Friday Open Thread

Happy Friday!

Finally! The weekend I have been looking forward to has finally arrived! Betty White will be hosting Saturday Night Live tomorrow! The Musical guest is Jay-Z, and if you’ve seen the SNL promos, it looks like it might be pretty funny. Of course, Betty said that she would do anything – but she drew the line at nudity. Classy lady. Oh, and you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Betty White flash a gang sign…

This Sunday is Mother’s Day! I’m sorry I missed the thread on the MotherTalkers Mother’s Day gift exchange! I would have loved to be a part of that! Oh well, I hope that those of you who did got something a little special. How are you planning on spending your Mother’s day? I’m hoping to soak up my kids as I will be leaving for New York on Monday. Being away from the kids is hard! How do you manage it?

Of course, this is an open thread and you are free to discuss whatever you wish. What else is going on?


Midday Coffee Break

According to a recent study, women who drank red wine are less likely to gain weight. Although alcohol contains calories, researchers believe that women, “may have substituted it for other food.” HA!

According to the results of a recent poll, young people (ages 15 to 24) believe that frank conversations about their sex lives signal that their relationship will last.

For all you Betty White lovers – SET YOUR TiVo’s! It has been confirmed that the fabulous Ms. White will be on Saturday Night Live on May 8th – for Mother’s Day! I. can’t. wait.

Have you seen the latest ETrade commercial? Well, Lindsey Lohan sure has, and she is suing mad!

Lindsay Lohan is suing the financial company E-Trade, insisting that a boyfriend-stealing, “milkaholic” baby in its latest commercial — who happens to be named Lindsay — was modeled after her. And she wants $100 million for her pain and suffering.

Seriously?!? Hey Lindsey! You’re just confirming what everyone thinks of you – if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and drinks like a fish…

I’m just sayin’.

Here’s the commercial. What do you think?


Thursday Open Thread

According to this article, pole dancing enthusiast are hoping the International Olympic Committee will clasify the popular exercise routine as a sport, and allow dancers to compete in the 2012 games. What do you think? Is pole dancing a “sport”? Is it “worthy” of being an Olympic event?

Bristol Palin is going to appear in an episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager. In it, she is supposed to call attention to the issues facing teen parents. I watch this show with Karina and Cristian. I really hope they discuss safe sex (birth control), as opposed to the “abstinence is best” approach.

Calling all Betty White fans! If you joined the Betty White facebook page to get her to host SNL, your efforts may not have been in vain.  Rumor has it that Lorne Michael is putting together a Women of Comedy episode that will feature the awesome Ms. White, along with SNL alumni Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Molly Shannon. I. Can’t. Wait.

When I read the following article, I immediately thought of some of my fellow MotherTalkers (you know who you are!). According to celebrity chef Tim Love, bacon has jumped the shark. He goes on to list the 10 most ridiculouos bacon dishes ever, which include a bacon beer mug (YUM!), bacon coffee, bacon ice cream, and bacon cereal. What do you think? When is it NOT okay to eat bacon?

Of course, this is an open thread and you are free to discuss whatever you wish. What else is going on?


Monday Morning Open Thread

Happy Monday, folks. I love the winter solstice, because I always feel more cheerful about the growing daylight. OK, so it’s only infinitesimal amounts of daylight at this point, but still! Anyway, a few stories that caught my eye of late.

South Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is embroiled in a small-ish controversy here in Australia. Hanson-Young, who is in her first term of Parliament, is mother to 2-year old Kora, and the family seems to commute between Parliament in Canberra and their hometown in Adelaide. Last week, Hanson-Young was in the midst of saying good-bye to Kora before the toddler was taken back to Adelaide when a vote on a bill was called. Hanson-Young, like most of us multi-tasking parents, sat Kora on her hip and tried to take the vote while giving Kora one last cuddle. Not so fast:

GREENS Senator Sarah Hanson-Young wanted five minutes with her daughter Kora yesterday before the two-year-old was flown back to Adelaide.

But when the bells rang through Parliament House, calling her for a vote, her plan ended in tears and set off a debate about the place of children in Parliament.

When she took Kora into the chamber, Senate President John Hogg was unimpressed. “We can’t allow children to be in here for a division,” he said.

Greens leader Bob Brown objected, but Senator Hogg insisted. Senator Hanson-Young passed her child to a staff member at the chamber doors. The girl burst into tears, and her cries could be heard through the thick Senate doors after they were locked for the vote.

As she left Parliament House last night, an upset Senator Hanson-Young said she had “never felt so humiliated”.

Since 2003, infants have been allowed into Parliament for breastfeeding, but not toddlers. Green Party leader Bob Brown will press the Senate to change its rules to allow children in with their parent

“I don’t think there should be any workplace where mothers or fathers and an infant as small as that should be separated in a way that happened today,” Senator Brown said.
“I don’t know of any employer that’s going to say you can’t have five minutes with your child. Of course, that’s not sensible.”

What say you, MTs? Should the rules be changed?

On a lighter note, I’m not much for romcoms – recent ones, anyway. But I just might go see The Proposal. Why? One woman: Betty White. She’s doing press for the movie, including this NYT A night Out With … feature:

But you don’t catch up with Ms. White as you much as you serve as part of a comedy routine. To wit: Ms. Fletcher, nibbling on a dainty egg salad sandwich, had a question for her new buddy. “Is there anything left that you would really like to do?“ she asked.

“Robert Redford,“ Ms. White answered instantaneously. She smiled sweetly and pointed to a bottle of clear liquid on the table. “What’s that?“ she asked. Syrup to sweeten the iced tea, Ms. Fletcher answered.

“Darn it,“ Ms. White cracked. “I hoped it was vodka.“

For further evidence of Ms. White’s awesomeness, check out this video on Funny or Die – it’s too cute.

So, what’s going on with you today?