It seems like a roll call is in order in our new home. Many comments have been made about the heart of the site feeling different, that there are fewer comments being made, the new design is tough to follow, etc. The last redesign was just over 3 years ago — can anyone even remember what MT looked like before that change? Yet, there was a lot of fuss about it at the time.

We all know that comments spur comments, so if everyone reading this makes a commitment to comment or post every time they come to MT (obvs not everyone visits everyday — so just whenever you do visit), that will help drive more comments. If everyone who posts at FB posts here instead, that will drive content. The FB threads do tend to be more personal since it’s not a public forum, but let’s give this old girl a try again, shall we?

Time for roll call — post your handle below and let us know who you are if you changed it. If you are new, tell us a little about yourself, and welcome!


135 thoughts on “ROLL CALL

  1. I’m Cornflake Girl, the MTer formerly known as jenna. I like long walks on the beach, wicked smart humor, and reality tv. I’m married with two kids — an 8yo DD and a 4.5yo DS. I grew up near the border of Mexico, and for college moved as far north as I could without living in Canada. Over the four years that followed I learned that I am ok without sunshine and 75-degree temps every day, made friends with a couple of guys who became Death Cab for Cutie, and picked up a Canadian accent from watching Vancouver tv channels. My next stop was San Francisco, then Berkeley, where I met the boy-next-door-and-now-husband, and where I met the lovely Elisa and Markos. DH is from the midwest, so this is where we have settled in. I’m a WAHM who works berserker hours trying to stay afloat.

    MT is a safe-haven for me. A place to find out what I should do when my kids are doing something new, a place to comfort friends who are struggling, and a place to laugh. Dive in!

  2. Thanks for the diary, CG!

    I just noticed that the diaries on the right are sorted alphabetically rather than by time at which they were made (or last commented). That will probably need adjusting once there get to be more than a few.

    I have almost the same handle as before (pat of butter in a sea of grits) but made it a bit shorter this time so it is easier when I log in. I have 2 boys (8 and 11.75) and live in central CA. I have also lived in the Bay Area, the Research Triangle of NC, Seattle, Washington DC, Maryland, and the UK. I’m a political junkie and married to someone more or less in the biz at the state level so that has been interesting to get the insider view of how things work.

    I’ve had the good fortune to meet several MTers in person – Elisa (& Markos), Lyn, SwissClogs, Arden (who hasn’t been around here in a while), … hope I am not forgetting anybody! I enjoy this community a lot.

  3. Hey! I’m mkkendrick here, was mkkendrick on the old site, and am also mkkendrick over on DailyKos (though, I don’t think I’ve posted and/or commented there in over four years). I can only remember so many usernames.I’m 43, married with two sons (10 and 7). I’m a transplanted mid-westerner whose been in NC & SC for almost 16 years now. I’m a English teacher by trade and currently work as an IB Coordinator in middle school.
    I came to MT through my husband’s connection to DKos — for me, this place is THE place to come to find smart, thoughtful, generous conversations about mothering and all mothering-related topics. There’s no other forum that has the vibe this space does.

  4. I’m Sheri, sherishu at the old site. I hope it’s easy for people to make the connection to my old handle, but I decided that I should not keep using the email user name I’ve had since 1991 once I realized that if you google “sherishu” it led right to MT diaries I have written. Not that most people would go looking or care, but who knows?

    I’m a 43 year old old mama/college professor at a liberal arts college in the midwest, married to DH for 12 years. My girls are Lucy (kindergartener, 5 3/4) and Clara, who is nearly 6 months. I’ve been around these parts since, I don’t know, maybe 2008ish?

    I absolutely love love the mix of discussions about mothering, current events/pop culture, and politics we have always had at MT. I also enjoy the smart, thoughtful, civil-even-when-disagreeing tone. It’s the only blog I read and the only online group I’ve really ever felt was worth my time and energy for more than a few days. I like that it’s generally not just a place to pop by and post, but a real community. I’ve only met Liturgygeek IRL, but am happy that she and her DH and MC have become friends of my family. Someday I hope to meet more of you in person.

  5. I’m Sister Q, and this group had been tolerating me for several years before I finally worked up the nerve to join the ranks of mothers. 😉 Baby Q-Brit is due September 19 and so far it’s going far better than I thought it would.

    I’m married to Expat Briton who got me over here in the first place (I think he’s keeping the same name too). In real life, I’ve met Erika, mefpdx (now marney, I think?), and round peg inna square hole and her husband Tuffy, but I don’t think I’ve seen them around the new site.

    I’m stuck in a mid-sized Southwestern city where Bugs Bunny always makes a wrong turn, trying to get back to my mid-Atlantic roots. I have two cats and a dog, speak Spanish, love my field even when my job drives me insane, and recently realized that I have no interesting hobbies. I read like a fiend (but mostly trash) and watch too much reality TV (but at least I try to avoid the trash?). But in the name of interesting facts I could use on Jeopardy, I know all the words to American Pie, can stop hiccups by sheer force of will, and once packed the entire contents of a friend’s dorm room into a two-door Plymouth Sundance with room for both of us and some to spare.

  6. I”m Mkatherine1966 now and for always…

    as long as we keep the whining to a minimum and no one asks me to validate their feelings we’ll all get along fine and no one will get hurt.

  7. I was cynmill on the other site, but I think I’m the only Cindy so I figured I’d go with that here. I am a North Dakota native now living in a suburb of St. Paul. I’ve been married for almost ten years to an IT guy and have been at MT since early 2006 when I was pregnant with my first. Gus is five & in kindergarten & Susanna is three & home with me. I have a master’s degree in journalism, which I currently use to write/edit newsletters (voluntarily) and teach college writing (once in a while).

    I love to travel, although I barely get to do it anymore, love to read, & will make you an arty/crafty thing whether you like it or not! I do a lot of research about my heritage and don’t do a lot of housework.

    I hang out with minnmom sometimes (need to go for lunch with her soon!) and have met baker baker, elisa, shenanigans, rolling, & christina. Awesome! My dream is to win the lottery, buy a castle in Ireland, and have a MT retreat.

    • I had a dream about the MTers retreat last night. I totally woke up and thought I needed to write it down so I could tell you all about it. Now, I don’t remember much – except that it was the retreat, Laura was there and so were our children (who were running around like crazy children). It was an awesome dream.

  8. My username, martinet, translated from original MT to the new site, but I’m grateful for this diary because I was a little confused about who was who.

    I’m almost 40, originally from southern Illinois, transplanted to Connecticut 15 years ago. DH and I have been together for 9 years on Thursday, married for 7.5 or so. I’m a grant writer at a small Catholic college; DH works in a kindergarten and in a group home for developmentally disabled adults, and is working toward a graduate education degree and certification. Marrying him made me stepmom to DSS-19, DSD-13 and DSD-11–mainly a good gig except for having to deal with the girls’ hyper-fundie mom. We have two cats, age 17 and 6. I’m into knitting, reading, singing and photography. I once had dinner at George Wendt’s house, and I grew up the day I realized despite any man’s best efforts, I would never learn to play chess or read Tolkien.

    I unceremoniously injected myself into MT around 2008, I think. I’ve never met anyone here IRL yet but hope to at least turn up for dinner in Providence when Netroots Nation happens in June, since I know that’ll attract some MTers.

  9. I’m vera93. I changed my handle a bit before the transition because I was having anxiety issues when on the job market that someone would google my old handle and find some of my diaries here. Some of which were pretty open and brutal about work-related things…

    I’m 35, have been married to DH for almost 14 years, and have two kids: Mira, 7.5 and Isaac “almost” 5. DH and I are both going to be profs at our alma mater and trying to focus on our excitement and joy about it and not get frozen by our anxiety… I’m not doing a great job at that. But I’m trying :-)

    I love this community. You have all helped me with parenting questions, loneliness and anxiety, school, DH :-) The list goes on. I love the friendships here and the caring and support. It’s been great to meet a number of you – and quickly feel like I’m with old friends.

  10. I already had WP account, which is how I ended up as Marney here, but I put my old handle mefpdx in parentheses with Marney, so I think that part is clear.

    I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband and mini-me. I’m a magazine journalist. IRL, I’ve met Sister Q and Expat, Round Peg and her entire family, and Frog Wife, who is headed this way again very soon, so if any of you other PNWers are interested in a meet-up, we’re planning to have one.

  11. I’m in (duh) North Carolina, and have been married for 23 years now. My daughters are 18, a freshman in college, and 15, a sophomore in high school. We also have a now 3 year old dog who is finally outgrowing the puppy stage and a cranky 11 year old cat that we inheirited from my mom.

    I work part time and knit and read and am a fairly indifferent housekeeper.

    • Your bio and mine are so close! I’ve been married 22 yrs and my 15 yr old is a boy and I have not inherited a cat. The rest is exactly the same, including the job, knitting and housekeeping…

        • Right now it is exciting because we are both too busy to think about anything. I’m trapped in tax season for another week and working 3x my normal and she has rehearsals every night for a choir variety show at the end of the month. I think it is all going to hit us at once on May 1.

          But, the prom dress and the graduation announcements are in the house, and the college orientation date has been selected, so I know we are going to make it!

          I know it will be bittersweet. I’m so happy for her; but I will miss her like crazy.

  12. I was Jen on the old site, but there are quite a few Jens here, so I mutated when we switched. I chose Chile Pepper because I live in Chile, and I am obsessed with food. My work is in editing and translating, mostly in economics. My DH is a winemaker for a corporate winery, and we also have a little winery of our own. We are currently in the midst of harvest, so I don’t have a lot of free time. When I do have free time, I cook and/or think about food. I also bike a lot (road cycling), hike, practice yoga, and read (mostly crime novels, but I also enjoy more serious fiction).

  13. I’m lyn, a phototrophic refugee from New England now living in north central CA. Formerly a geneticist, currently not quite sure what I am. Mom to two highly idiosyncratic boys: DS10, a high energy extrovert with a serious genetic disorder, and DS9, an intense and strong minded introvert who has a brilliant scientific mind yet still can’t really read.

  14. Cubby! Annette! Rachel!

    I’m Rachel, was Rachel on the old site as well. I know there are at least four Rachels in the community, but I got here first and laid claim to it. We eat the ones we kill and we kill the ones we eat and all that.

    Anyway, I’m 35, mother to two firecracker daughters, Jessica (nearly 7) and Lily (just turned 3). I’m married to an Australian man and we live in Melbourne. I’m originally from NJ . I’m a journalist and a semi-professional snarker and rabble-rouser. I knew Elisa and Erika from BU, thanks to a really lovely mutual friend, another Rachel, and I’ve been so lucky to meet other MTs over the years, which is kind of amazing, given how far I live from almost everybody else.

  15. Hi, I’m MusicTeacher from mters. I live in Central NY with my husband who is a network engineer/composer and have four kids. My oldest is 8 and about to make his First Communion and we are in the throes of party planning. Just reserved a bouncy house! Woohoo! I also have a 6 year-old werewolf with 1000 girlfriends in his kindergarten class, a four year-old Princess Aurora, and my baby boy will be 18 months old next week. He hangs right in there with the craziness his older sibs provide. My parents live around the corner from us and our backyards combine and my uncle lives next door so there is plenty of extended family around too.

    I teach in an afterschool program in our inner city. I also play and sing at Mass on Saturdays and direct a children’s choir at my church, train cantors and sub for other keyboard players on weekends.

    So far I have met Auntie Loca, Ides (Turbo Slug) Swiss Clogs and Aussieyank IRL. Let me know if you’re planning to visit upstate NY. BTW we may be going to the beaches in RI again sometime in late July or early Aug.

  16. I’m Laura. Like Katie, I’ve always been Laura and I’ll always be Laura. I have 3 kids- 8, 10 and 44. The oldest is the hardest to manage most of the time. I live in New Hampshire and teach education at the graduate level. My hobbies include anxiety, setting the bar too high, and alcohol.

  17. i haven’t been leaving comments very often. i’ve been coming by most days, though.

    i was thankgodforairamerica. i don’t think i needed to tell you that.

    i’m a 44 year old single mom. i have an 18 year old son from my first marriage, and daughters aged six and eight from my second marriage. i live in central connecticut.

      • awwwwww…. thanks.

        ali’s packing for camp right now. i’m not even kidding. she’ll be at merrowvista the first two weeks of july. thanks for telling me about it.


    • Hey there tgfaa! Thought of you the other day — I’ve been listening to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast during my long stretches of working at night. I’ve been digging into the old episodes and thought of you when he had Janeane Garofalo on and they talked about Air America.

      Glad you checked in!

      • i love him so much. awwwwww- i love it that hearing him makes you think of me.

        i told you how when we were going upstairs from the comedy cellar how he was behind me barking and growling at me that time, right? i turned my head to see what he was doing and he was looking up at me and said “i’m feeling manic.”

        my favorite air america thing was on morning sedition when someone called in to complain about the jews running everything. he was explaining the conspiracy when marc asked if the caller had the head jew in charge’s contact information. marc said he hadn’t been getting any emails, so he didn’t know how to do his part.

    • OMG she’s here!!!
      I am soooo glad to see you!

      My kids and my mom and I have met tgfaa and her daughters, (and stayed at their house) and it was wonderful. My daughter stayed up half the night screaming, and then she bought us donuts. So I think we owe them.

      • ali and i were just talking about you- she liked how your daughter was such a climber, and i liked when my kids were bugging your son and i told them to leave him alone- he can do whatever he wants. he said to me “can you tell my mom that?”

        • Ha! Yeah, that’s DS all over. DD is much bigger now, and maybe a little bit less bold. Still climb-y, though. She got 3 staples in her head from a recliner-and-windowsill adventure a few months back.

  18. I’m tjb22 now, I was tjb22 before. If I changed my name, I’d forget who I was. Nothing mysterious in it, it’s just my initials and the number “22” because that used to be the first two numbers in our phone number. My first name is Teresa, for the record. I don’t regularly use it on message boards because I found out early on that there seems to be an incredible number of “Teresa’s” on liberal blogs and sites. Go figure.

    I live in Toledo, Ohio with my paramedic/IT guy husband of almost 30 years. We have seven children ranging in age from just-turned 17-to-nearing 28. Four girls, three boys, with twin girls being the oldest, followed by another daughter, then three sons, and ending with youngest daughter. Also have a wonderful daughter in law and two grandsons ages three and one. We lost our son-in-law last year due to complications of diabetes and renal failure.

    I took time out of the work force to have children. What I did not know then was that I would become medically disabled and most likely never able to work again. As we have gotten older, this freaked me out more and more. So, in the past few years, since the housing crash, we’ve been investing in real estate as part of our retirement planning, but also so I’d have some source of income if I found myself alone. We’re at the point now that I feel with that income and what I’d get from life insurance I’m able to sleep at nights.

    I love reading. I love history. I also like most things medical. I often manage to merge them altogether.

  19. I mainly have lurked here, but now I am becoming a Mom, so I think posting here will increase. I am pregnant with our first baby, due three days before SisterQ on September 16th. So far, overall, the pregnancy has been somewhat smooth sailing, hopefully that will continue.

    Aside from that I am a 30 year old graduate student hoping to be done with my PhD in Oceanography about a month before I am due with the baby. Trying to figure out what to do next, and how to manage career and baby is going to be a popular topic for me. I am from Maine originally, but live in RI now with my Aussie DH and my developmentally disabled brother.

    I like long walks on the beach (legit, those are fun), watching sports, and reading scientific articles…

    • It’s great to have another new face — I’m glad you’ll be posting more as baby gets closer to arriving!

      Oceanography was my dream career until I was 17 and figured out that it would be a lot of hard work in college in subjects I wasn’t really good at.

    • Yay – Sept. 16 is Mira’s birthday. Very good day for a first baby 😉 And good luck with finishing up your PhD! Sending productive vibes. This group was a great support for me as I finished up mine – it’s always nice to have a group of people there to offer virtual hugs and chocolate!

  20. I’m Binz, formerly lam2b2g, which was just too easy to track. I’m 48 and have four kids; two in college and twin 14 year olds. IRL, I’ve met Turbo Slug (Ides), Vera and Laura. I’ve had some great phone conversations with Kat and DesMoines Dem, as well. I love the conversation here because there are so many smart, funny women! IRL, we all have people we interact with due to necessity; other moms, co-workers, neighbors… friendships of convenience. Sure there are nice people IRL, but this space is full of people we choose to know. Vera is right about the ease of friendship and how comfortable it feels to meet IRL with MTers!

    • I kind of like seeing the new handles. Glad to connect yours to your old one, though! I wasn’t sure which person Binz was. The thought about this being a place of people who choose to know each other is pretty spot-on.

  21. GiGi here. Real name is Jill, but my nieces, nephew and MKatherine1966 call me GiGi and I like it.

    Shout out to the other 43 year olds! I have 2 kids – DD just turned 10 and DS is 7. He has short bowel syndrome which requires a g-tube and central i.v. line for nutrition.

    I am the most vocal vegetarian, atheist, and anti-public school voice here. So, yeah, there’s trouble sometimes. What can you do?

  22. yeah, still Mrs Pastor. Still married to pastordan (12 years in June, have known him over half my life now). I work part time teaching psychology at a small, Catholic liberal arts school. Will be 40 in May but that doesn’t scare me! Still have 2 kids, half sibs we adopted 3 years ago. DS is 8, loves science, soccer and being funny. DD is 15, is very artistic/musical and struggles with mental health issues including Reactive Attachment Disorder. She is currently living in a treatment foster home and doing better than we anticipated which brings us peace.

  23. I’m happy clam. I’m married with 2 teens. DD is 18 and a senior, and DS is 15. I work part time, and I like to read and knit when I get a freakin’ minute to myself.

  24. I’m Sue, in Queens NY. I run a small program for children with autism and their families in western CT and am celebrating 11 years at this job this month.Although my job drives me nuts sometimes, I am grateful for work that I am passionate about. Married 21 years, DD is 20 and DS is nearly 13.

    I’ve met Suzanne and her sweet hubby, and hope to meet a few more MTs.

  25. I’m formerly lonestar canuck which was a great handle when I actually lived in Texas but is not really accurate since we’ve been living in New York for almost 6 years. I’m 42, married for 18 years (to the same man), have 3 kids (14, 11, 8) and I’m working full time after years at home and lots of underemployment/part time kind of stuff in the last few years. Working full time is great but it keeps me from playing at MT a lot these days.
    I am Canadian. I am hard to get along with. I am more likely to contribute with a sarcastic comment than anything else because I am indeed loca.

  26. I’m the former Ides of June, though I may go back to it (my younger DS’s bday is June 15). I talk fast and my mind works fast but I’m very lazy. I’m from Staten Island, NY, known for its giant landfill and bad accents. Its zoo has the largest collection of reptiles on the eastern seaboard, or used to. I lived in upstate NY for seven years between college and first job, then picked up and moved someplace I knew no one to start over. I discovered during move preparations that I had college friends and a cousin here. Oh well! I’m 42 and don’t seem to have figured out all the answers yet.
    I am a technical writer and editor currently working p/t in the fight against HIV, which makes me feel like I am doing something useful with myself. I have two boys, 8 and 5. My older one has mild autism and perfect pitch and is learning to play piano, but prefers baseball (which he does not have a natural gift for although he practices hard and loves the game). The younger one has a great sense of humor and is physically fearless. He does not have much interest in music yet, and is bored with teeball. Both love video games. I work from home so rely on the electronic babysitters more than I should. We have an obnoxious puppy and two hamsters.
    My ILs all live in the area, and for the most part we get along fine except when some bonehead brings up politics. My parents are still in NY, siblings scattered. We all do talk to each other, usually at a high volume because we’re Italian. I do a lot of forgiving and moving on. We have five nieces and a nephew.
    I like to cook, bake, read, and knit. I sing with a competitive women’s a cappella chorus and a quartet. I miss community theater. I do not like housework. My dream job is book editing: give me a fat manuscript, a colored pen, and a Chicago Manual and I’m happy.

  27. SwissClogs! – Aye!

    Yup, still here, with the same handle, even if I left Switzerland almost 7 years ago. The Clogs bit is still current, as I returned to my native Netherlands. I am a geology professor, working 4 days a week, but I’ve stopped counting hours. I am nearly 39 years old – exactly one year younger than MrsPastor. I have been married to DH for 11.5 years and still think he’s a great guy. We have two daughters: DD1 will be 6 in June (I joined MT when I was on leave after she was born) and DD2 turns 4 a week from today – she’ll start kindy on the day.

    Before returning home, DH and I lived in DC for 2 years, and in Switzerland for 3. We were fortunate to spend last summer in DC again, for a sabbatical. I travel to the US regularly for work, which allowed me to meet several MTs in person. I’m hoping to take up sports again (tennis, or just the gym or running?) after DD2 starts school. I love to travel (for work and pleasure, with family, DH or by myself), read, hike, ski etc – if only I had more time to do all of that!

    I love MT for the friendliness and jest, the wisdom and the broadness of topics and interests. I’m still getting used to the new format, but with a little time, I think I’ll be perfectly happy here as well. CG is right – I can’t remember the old MT design. Thanks for posting this diary!

  28. Hi, I’m Lonespark. Same handle pretty much everywhere on the internet.

    I used to live Phoenix, AZ. Then in spring 2010 I got laid off and DH got accepted to medical school and he moved to Maine and the kids and I moved to NorthMetroBoston, to live on the second floor of my parents’ house. “Temporarily,” or so we imagined at the time. I’m an environmental geologist, and I’ve been looking for work here ever since. I had a little bit of success lately, but it was temporary and unpredictable and stressful and then we all got sick.

    I kind of want to be a science teacher, most days. (Because that’s not stressful!!!) My parents are both educators and pretty much all my forbears on my dad’s side were, too.

    DS is 5, DD is 3. They are sweet and inventive and bad at going to sleep. They were both accidents, and DS was a secret, too. I’ve struggled with anxious depression since college. It has derailed a lot of things, and I’m afraid it’s making me an atrocious role model of a functional human.

    • Heck, if you’re going to be in Laconia (hooray, by the way), why don’t you enroll in our science teacher cert program? Dip into the financial aid well and come hang out with me!

      • Weeell…I don’t know that we’ll be up there. DH has a house with a roommate. And he’s only there for a year. DS has already started school here, and we have healthcare here, and I know how the welfare system works here if we need it. And free housing with my parents. So I think it is unlikely we would move, unless I got a job. I guess school is an option, too, maybe? I have existing loans that I can’t pay off due to NO INCOME from the last time I made an attempt at grad school.

        • Everyone finishes at AUNE. We’re ungraded and we’re all about the lurve. Seriously. You should at least make a visit- I’ll buy you a vegan, localvore lunch prepared and served by developmentally delayed adults on compostable dinnerware.

  29. Hi,

    Just reintroducing myself with the same name rbt1.
    I have been reading the past few weeks but not commenting not much time lately.
    I am 43, married to a very nice guy for 14 years w/ a 5 year old DS and a 20 month DD. We live in Central MA, and I work not quite full time in the environmental/recreation field.
    I always enjoy the conversations here both political and personal and have certainly gotten good parenting tips and good book recs. Finished the Hunger Games series recently and am debating whether or not I really want to see the movie right now.

  30. I’m Carina in Perth, Western Australia. I’m married to an Aussie and I’m a population scientist (well…my PhD is in population genetics, and I’m currently doing medical science in a longitudinal study….so that’s the best description I’ve got). I’ve got two kids who are 6 and nearly 8. And I used to be aussieyank, but being originally a Southerner, I just couldn’t wear the yank part and always regretted using it at the older site. Aussiegeek seems to cover it. :)

    And the fact that I just saw this diary is the thing that I’m finding very hard about the new version of the site. I don’t see most diaries, and I don’t notice when someone has replied to my comments.

  31. I changed my name but I think everyone has figured out who I am….I live in the capital of Texas with my teen twins. I decided to change my name because my kids are older and I was concerned they would inadvertently stumble upon something I had written about them, or that something I had written about them would be discovered by someone else and would be embarrassing to them.

    So — I am 50, married almost 22 years to DH who is the Director of Taxation for a small semi-conductor company. I worked as an attorney for 10 years before I quit 15 years ago to stay home with DD and DS. I have lived in TX all my life and have a love/hate relationship with my home state because of the conservative politics of most of the state. I love to hang out with friends, read, watch movies and TV, eat good food and drink good margaritas, and dance to 70s music. I am very active in PTA and in my liberal Baptist church. I have met several MTers — vera93 (twice), christina, Elisa, shenanigans, Erin, pastry demon [who doesn’t hang out here anymore….] plus the ones I knew before they came here, kristieval and Frog Wife.

    oh yeah — my kids — 15 y.o. twins, DS is into marching band and video games, DD who is into choir and her friends and boyfriend.

    I like long walks on the beach but doesn’t anyone else getting chafing when their thighs rub together?

  32. They don’t call me late bloomer for nuthin’….I am on the fly and on the run at the moment, leaving tomorrow for Yosemite (have never been, even though been in California for about 35 years or so). I can’t WAIT! Tomorrow we get up, high-five ourselves for 30 years of marriage (yup tomorrow’s the day) and hit the road. I am a panic packer, so I’m all in a knot about what to take. Is it going to be cold, rainy, snowing, what?

    Hence, this is all I have time to comment at the moment….I used to be karen m….and I tried to stay that way, but WordPress wouldn’t let me. So now: voila I’m reservoir23. I should have tried Late Bloomer but that was likely taken anyway. So. Howdy MTers! Nice to be here. I wish I had more time to comment these days but I just haven’t. I love this site, though, and all the peeps. :-)

    • Have fun! It was cold / rainy / snowy last week but this week is supposed to be better.

      I recommend 140 over 120 for getting there – longer but less elevation and fewer switchbacks.

      • Oh shoot! We’ve gone and come back. I wanted to go 140 on the drive home because of the information related to wildflowers blooming at this time of year, but DH is one of those when we hit the road and he has a plan in mind, it’s darn hard for him to deviate. I generally bend to what makes the car ride smooth from the interior, not that he gets all vocally grumpy, but you know how you know when your spouse ain’t happy…then nobody’s happy. So, it seems a little enough thing usually to give in to his temperament on this. So no 140 for us. Darn. BUT our trip was amazingly great. The weather was incredibly warm. Still snow up high but in the valley warm (66 degrees), clear blue skies, crisp cool air in AM & PM. Great hikes and loads of walking everywhere each of the three days we were there. Whoop!

        • Glad you had a good time! It’s amazing how quickly the weather changes up there. I wish we had also gotten the 60s / sunny! 120 was requiring chains last Sat, but it must have melted. Where did you stay? We were in Curry Village in the tent cabins.

          • oops…didn’t see this reply till now patobutter sorry. we stayed at the awhahnee since it was our 30th anniversary and we’d never been to yosemite. i don’t think we’d stay there again, but it was fun to do once. how were the tent cabins? we wondered about those and whether they’d be cold…? glad you had a good time too. the weather does change dramatically and quickly.

            • The Ahwahnee – awesome! We went over there on a snow day and warmed up in front of the fireplace. Lovely.

              The tent cabin was heated so except for the two times the heater broke (!) it was reasonably warm, but ideally I would prefer to stay in Yosemite Lodge when it is as cold and wet as it was while we were there. We just weren’t anticipating a snowstorm in April. But we’ve stayed there in June and it was just fine. You have bunks and a light, and then you go to the shared bathroom just like regular camping. It’s fine, really.

              • good to know. our trip was ahwmazing lol. every single bit of it in yosemite and then up the northern coastline of california. i think about our two road trips every day…the joy of them lingers and remains very present for both dh and me.

      • Thanks, Rachel! We’re back home, but leaving again tomorrow, going up north to see something older than us…the redwoods on the coast of northern california and border of oregon! We’re having a blast together and the freedom of driving rather than flying to get to a place is surprising me in how great it is. So much flexibility to change our minds, slow down, speed up…change course. LOVE that. My biggest drag is packing. But I’m hoping having just unpacked that I will have a better go at getting the right stuff (and not too much stuff) back in the bag. Tally ho.

    • Happy anniversary! You may have already left, or not come back here before you go, but generally I’d say that layers are your friend: multilple, thin and the odd wind/waterproof one and you’re set.

      • Thanks! You are exactly right. Yosemite ended up being so much warmer than expected and we had loads of layers. The one thing we could have used is shorts and tee shirts. I would have not guessed that…but we were fine since most of our layers were lightweight kinds of clothing. How’s life with you these days?

        • Life’s busy – can you tell? April-May are always teaching, first in class, then in the field. I had back to back trips to France and Greece, so I’m only now settling in again. Things are fine though. We’re all healthy, kids are doing well, with DD2 settling in in kindergarten. And in 2 months we have a wonderful trip scheduled to Malaysia – see SIl and her family and do some travel of our own. Word is their moving to Houston (though I’ll believe when they’re actually on their way, for all I know it may be Perth after all…) – so a meetup with MomOfTwins may be in the cards – yay!

          Glad to see you’re enjoying your travels so much. You sounds so very happy. It is a joy to read your comments here.

  33. Previously I was Mommy Turtle. My daughter was in a turtle family stage when I originally signed up but she’s way past that.

    DH and I have 3 daughters – ages 10, 7, and 3 1/2. We both work fulltime and then come home for the 2nd shift with the family. It keeps us crazy busy and we complain that we don’t have much time but if one of us stayed home then we would complain about money. Plus, I’m not sure that it is in my nature to be a fulltime mom. I would prefer a good parttime job but those are hard to fine.

    We live in the PNW and very much enjoy it here. DH and I are both from Ohio and still have family there.

  34. I’m Erin and I’m very late, but replying so that I can subscribe to this diary and refer to it when I’m trying to figure out who someone is.

  35. I’m Maureen, and a new girl here. I’m 30 years old, happily married, with a 2 year old son. I’m originally from the Northern CA coast, living in (on?) the Puget Sound, doing the SAHM thing. I love to read, write, garden, cook, and dabble in arts & crafts. I rescue a lot of animals. I feel weird writing this. I just want to hang out, no funny business.

  36. Hello all – I’m Anu, real name r*achel on the MTers FB site. I live in the PNW with my husband and 3 kids – ages 7, almost 5 and 4. I don’t have as much time to comment as I used to since I work full time at an office rather than my former 32 hours flexed. ..that extra 8 hours per week is missed. I work in healthcare and manage stress by reading cheesy romance novels, much to the chagrin of my far more cultured husband. Love this community :-)

  37. Hi, guys. I’m harchickgirl1. I used the same name on the other site. I’m Mary Jo on FB.

    I think 1962 was a good year. I was dragged kicking and screaming over the line ten years ago, but 50 seems like a no-drama Big Birthday. I feel like I’ve earned the privileges that come with middle age, namely more Me Time and fewer catcalls from construction sites!

    I’m originally from countryside NJ, but lived for 9 years in/near Washington, DC. I married an Aussie (the accent and the uniform…), and we’ve been settled in Melbourne, Australia for the past 14 years. I miss my family but I enjoy my life here. DH is a very good man and excellent father who sometimes frustrates the hell out of me.

    I teach English to adult migrants. I love my job, although I lost my contract in December (so did most of my colleagues), so my position feels tenuous right now. I work 4 days/week. During my 14 years mainly as a SAHM, including two years of medicated depression, I realized that I needed to work to maintain my mental health. I’m proud of myself that I went back to graduate school to get my dream job. I’m just worried about losing it, not because of the money but because it could send me into a spiral. I was pretty shaky there for about 2 months after losing my contract. But things feel more stable right now.

    DS is 18yo and just started Engineering at a good university. I’m proud of him. DD is nearly 15yo and in Year 9 at a good public high school. I’m proud of her.

    I found my way to MT via DKos. I haven’t met any MTers in person, although I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to belong to a community of like-minded, strong, lovely women who can discuss issues (personal and political) with intelligence and compassion. I haven’t come to the new MT as often as I used to visit the old site because I find it more awkward to navigate and because it was just easier to get my MT hit on FB while I was already on there. But I read the plea to visit here most often, so I’m trying to make that effort.

    I feel very privileged to have been welcomed by all of you.

    • as they say in “Hairspray” — welcome to the 50s! I hit the milestone last summer but somehow, awesomely, people don’t seem to believe I’m “that old.” I was even referred to as “a young lady” this week by a service guy who was at least 10 years my junior. I guess the kids keep me young! When my mom was my age, she had recently become a grandmother.

      you and Rachel have got to figure out a meetup!

      Glad you’re here!

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