Monday Morning Open Thread

First of all, Happy Memorial Day! I hope you all are enjoying a day off from school and/or work. We are having one of those unusual — but welcome — days of doing NOTHING. A lot of our friends are out-of-town so we’ve had the rare opportunity to hang out as a family. What are you up to today?

In other news: Michelle Rhee, self-described education reformer and controversial figure in the politics of public education, will be speaking next Friday in nearby Mountain View, California.

I have read and written so much about her and despite my trepidation, I RSVPed for the event. I will definitely fill you in!

I am wondering how all her work on the road is actually helping students. Also, I wonder what brings her to California. If you had the chance to meet her, what would you ask her? Thanks in advance!

Now that I got that off my chest, I want to rant about something that’s been bugging me for a while: calling the Democratic Party the “mommy party”. Really, what is wrong with that? Apparently everything to certain quarters of our country.

Most recently, the conservative Texas Civil Justice League disseminated a flyer that read “Don’t Expand the Nanny State,” and had a graphic picture of a child suckling a woman’s bare breast, according to the Texas Tribune. The group has since apologized for the “inappropriate” image, but what most irks me is this thinking that being caring, nurturing — gasp, a mother! — is somehow undesirable. Eff you, Texas Civil Justice League!

On the flipside, this ABC News clip at Mombian had me in tears. ABC News sent actors pretending to be gay parents and a homophobic waitress at a diner in a conservative part of Texas. Contrary to a similar experiment in New York City, an overwhelming number of Texans stood up to the waitress in support of the gay family. Go Texas!

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?