Friday Open Thread

Did you hear the latest? According to this Salon article, Arizona lawmakers want President Obama to prove, yet again, his citizenship. Yes, you heard that right. They are pushing a bill that would require the President to show his birth certificate to get on the state’s 2010 ballot. Are they freakin’ serious?

Speaking of backwards states, if you’re gay and thinking about getting a divorce – DON’T MOVE TO TEXAS! According to this article, Texas is refusing to grant divorces to gay residents who were married in states where same-sex unions are legal. That’s right. Texas – a state that has fought to prevent gay unions is now fighting to keep married same-sex couples together. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is working to invalidate same-sex divorces that had already been granted by a judge. According to the article, he is currently appealing two different gay divorces in Austin and Dallas. Makes me think of MT Hilary’s facebook status:

So, Larry King is getting his 8th divorce, Elizabeth Taylor is possibly getting married for a 9th time, Jesse James and Tiger Woods are screwing EVERYTHING, yet the idea of same-sex marriage is what is going to destroy the institution of marriage?? REALLY??…”

Hey, Hilary! I agree – which is why I copied and pasted it onto my facebook status!

Speaking of facebook…

East Haven, Connecticut Mayor April Capone Almon, has donated her kidney to a constituent she only knew casually. Carlos Sanchez needed a kidney and no relatives or friends were matches. She had herself tested and learned that she was a match. The transplant happened a couple of weeks ago. Can you imagine? How far would you go if you knew you could save a strangers life?

In fun news, don’t forget to set your DVR’s for Saturday Night Live! Gabourey Sidibe will be hosting, and chances are that it will be MUCH BETTER than last week’s snooze fest.

Boy, am I glad that it’s Friday! I’ve been looking forward to the weekend ALL WEEK! What are your plans for the weekend? Anything exciting?

Of course, this is an open thread and you are free to discuss whatever you wish. What else is going on?