Rest of Recipes

Okay, last post we covered a few drink recipes, and some links to seafood items and a cold salad option for those down under. Also we got salad dressings, how to do bacon in the oven and roasted veggies checked off the list. The other requests were “brunch” and “egg-free” brunch.

Here’s the links and options that I found.

Brunch with no eggs is a bit like a dinner with extra fruit and baked goods. Ham and bacon work well for the meats. If you really want to think “meat free” for brunch, then this menu from vegan chef Bryant Terry has a lot of flavor, but no eggs or meat.

I also did an egg-free search on epicurious for brunch items. Lots of biscuits and scones. Some good ones there.

If eggs are okay to be on the menu, a kind of light and unique brunch recipe I came up with is for a savory waffle with smoked salmon and salad greens and creme fraiche. You can make the waffles the day ahead, then reheat them in the toaster easily.

I think the one I have not gotten to work on yet was a bread pudding recipe. I’m kicking around a way to use a sweet bread like pumpkin or banana for the bread base, then make that into a pudding. But, time is running shorter, so look for the final version of that in January for a Valentine’s brunch item.

Happy holidays everyone!