MT Diversion: The Offensive E-mail Collection

We all have them in our lives- those offensive forward senders that can’t help but gleefully send off a nasty-gram to us poor progressives.

Offender #1:My Brother-In-Law.  One of those lower-income Republicans; he baffles me with his 5-person family, less than $35K income (with debt more than a year’s salary)Bush supporting craziness (seriously, he is a member of that 27%). It’s incomprehensible.

Offender #2: My gun-toting Republican friend who, as far as I can tell, only is Republican because she thinks I wanna take her gun away (I don’t). Believes Obama is a secret Muslim, yet also thinks his church sucks. Puzzling, she IS a smart gal…

Between these two, I get some truly hilarious and offensive e-mail forwards. I KNOW they think it’s funny to get my head to explode with these viral nuggets of xenophobia and factually-incorrect Muslim-pointing.

Since we were sharing bumper stickers earlier, I thought it’d be fun to share some of the more incomprehensible forwards. If you’d rather not post a whole crazy e-mail (or deleted it long ago but remember the general subject content), you can usually find the best ones over at snopes. But please, share some of these so we can laugh, scream and beat our heads against the wall together! It’s fun (well, kind of in a sad, depressing way), and a nice way to collect our thoughts so we send some nice quips back to the offenders.