal immigrant law is based on a “fallacy.”

In somewhat related news, the NAACP has condemned the racist elements of the Tea Party. The Tea Party insists it isn’t racist, yet the Iowa Tea Party ran this billboard. Lovely.

In ghetto news: Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are engaged. The kicker: they chose to tell mama Palin in US Weekly. Don’t these kids have media consultants?

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?