Monday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

First, let’s send lots of prayers and virtual hugs to our Sue in Queens, whose father passed away over the weekend. All my condolences to you and your family, Sue.

In political news: I heart New Hampshire. I’ve gotten in my share of laughs reading the news coverage of the way the Republican candidates for president are being treated over there. Rick Santorum got booed by Republican college students for his anti-gay marriage stance, according to the Boston Globe. The Washington Post coverage of Sen. John McCain endorsing Mitt Romney in Manchester, New Hampshire, was straight-up hilarious. Enjoy!

In other political news: a North Carolina MomsRising member made these New Year’s resolutions to help the state become more family-friendly. Me likey.

The Boston Globe opened up a can of worms with a column, in which an Episcopalian minister and family coach criticized parents who put their children before their marriages. Actually, the column and comments that preceded it were quite interesting and largely civil. What say you about this topic?

Don’t think our deportation policies have gone too far? Check out this story about an African American teenager who was deported to Colombia. By the way, she speaks no Spanish and is, well, NOT Colombian. Sheez…

In somewhat related news, columnist Ruben Navarrette wrote a poignant essay on why some Arizonians are threatened by Mexican American studies. In better news: the DREAM Act in California stands as the opposition failed to the gather the 500,000+ signatures needed to place an initiative on the ballot to overturn it, according to the Sacramento Bee.

One of the those days that it dawned upon me (again) how we love to stigmatize the poor and worship the rich: on Thursday morning before I clicked on Super Why! for my kids, I stopped on a heart-breaking news story about how an office that offers clothes and food to day laborers was vandalized. The total cost of the damages? $10,000. I remember thinking if I had 10 grand I would immediately head over to Hayward to cut them a check. Then that morning as I sat up at my desk at work I was met by this opening news article on MSNBC. It’s about how a drunk woman urinated and rubbed her butt on a $20 million painting. Total damages? $10,000. Considering the platform — first news item on MSNBC! — I immediately thought of the likelihood that some rich patron would step forward to repair it. The nameless day laborers mentioned in our local news channel? Probably not so much. What’s up with that?

Speaking of day laborers, Latina Lista ran a heart-breaking story about an undocumented immigrant in Illinois who became paralyzed on the job and the hospital had him deported. He died in his native Mexico at the age of 21. The hospital’s decision, by the way, was met with anger by the local Latino community as some members offered to take care of the immigrant.

Also in Latina Lista: it is Thyroid Awareness Month and Latina Lista ran a helpful column on how to spot a thyroid problem. As the article pointed out, it is more common in women than men and a common source of feeling tired all the time.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?