No peeking baker baker!! by sheri

Y’all! I can’t believe we’ve let time get away from us without organizing a way to honor baker baker’s 3rd baby’s pending arrival. Hopefully I haven’t just missed a discussion. It seems like what they would need 3rd time around might be gift certificates or maybe just money. Target? A grocery store? Other ideas?

I wanted to get the ball rolling on this, but I’m afraid I really can’t be the organizer. For one, I suck at details and drop balls all the time. And for two, I am in a ridiculously stressful, sleep deprived, and busy time right now, which makes me even worse at details and more likely to not be able to follow through. It’s a huge character flaw. I have good intentions and terrible follow-through. All that to say…is there someone who can collect money and get whatever we decide on to her?


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  1. Thanks for posting, Sheri – I totally let that one slip by. Urgh.

    Last time around, when their daughter was born, we all got a big Giant Eagle certificate – Giant Eagle is the supermarket they shop at. I think that would work again, don’t you guys?

    I would offer to be the point person, except that last time around, Giant Eagle refused to let me pay with a non-American credit card (grrr!), so it needs to be someone in the country. But I’ll happily chip in!

  2. I’m in. I feel like I “should” offer to help organize since I also shop at Giant Eagle, but I barely had it together to get the gifts to Sister Q and Expat, so I think I’m just going to contribute this time.

  3. Yup, me too. Gift certificate seems the way to go. I’ll be happy to contribute when I know where to send the money. Organizing won’t work from here.

  4. If all we’re doing is a grocery store gift card and I can get that online, I guess I could go ahead and organize this. So, that would mean that I need to figure out how you all could paypal me the money, right? Hmmm… I’ll get back to you on that. I don’t remember my account.

  5. I will do this today but is there a deadline? Might help people know when they absolutely positively have to get it done by — sometimes I need that hard and fast date out there to get myself in gear —

  6. Y’all–now that she’s in labor a couple of days before induction day and we clearly can’t meet that deadline, should we take our time? What if y’all try to get your contributions made by next Saturday (11/17)? I will be at a conference Wed-Fri, but can figure out what we collected and buy the gift certificates when I get back in town. I found online how to get a gift card from Giant Eagle. Should I get it all there, or should I split between that and Target? I was thinking that diapers and other baby items are better to get at Target.

    • Great–I leave tomorrow for a conference and won’t focus on gifting baker baker with MT generosity until Saturday, so take your time! Honestly, I’d rather have more people participating at smaller amounts than fewer people each contributing more. So keep it coming, ladies!

  7. Just posting again so everyone sees the diary as having unread comments. Just wanted to remind y’all that I would like to buy the gift certificates this weekend and send them on their way, so you just have another couple of days to get your donations in. Does by Sunday morning work? Paypal to sherishu AT the email run by the yahoos.

  8. Friends–I’d like to see if we can move our totals a bit higher (of $$ and of people participating) before calling us done. Hoping today will be a big day, as tomorrow I’d like to wrap this up and buy the gift certificates.

  9. Just FYI, it’s finally DONE and they are on their way! I had stupid paypal problems withdrawing the money you all so kindly donated that took a personal stop into the credit union to resolve. Kat knew we were up to something and that I was having some technical difficulties, so hopefully it’s all good. Giant Eagle is on the way in the mail and Target is on its way via email. Maybe this will help make the adjusting and settling in process a bit easier. Thanks to everyone for your support in spirit, and especially thanks to: Cindy, liturgygeek, Sister Q, Expat, MKatherine1966, Vera93, Martinet, SwissClogs, Sue in Queens, Pat of Butter, Rachel, Mom of Twins, Erika, Aussiegeek, Marney (mefpdx), and Sheri for the contributions. Y’all rock!

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