Weekend Open Thread

Soccer season ends today! Thank Zeus, because this Team Mom is ready to reclaim her Saturdays.

What are you happy about today? And what’s next for you? We’ve got a 5-day trip during Thanksgiving week, visiting BIL in Raleigh. I have never traveled during Thanksgiving week. Should I be scared? ;-)

Chat away!


Friday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

This is no joke. As the 9-to-5 job goes away and families become more isolated, daycare centers are starting to become 24-hour operations, according to this article in Pacific Standard magazine.

Do you work unconventional hours outside of the home? What is your childcare arrangement?

Childcare is on my mind today as I am on the road for the Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media (LATISM) conference in Anaheim, California today. I will be presenting at a health panel about type 2 diabetes and diet-related illnesses in the Latino community, and how we can make policy changes. (Organize on social media!)

I am lucky in that my husband works for himself and is able to take care of the kids while I am gone. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to travel for work.

Bonus: I got to crash at my bff Erika’s house last night! It was fun to play Hungry, Hungry Hippos with Alex and listen to Maya play “Circle of Life” on the piano. I leave late tonight so Erika and I will fit in some girl-bonding time. I love it when work brings me to the cities where I have loved ones. Squee!

How are you today? Go ahead, chat — and have a great weekend!


Thursday Open Thread

Did you know that the spread of smartphone technology has made us all so distracted as parents, that our kids are breaking more bones because we’re so busy ignoring them?

That’s the totally reasonable conclusion reached by this Yale graduate student’s study.

Palsson found that between 2005 and 2012, during the time the telecom giant expanded its speediest cell phone coverage, injuries to children under 5 increased 10 percent. Injuries to kids 6 to 10 years old—those of an age who, presumably, do not need focused parental supervision—did not increase. Palsson uses this difference to show that distracted parenting is the cause.

Seems totally logical, amirite? And don’t you just admire the New York Times for giving coverage to this groundbreaking study? BLECH.

What’s annoying you today? What’s making you smile? Chat away!


Tuesday Open Thread

DH is out of town on a business trip, and the time change has me feeling down. Each year I have such a hard time dealing with the sun setting so damn early.

And it’s not even cold here! I’m such a wimp.

Cheer me up? And chat away!


Monday Morning Open Thread

Photo: Me smiling at the starting line this past weekend. At the end, I was feeling so destroyed that I was eating my lunch wearing my bike helmet like a crazy woman. lol!

What’s up?

I am feeling thrashed. As part of a school fundraiser, I went on a 50-mile bike ride organized by none other than Fast Freddie Rodriguez, the four-time U.S. cycling champion.

The ride included 5,000 feet of climbing, various parts of it at 14% incline. Prior to the ride, I’d been working out at bootcamp and playing soccer so I thought I’d be okay. But this was a whole other beast. Every muscle and every bone in my body now hurts, including my fingers. (!)

Note to myself: Prepare those quads before cycling in the hills. Gah!

How are you this morning?


Friday Morning Open Thread

What’s up? Health is on my mind today.

ICYMI, my mom “taponsito” has a blog post on living with type 2 diabetes at MomsRising.org. It’s well written, informative, what the heck, just support her!

Also, please support my dear friend Xochitl who is conducting her first twitter chat for MomsRising. If you are on Twitter, follow the #FoodFri hashtag at 1pmET for a discussion on raising children with diabetes — types 1 and 2.

On a personal note, I’ll be riding a half century — 50 miles — for a school fundraiser tomorrow morning. I’m fit, but have not been on the bike for a while so wish me well. Gulp.

I hope you all have a healthy and joyful weekend! What’s on your mind today?


Thursday Open Thread

A school bond measure in our local school district needed a supermajority of 55% to pass.

It got 54%. What a f*cking gut punch, amirite?

This would have funded critical repairs and modernization of our high schools, which are literally falling apart. But 46% of voters said, “F*ck those kids.” Or something. Heaven forbid their property taxes rise by $39 per $100,000 of the assessed value of their homes. Asshats.

I got nothing. Do you have any bright spots to share? Jokes? Memes? Cat videos? Throw ‘em at me! And chat away!


Hump Day Open Thread

What’s up?

Picture on right: A Daily Kos staff member put on a Halloween costume created by another staffer, who happens to live in Berkeley. lol!

I woke up this morning and realized that every single one of the local ballot initiatives — and candidates — I voted for won, and won big. Measure D, the historic soda tax passed with 75% of the vote! It wasn’t even close.

Thank you so much to all of you who donated to this initiative.

The local ballot initiatives that the organization I work for, MomsRising, endorsed all passed: background checks for gun purchases in Washington state; paid sick days in Massachusetts; a raise in the minimum wage in Oakland, California, and Trenton and Montclair, New Jersey. What is so interesting about all of this is that these are all policies that President Obama and the Democratic Party support. The local initiatives won, but the candidates lost.

I asked DH about it this morning and he is incredibly frustrated at the disconnect voters have between the issues and candidates, but also the low turnout. He said that two key constituencies, people of color and young people, did not turn out this year. Regrouping for 2016…

How did your ballot initiatives — and gulp — candidates fare this year? How are you otherwise?