Monday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

There is a lot happening this week, especially for the organizations I work for — and Moms Clean Air Force. Please sign up for their e-mails, if you have not already done so. You all are the best! :)

The Moms Clean Air Force is running a series of videos promoting clean air. Among the speakers are author Ayelet Waldman, actress Blythe Danner (she is also Gwyneth Paltrow’s mom), Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph.

There is a reason for all this corralling around clean air now. New mercury and air toxics standards are supposed to kick in this week, but some members of the coal power plant industry are fighting them tooth and nail. All that lobbying is to the detriment of our children’s health as mercury is in our air and water and arsenic in our food. If you haven’t done so already, please take action and sign this petition to President Obama at Moms Clean Air Force and MomsRising.

It is the holiday season. If anything, now is the time to count our blessings, but also remember our unemployed brothers and sisters out there looking for work. MomsRising ran a series of blog posts highlighting the need to extend unemployment benefits beyond December 31 of this year. Among the writers were my mother and a dear childhood friend in Florida who has had to visit a food pantry to feed her family. Please read and pass along to encourage your family and friends to support extending unemployment insurance.

In related news, the Occupy movement conducted a series of actions in Washington, D.C. last week. These were my favorite actions: first, this wonderful essay by Linda Evans, a great-grandmother explaining why she was occupying D.C.. I also appreciated this Los Angeles Times story about the protesters occupying one of Newt Gingrich’s fundraisers. (Seriously, I wonder who advised him to hold a fundraiser in the same place and at the same time as the protests?) Finally, I am glad someone stood up to K Street lobbyists — here is coverage of it on CNN. Many thanks to the Service Employees International Union for getting those clips together!

And one last piece of political news: in a rare move, the Obama administration overturned an FDA recommendation to sell the morning after pill — plan B — over the counter for everyone. This is stupid for a variety of reasons as spelled out by the blog RH Reality Check.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?


Friday Open Thread

What’s up with our fellow beings in the blogosphere?

A mom at UrbanBaby wondered if now was a good time to buy a home and quit her job to stay home with her two kids.

Check out these election-themed cookies and cupcakes at Mrs. Beasley’s Hollywood bakery. Aren’t they cute? I spotted the link at Newsweek and could not help but snag a few.

Via NBC News: You have got to read about this soldier mom of three who is recovering from multiple injuries at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Amazing.

Christina Applegate shared with Oprah how she really felt after her double mastectomy, according to MSN Entertainment.

Wonder time ran a column about how to treat conjunctivitis, aka “pinkeye,” that annoying common childhood ailment.

Courtney C. over at Silicon Valley Moms Blog makes a compelling case why Facebook will replace the high school reunion. Do you agree?

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?


Tuesday Open Thread

Actress Christina Applegate is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, according to the Huffington Post. I was struck by how young she is: 36.

Batmom writes about the hits her body has taken as she battles liver cancer. At this point, she is eating whatever stays down.

Deesha Philyaw attempts to quell her “Inner Neurotic Black Mama” in an entertaining column in the Anti-Racist Parent.

Happy belated birthday to Sen. Barack Obama who turned 47 yesterday. In somewhat related news, Kathy Hilton, mother to Paris Hilton, wrote a column for the Huffington Post blasting Sen. John McCain for running an ad comparing Obama to her daughter. The problem? The Hiltons donated to Sen. McCain’s campaign and helped pay for that ad. Thanks to Arredonald for the tip!

One of Sen. McCain’s economic advisors, Carly Fiorina, just released to BlogHer details of his health insurance plan. Looks like my family would get a $5,000 tax break from it. Considering our premiums just went up another $1,000 plus other fees and Blue Cross Blue Shield continues to cut benefits, we will spend that in, like, two days. Whoo-hoo!

CityMama saw the movie King Corn, which made her rethink even the two times a month her family eats fast food.

Cookie magazine compiled a list of kid-friendly airports in the country. Also in Cookie: The magazine had a poll to help you decide if you are ready for another kid.

Via Celebrity Baby Blog: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their 3-week-old fraternal twins, Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline, are gracing the cover of People. Celebrity Baby Blog ran excerpts of the interview.

Chicago Teacher Man ran photos of his new homeland — India — in his new blog A.M. in India.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?