No peeking — 2 moms expecting in about 6 weeks

Hey ladies, two of our moms are about to have babies! It’s coming up soon and I am not in a position to pull together anything other than just sending money to them. But, I thought I’d throw this up there and we can either just paypal collect for a gift and send them some $$ [always welcome, IMHO] or someone who wants to and has time can figure out what they want/need and coordinate a gift.

You probably know who I am talking about but one is known as pink and orange now [she formerly went by a name and initial] and the other one is referring to her 3rd child has baby BOGO. Don’t want to say more, because I don’t know what handle she’s going to use on the new site.

What do you think we should do?


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  1. To be clear, one was R and the other L, respectively, yes? (User names, I mean.)

    I personally love actual gifts or at least gift cards, but IDK how they feel. But Lord knows I’m having enough trouble figuring out what we need for baby Stormageddon, so I’ll leave the choosing to y’all!

  2. I vote for sending money. That’s always welcome, although a tad boring. Either that or a box of diapers (size2 is usually a safe bet), wipes, baby detergent, baby wash, ect. from might be a fun, practical gift…

    • I kind of think for BOGO, especially, they probably have all their stuff still from G. So in that case, cash is always nice.

      Now for pink and orange [or orange and pink?] since her older son is 5, she might need some “stuff” but I don’t know what.

      The thing about cash is that it’s so easy and it can be put toward anything they want. But it’s not as much fun to open [perhaps] as cute stuff!

      • I will chime in and say that I loved the newborn photography session and it’s something I never would have done for myself because it was so pricey! I think some kind of service like this or meals or housecleaning would be great.

  3. Thanks for thinking of this, MoT! Keep wanting to call you by your other name…

    Anyway … several good suggestions have been made like newborn photography, diapers, something like that. Or a gift card for a restaurant that delivers, maybe. Or there’s always Target.

    Does anyone have access to pink’s contact info? I know she is not on FB and she doesn’t check in all the time so not sure she would see it if you left her a message. Elisa might have it though because she was supposed to go out with us the night we met Clogs but then had an emergency and had to cancel, and told Elisa.

    • With some digging I will have her real name, cell and an e-mail address, from when we were supposed to meet. No addy, but I could ask her or try to figure it out with the info I have. But you may be right that Elisa has the address already.

      I will certainly contribute if money is collected, but will not be able to help out with organizing, being on another continent and all.

      Finally, is there a way to see who posted a diary? I noticed Elisa’s posts are now coming with a bio. But perhaps the simplest way is that we just sign diaries with our screen name from now on.

  4. Permit me to say that the gift extravaganza from y’all I experienced was phenomenal and wonderful. However, I’m also not in much of a position to do more than donate, so feel free to take this with a grain of salt.
    Maybe there is something special/updated/new/different they each would like for this baby? I’m not close enough with either to know that.

  5. I’m in – although Sheri said the photography thing was awesome, I personally would not use one…ever. It’s just not my thing. I therefore respectfully vote for a Target gift card! Lemme know who gets paypaled. And, if you only have Pink/Orange’s cell or email, I believe Target does them electronically to smart phones now.

  6. I haven’t jumped in because I’m happy to go with majority… card to a store or a visa gift card is always nice! If someone has time and energy to shop, I’m happy to chip in.

  7. I can accept paypal for one of them, but it seems like it would be easier/cleaner if someone else accepted for the other one — I’m likely to get confused if I’m getting paypals for 2 different people, plus I know one of these mamas has contacted me about contributing to the other one.

    So — I am personally a fan of cash, since it can be used in any way the recipient chooses. There are several ideas but pros and cons of all.

    Does anyone object to strictly cash?

    I will collect for liliana and can I get an offer of someone to collect for our other mama [whom I assume everyone has figured out who she is — but if not think the “other” Rachel].

    You can paypal me at caubles AT flash DOT net. Send me an email or message me on FB if you need to contribute a different way.

    Does that sound ok?

    • Do we care if they are given different amounts? Are some of us going to give to one and not the other, do you think? I think maybe we might want to just give it all to mot and then, whatever the total, it just gets split in half. That seems easier if we presume equity is a good thing, as opposed to letting people decide what amounts they’d like to give to each.

      • well I know for sure that liliana wants to donate to the other mom — she contacted me on FB and asked to. So I would at least need to keep track of that~

        • If you want, I can do the one for Pink since I have her email address. However, I’ve never been a recipient of PayPal – is it simple?

          If people can paypal me, my paypal is my real name with a dot and gmail,
          i.e. first.last at .

          I hope everybody here knows what that is but maybe I can contact you via FB if you don’t, or leave a message and I can contact you.

  8. FYI, apparently baby BOGO is due in about a week! Or at least, lilianna referred to herself as 8¾ months pregnant today in the open thread. When is pink & orange due?

        • 9 months is 39 weeks. There are 4.333 (etc.) weeks in a month. 9×4.3333 = 39.

          Of course, I’m confused because I know my actual date of conception and they calculate from two weeks before date of conception, which is usually assumed to be the same as the start of your last period, even though it isn’t for almost anyone. So my last period was December 11, my DOC was 12/28, therefore my official date that I’m pregnant as of was 12/14. So I am 16 weeks tomorrow, but only 3.5 months.

  9. Thanks to all contributors. I’m thinking I will try to pick up the gift probably after we get back on Sunday, so if anyone is still interested in contributing, if you could do so this week that would be great. Thanks.

  10. So I send money to Pat of Butter for Pink & Orange, but when I tried to do an additional payment to Mom of Twins for lilianna, Paypal became suspicious (god forbid someone make two payments in a row!) and demanded I enter my full bank account number to confirm my identity. I never updated my Paypal bank account info after I closed my Bank of America account in December (because on the rare occasions I use Paypal, I take the payment off my credit card), so I have no clue what my account number used to be.

    And if you can’t do that, they demand to call you on your home telephone. Which we had disconnected a couple years ago and also never updated with Paypal. So it would appear that lilianna will not be receiving a gift from us.

  11. I am in–will paypal soon. Possibly not tonight because I get home from chorus rehearsal insanely late, but I promise by Thursday at the latest.

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