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From the “duh” files: Many infomercial products are not worth buying, according to MSN Money. I want to add another informercial dud to the list: Nad’s waxing kit. After spotting it on TV, I bought it at a Walgreen’s. After practically burning off my armpit without removing a single hair, I ended up returning it. Have you bought an infomercial product? How was it?  

Now that President Obama has eased travel restrictions for Cuban-Americans, as many as 10 flights a day were leaving Miami International Airport for Havana, Cuba, over the holiday, according to Agence France-Presse. In related news: Cuba became the first Latin American country to eradicate severe infant malnutrition, according to a UNICEF study reported on by Europa Press.

The Breast Cancer Fund is looking for families of four to participate in a study that would determine whether eating only fresh, non-processed foods reduces the levels of Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates in our bodies.

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Photos from BPA-Free Rally

Sacramento, CA — Yesterday’s BPA-free rally went well. It was attended by at least 125 people — the 125 Kleen Kanteen kids’ water bottles were quickly gone! — and was very diverse with mostly mothers and kids of every hue and ethnic background. Anti-BPA signs were in Spanish and in English.

The speakers on stage ranged from actress Amy Smart (Varsity Blues) and legislators to a prominent doctor named Dr. Greene and an advocate for low-income mothers who asked that BPA-free products be made available at the “99-cent store.”

In case you missed my previous posts, I was in Sacramento yesterday morning joining families and activists to ask the California Assembly to pass a bill that would rid plastic baby products — like bottles — of toxic bisphenol A (BPA).

BPA is a synthetic and estrogenic substance that has been linked to a host of health problems, including early onset of puberty and breast cancer. It has already been banned in children’s products in Connecticut, Minnesota and Canada. Could California be next? Those of us who attended the rally certainly hope so!

Check out some memorable moments:

Afterwards, the kids delivered BPA-free bottles — with messages in them — to Assemblymembers’ offices. If you haven’t already, please call your Assemblymember in support of Sen. Fran Pavley’s bill, SB 797! If you know your Assemblymember’s name and just need the number, call the Capitol Switchboard: 916-322-9900.

Too pressed for time to call? You can sign this letter to your Assemblymember. Thank you all for your commitment to protecting our children from toxic products!


Wednesday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

Sorry for the paltry post. But I just got back from New Hampshire and I will be in Sacramento all day today for this environmental rally in front of the State Capitol Building. Here are the details if you would like to join me and the kids:

What: BPA-Free Babies Rally hosted by the Breast Cancer Fund
When: Today, Wednesday, August 26
Time: 10 a.m.
Where: California State Capitol, 10th Street and Capitol Mall in Sacramento

Just look out for the blown-up baby bottle. Actress and environmentalist Amy Smart (Varsity Blues) will be speaking at the rally. Also, the first 125 people to show up will receive a stainless steel Kleen Kanteen kids’ water bottle. Hope to see you there!

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?


Formula Companies Fight California BPA Bill

Fran Pavley, the California senator who is sponsoring a bill to remove toxic bisphenol A (BPA) from children’s products like baby bottles and sippy cups, says her bill faces stiff opposition from — the formula companies.

They are even embarking on a scare campaign, telling parents there will be formula shortages if they are forced to remove BPA — which is an estrogenic chemical in plastics and the inside lining of cans that have been linked to everything from early onset puberty to breast cancer.

Pavley wrote about the industry’s opposition in a blog post for the Environmental Working Group magazine:

The powerful chemical industry has mounted an all out assault against my bill to protect our children. Highly paid lobbyists for popular formula companies are trying to kill SB 797 by telling my colleagues that alternative products aren’t available and a ban on BPA would cause a formula shortage. Yet, at the same time these companies are marketing a variety of formula and food containers to parents as “BPA free.“

California has always been a leader on environmental and health issues, but we are already behind other states and countries, which have already banned BPA from children’s products.

Please contact your representative in the Assembly and urge him/her to protect our children from harm by voting for SB 797. Let’s get this dangerous chemical out of our children’s food and drink.

Pavley includes a link to let Californians urge their Assemblymembers to support her bill. The state Assembly is expected to vote on the bill in the next two or three weeks.

For my part, I am helping MomsRising.org spread the word on two rallies for Pavley’s bill. Here are two things you can do: You can attend this rally in Los Angeles on Wednesday, August 19. Check out the Facebook page on it and pass along to all your family and friends in SoCal!

The other rally is so very important as all state Assemblymembers will be there to see it. One of our policy partners, the Breast Cancer Fund, is hosting a rally in front of the state capitol building in Sacramento on Wednesday, August 26. Again, please see the Facebook page here and forward to all your family and friends in northern California. It is so important we get people to this rally to show the state Assembly there is widespread support for this bill as they will be hearing from the chemical industry and formula companies.

Thanks all for your commitment to protecting our children from toxic chemicals!