The re-curring promise of the fitness and training diary

After putting up on one of the open threads that I was interested in holding myself accountable again with the fitness and training diary, I thought Iā€™d finally put one up. Here we go:

This is an open thread for those who are interested in increasing their fitness and/or training for a race of any shape or kind. Post your training regime for this week and come back to report on your progress. Got a question on training, walking, running, biking, yoga, Pilates, aerobics, swimming or anything to do with race preparation? Post it here ā€“ someone will know the answer.


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  1. So, I’ve entered myself in a half marathon for July 2 – The Age Run Melbourne. It’s a course I know and enjoy and I’m aiming for a sub-2 hour race. This week, I’m also starting back with my personal trainer. I’ve got some ground to recover – I didn’t do as much as I should have between November and now, so there’s some lost fitness and some gained weight. Bah, whatevs. Back on it, though! Here’s my week:

    Monday: rest
    Tuesday: Run – I did 5.5km in 32m30, with 500m walking
    Wed: Spin class
    Thurs: first session with my fabtabulous personal trainer!
    Fri: rest
    Sat: long run – 45 minutes
    Sun: ??

  2. This diary could not come at a better time! I am in a weird place. A combination of the holidays, two miscarriages and Bell’s Palsy have left me heavier than I have been in a long time. I’m at least 10 pounds heavier than I’d like to be (15 if we’re talking ideal, healthy weight). I am physically uncomfortable at this weight, and in my clothes, natch. But I am also really unmotivated to do anything to change it. I guess I know how much effort it takes for me to lose 10 pounds and the thought of it is kind of exhausting, and I’m already exhausted.

    BUT. I have kept this weight off through 13 years and two pregnancies now. I can’t let myself keep sliding down this slippery slope. Time to turn this ship around. I have been rooting around for something to do, some goal to train toward. Like I said on facebook, I found this duathlon but then realized they wanted to put me in a special “fat people” category and decided “No thanks!” LOL. I am also considering training for the Disneyland Half Marathon in September, but as part of a charity team this time. I am hoping being accountable and having to raise money for a good cause will get me motivated.

    Any other suggestions, or words of wisdom and encouragement?

    • Oh, I’m so with you – I’ve probably put on about 7 pounds over the time between Thanksgiving and now, and inertia set in about a month ago. So I know from discomfort and the lack of motivation, for sure.

      I’m doing the half with DH, which is really the fun of it.

      I’m more jazzed about starting the personal training again – I really like the trainer and I’m ready to try new exercises and such.

      What do you feel like doing? Is there something that you’d like to try? A few sessions with a personal trainer?


      • Thats just it, not sure at all what I want. I usually have a goal in mind, whether it’s a half marathon coming up, a pinup photo shoot I want to look good for, or a dress I want to fit into for a wedding. I’m in such a lull right now. And when I was pregnant, I had kind of warmed up to the idea of taking it easy, getting nice and round, enjoying the glorious, big boobies šŸ˜‰ So maybe on some deeper level, I am kind of mourning that possibility and being reluctant to let it go? Because it’s not like me to just stop caring like this. And that’s how I feel: like I don’t care, but it’s *bugging* me that I don’t care. LOL, that sounds crazysauce!

        In any case that’s why I am tossing around the idea of a duathlon, maybe taking up bike riding a couple days a week, I don’t know. I also need to get back to some weight training because that really helps whip me into shape. I ran half a mile today for the first time since the Tinkerbell Half in January and it felt kinda hard!

        • KWYM – I think it’s that thing that also led us both to journalism – liking a deadline and a term-limited project!

          I also think it’s a valid observation that you’re still mourning the miscarriages. I know that you loved being pregnant with Maya and Alex and loved your pregnant body.

          I only did one race last year – a 10km, because I wanted to experiment with working fitness without being tied to a specific goal or race. That worked for me (until November). I learned how to appreciate the overall lifestyle of being fitter and that’s part of what I’m working for now.

          I guess this doesn’t help you with finding that motivation, but I don’t think you’re crazysauce for having that lost motivation and being bugged for not having it? Can you just intellectually tell yourself, “I know I don’t wanna, but I gotta” and just go and do, like, one work-out this week? Because if you’re like me, just restarting the routine can carry you forward on momentum.

        • I know you are not that close, but that you like getting together for races with Elisa. With Elisa getting a racing bike, did you consider taking up cycling (I guess, so, with the duathlon, and all) and picking a race that you could do with Elisa later in the year?
          I am not a runner at all myself (old knee damage that I am reluctant to revive) and I find that cycling is relatively easy on the body when you start. Anyway, just a thought.
          And finally, try not to beat yourself up about excercizing less for a while. You’ve been through a lot and processing that takes time. You’ll get back into it, I’m sure

  3. Well, I have more or less stopped exercising since DD2 (yes, 5 years) and I am not happy abut it. Mostly because I know that I am a happier person when I do exercise. So in Fall I bit the bullet and bought myself a cross trainer. I did really well for the first two months or so, with about 2,5 session per week on average.
    Then we went on holiday over Christmas and I came back with a cold. That developed into a flu and then sinus infection and I am only just back at work. The cold is still there, and nasty, so I’m not even cycling to work right now. I think I need to recover first by resting a lot, then pick up cycling to work again (next week?) and when that goes well get back onto the elliptical.
    So I am promising myself that I will get into a good exercise routine, but I need to give myself a couple more weeks.

  4. I’m being sooo good lately. I just have to share. My new job is making this easy.

    Monday: adult trampolining class (it hurts, but it’s really fun…and my daughter makes fun of me)
    Tuesday: bike to work
    Wednesday: Body Balance class (yoga, pilates, taichi)
    Thursday: bike to work
    Friday: private session with the physio (mostly Pilates)

    How good am I? And I feel so much better….

      • Well, it should be said that yesterday I had an upset tummy, so Body Balance didn’t happen. And I had a meeting with the teacher this morning, so biking to work didn’t happen. And Monday is a public holiday, so trampolining won’t happen.

        But I have a plan!

          • sigh….and it just ate my comment.

            Loosely, I said…yes, I like riding to work. It even makes me show up in a better mood because I’ve been outside with the wind in my hair before sitting at my desk. I really need a new bike though…I’m still riding the same one that I got as a high school graduation present. At least no one is going to steal it….

            • A good bike is sooo worth it! And I totally agree about the wind in the hair thing. Both to and from work that is a very good thing for me. And my ride is only about 20 minutes (when I go fast)

  5. No where near the level of exercise or fitness of the rest of you – but I am determined to get back into daily walking. I stopped just before my surgery in August, and then had mega-excuses why I didn’t get back to it……but now the weather will be warmer, the mornings lighter, and in my new job I have more time (shorter commute).

    It’s raining today… tomorrow!

  6. Thanks for the fitness thread, Rachel,
    There’s a race in March I might do….as long as nobody is sick, especially me.

    Finally, I’ve overdone the running just a little (two injuries that are now under control), so I’m rediscovering lap swimming again. I’m making sure that I only run every other day, like I did through most of 2012, so my body can really rest between my lovely runs.

    From running, I’ve got a ball-of-the-foot flareup (there’s a technical name but I forget) that I aggravated by stomping on a shovel recently. Also, I think I have an Ilio-tibial band tightness (was an achy pain on the outside of my hip and knee), all from overdoing the hills and the squats. Moderation is key, eh? After about 6 months away from the swimming, I’m finding that I’m really enjoying it again, too.

    I love the mechanics of running and swimming, and that keeps it interesting for me. Also, exercise is like brushing my teeth; the day is not complete unless I do a little of it, even if it’s just a half hour walk. If I don’t get to move a little, I really feel like I never woke up or never got a shower or something.

    • I’m sorry to hear of the injuries, but good for you for finding an alternative sport. I did a bit of lap swimming this summer and really ought to do more, because I find it really wonderful.

      For the ITB tightness – do you use one of those foam rollers for stretching? It’s the bomb. I use one at the gym for an all-over leg stretch and it works so well.

  7. I reckon a plan is a great start. And for me, cycling to work is the easiest exercise possible because it makes me feel a lot better and it actually saves time compared to driving (parking far away and walking to work) or taking public transport. I hope the same goes for you.

        • Thanks! I’ve enjoyed the two days I managed to ride this week, even though I was a lot more tired than usual.
          Since my crash due to ice last year I am weary when it freezes, and with my colds and flu I’ve been driving or taking the bus quite often in the last month or two. We seem to have turned a corner towards spring though, so I hope to be back to daily cycle rides now. I don’t mind rain or cold at all, as I can dress for those, but ice, ugh! So, here’s to Spring!

  8. Finished the week strong with a 4 mile run today. I have to say, the first three days felt hard, then I felt back in the swing of it. So glad I finally just DID it.

    Plus I was down three pounds on the scale! I am guessing I was just retaining a bunch of water at my initial weigh in, but I will take it.

    I also splurged and bought a new bodybugg. It syncs wirelessly to my iPhone so I can see how many steps I have taken and calories I have burned during the day. The numbers geek in me is LOVING it.

    • good for you, Erika! I did a 4-miler on Saturday too, and just like you, I loved being back in the swing of it.

      Thanks for mentioning the bodybugg – I’m going to check it out.

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