No Peeking, Sister Q and Expat!

Written by LiturgyGeek

Hey, friends, Baby Stormageddon is due in a MONTH! A month! And we should really be working on getting them a gift/some gifts on behalf of MTers.

I have a Paypal account – I think you can find it via my email, which is liturgygeek AT yahoo DOT com. And I’d be happy to organize gift-giving, but I’d love to know your thoughts.

Items from their registry? Meals? Other lovely things? I’ve already snapped up the lovely poster from Etsy that someone posted yesterday and am sending it directly to their house.

Time is short, so I’d love your thoughts, contributions, etc. ASAP. Maybe we can have a goal of sending items by September 1?


37 thoughts on “No Peeking, Sister Q and Expat!

  1. Yay! Does she have stuff left on the registry? I’d love to finish that since its her first and she needs all the things! Will PayPal u something soon.

    • Totally. I’ll deal with this between finishing my ministry and moving so we have a couple of weeks. That sounds snarky but it isn’t. Want to give y’all some time and also hope for the gifts to arrive before Stormy does. That’s the window. :)

  2. Love the books, but wonder if we shouldn’t do one of the bigger ticket items like the car seat or the swing? My kids spent more time in those two things combined than anywhere else in the first year or so. Will paypal tomorrow.

  3. Just an FYI, to date I’ve received $$ from Lisa in Austin, Sue in Queens, ginabad, and KH (I don’t remember your MT handle but those are your initials). I’m not so good at responding right away when I get the $$ so I plan to do an update like this every few days. No worries or rush for those who plan to give but haven’t yet, I plan to collect until September 1.

    If we get enough for a car seat before then, I may go ahead and purchase, as that’s one item they will definitely need before the baby comes, and let them know more gifties are coming. (I still think of y’all EVERY SINGLE DAY when I strap M into her car seat.) Sound good?

    • Thanks so much for arranging all this.

      Since there have been some early signs, if I were them I might worry that the baby might be here before the car seat. Do you think we might want to get something slightly less time critical in case they need to buy one on the spur of the moment?

  4. Oof, glad you posted here today, because it reminded my to contribute. I just paypal-ed. Apologies for the delay, and thank you for organizing LG!

    • No, I’m just doing it today! I’m getting them the swing and books, based on the $$ and suggestions above. One of the books is a baby sign language book. Oh, and some Soothies. Those things are 100% required.

      I also got the infant insert for the Ergo that someone else got for them, because they really will need that for a few months. And it coming up on winter, they will be grateful for the extra padding…..And, I think that’s it…..

  5. AND, the gifts have been ordered! They should arrive in 2 days. I really thought I would have had more internet access earlier in the month but ….. it is done and I don’t think Stormy is there yet.

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