Wednesday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

Does the racism of Arizona Republicans know no bounds? Arizona Republican legislators plan to introduce a bill to deny birth certificates to babies born to undocumented immigrants, according to CNN. Clearly, these folks have not taken a civics class. “‘If you go back to the original intent of the drafters … it was never intended to bestow citizenship upon (illegal) aliens,’ said (State Rep. John) Kavanagh, who also supported Senate Bill 1070 — the law that gave Arizona authorities expanded immigration enforcement powers.” Um, John, no papers were required to allow your colonialist ancestors into the country. Can we please deport this guy?

In somewhat related news, meaning this candidate for governor of California ran racist ads against Latinos — I mean, immigrants! — Meg Whitman scares me. That is all.

Glamour magazine ran a disturbing story about the number of women who undergo breast augmentation surgery and do not know any of the risks, or that they will have to redo the surgery. Breast implants are the No. 1 cosmetic surgery in the country, with 364,000 women poised to undergo the procedure this year alone.

The St. Petersburg Times ran a bizarre story about a religious order associated with the Scientology church forcing young girls to terminate their pregnancies. The official stance of the church, which is the faith of a number of celebrities like Tom Cruise and John Travolta, is neutral on abortion.  

Podiatrists are urging pregnant women not to wear stilettos, according to BBC News. Oops, I missed that memo.

Helping run MotherTalkers, I often get pitches from vendors and non-profit organizations. Here is a neat website that includes all the rules and descriptions of the some of the most popular board games out there.

And I cannot believe I overlooked this one. Did you know that our Vegas has a blog? Here it is!

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?