Weekly Parenting News Roundup

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Hi all!

I am back from a trip to Chicago. My brother-in-law got married in a unique and beautiful ceremony. You can read all about it and see pictures here and here.

Now onto some parenting news…

Are you a yeller? You are not alone. We discussed a New York Times story about how yelling is the new spanking. A poll cited in the article stated that as many as 88 percent of parents have yelled at their children. But no studies have been conducted to show whether this is harmful to kids.

Our Erika highlighted this MSNBC story about kids getting braces younger and younger. How old were your children when they got braces?

I am sure similar diaries have been posted here, but I thought I would mention to you that the Courage Campaign is seeking a few good volunteers to help fight the anti-gay marriage initiatives in various states and cities.

In somewhat related news, one of our front-page posters, Katie, is wondering whether she should change her last name when she marries her partner Kelly. It sparked a long discussion about women changing their last names — if at all — hyphenated names and everything you can possibly think of when it comes to choosing a last name. Ayayay!

Yet, in other LGBT news: The Scholastic Book Fairs banned books with gay and lesbian relationships, according to our contributing writer Dana. She and other moms on our site, who signed a petition, received a less than satisfying response from the company.  

Our Gloria highlighted this brow-raising article in Jezebel about mothers in their late 30s or early 40s being jealous of their teenaged daughters’ good looks. I am not there yet and found this article surprising and disturbing. What do you all think? Are you jealous of your gorgeous teenagers?

Attention Patrick Swayze fans: I reviewed the book Time of My Life. What a satisfying and quick read!

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?


Orthodontists—Your Partner to a Healthy, Beautiful Smile


Catherine Manabat is a guest blogger, writing on behalf of the California Association of Orthodontists.

The California Association of Orthodontists is a resource for parents to learn more about orthodontic treatments and provides general tips on how to achieve healthy, beautiful smiles, get braces-friendly recipes, and find an orthodontist near you by using the Find an Orthodontist Locator service. Why should you choose an orthodontist? Orthodontists receive an additional two-to-three years of specialized education beyond dental school to learn the proper way to align and straighten teeth.

Catherine is also a proud former “braceface” and smiles every day to prove it!

If you have a packed schedule like most people, you probably dread the idea of adding yet another appointment. But there are a ton of reasons why choosing an orthodontist can be beneficial for you and your smile.

Orthodontists are specialists. It’s kind of like choosing who to see if you have heart problems. Sure seeing your general physician wouldn’t hurt—but seeing a cardiologist who specializes in your condition would be far better. Similarly, orthodontists are qualified dentists themselves. After graduating from dental school, they go on to an accredited residency program to work under orthodontists.  For at least two years (sometimes more) of full-time training based in a university, orthodontists learn the ins and outs about tooth movement and guiding facial development. They become experts in dentistry to straighten teeth and align jaws, undergoing rigorous training. After all that education, it’s no wonder orthodontists emerge as true specialists in detecting, preventing and treating dental and facial irregularities.

The California Association of Orthodontists makes it easy for you to find an accredited orthodontist near you with their Find an Orthodontist Locator service, or you can also ask your dentist for a referral. Only orthodontists can join this association, and choosing a member of the California Association of Orthodontists ensures that they are indeed an orthodontist—someone who has the additional years of specialized education beyond dental school to give you a healthy, beautiful smile. It’s enough to make anyone smile! 😀

Join the California Assocition of Orthodontists on Facebook and Twitter, for more tips on braces, braces-friendly recipes, and to share your family’s experience with orthodontists with other parents.