Getting Things Done- Wrapping Up the School Year

Remember the old Getting Things Done diary?  This is the new version.  Rather than doing the general “week of” thing, though, I’m going to make this an “End of the School Year” version.   I have a bunch of existential stuff to figure out, but my concrete to-do list looks like this:

1.  Find another camp for Molly for this summer

2.  Start Couch to 5K with Harry to get him ready for Cross Country camp in the fall

3.  Talk to the builder about the renovation and the site prep we need to do this summer.

4.  Get organized at work for the summer.

What do you need to get done before summer vacation gets here?  (Or for our southern hemisphere friends, before the winter gets here?)


25 thoughts on “Getting Things Done- Wrapping Up the School Year

    • He wants to be on the Cross Country team but kiddo can’t run more than a block. Neither can I, though, so it seems like a good thing to do together.

  1. I actually don’t need to get anything done before the end of the year… except lose another 10 pounds if I can.. the kids out on June 21st and she’ll go work as an administrative intern at the Acting Loft then she’ll do the teen lab for the summer. Work gets quiet, and hopefully I”ll be spending many many weekends at the beach with my lady and my girl.

    however I do have a grant to write before June 20th! 😉

  2. At work, I have a list of things to get done before the end of the school year that takes up several pages of a notebook — since school is over June 8th and the teachers’ last full day is June 11th, most of it has to be done by then…which means the clock is ticking. I’ll spare you all that list — it’s not pretty.

    Here at home — I want to BUY BIKES before summer starts. That’s our big goal for the summer — both boys will learn how to ride bikes.

  3. Well, here summer break starts a week from Friday, so, all I’ll say is that before summer gets here I want to finish the Get It Done Girl 15-minutes-a-day-for-four-weeks organization project. Not that I’ve been doing so great keeping up with it so far, but whatever. Also on the organization front, we need to get the Christmas decorations out of the baby’s room.

    Also, I want to know where I’ll be at the *end* of the summer! I hate this uncertainty.

  4. DH and I are trying couch to 5K. We’re on run 3 tomorrow. We’re both pretty sore so we may have to stay in week 1 for an extra week :)

    I can’t quite believe it’s the end of the school year. I’d like to have some things in place for Mira – recognizing what is causing her problems right now and getting some ideas for how we might be able to develop strategies and/or put things into place over the summer so that things start off well next year.

    I’d also like to start writing again. Research, I mean. I’m struggling with a huge block but have some ideas for trying to work through it and would like to make some progress on that. And I think I get to move into my new office before the end of the school year. Yay :)

    What kind of camp are you looking for for Molly? I’m a little worried I over-scheduled Mira. On the other hand, I look at the different camps she has and I’m a bit jealous as they sound really fun to me!

    • Something that doesn’t cost too much, mostly. She wants to do horseback riding camp, but it’s $350 for 4 days. There’s a camp at her dance place but I need a break from their crazy. I just don’t see anything that makes me go “ooh! That’s it!” yet.

      • Does the Y have any neat programs? I’ve been quite impressed with our Y here. And the parks & rec has some cool camps too – some outdoorsy like canoeing and others more “pool”/check out town focused.

  5. I don’t have a specific set of goals, but I would like summer to bring some normalcy to my daily schedule. As I mentioned before, the kids will be in day-camp for 5 weeks from 9-3, and I am hoping that means I will actually get some free time with them on the weekends/evenings. My summers typically include me working 12-hour days, 7-days a week while the kids and DH do fun things. So the overall goal is that I can crank enough work out that by 6 pm I am DONE for the day and can start getting into a routine of meal planning so we can eat better!

  6. We need to do some stuff to our house–it’s minor, but we’re doing a home exchange vacation this summer, so there’s a couple things we need to do to the house first.

    I also have some non-work writing projects I’d like to finish before summer, but we’ll see…

  7. I have three docs to finish, one’s a “final” check, one’s in expert review right now, and one needs to get its draft finished. I can’t find my friggin’ focus, and school ends next Thursday. It’s okay: I thrive on deadlines. Or something.
    Summer: a few camps, not all of which are booked, no vacation booked yet b/c we procrastinated, and DH and I may or may not fly to NJ for my niece’s h.s. graduation. It’s not a convenient time for us. My sister says if we can’t make it don’t worry about it, but I feel like we should. arg.

    • hey at least you get invited. my brother lives 1 hour and 40 minutes away and he’s had two of his three boys graduate and not tell me until after it was over… LOL

      • We get invited to everything because the family culture is that Everyone Must Show Up for Everything. Ugh!!! Back in the day, everyone stayed in the area so it was expected, but they are in NY and we’re in ATL and they’re slowly learning. DH’s family are in between yours and mine.
        You could ask, in March or so of the kid’s senior year, “What are the plans for Kid’s graduation?” and see what happens…

        • I did.. I asked months before.. weeks before.. days before… one day I emailed my brother and said “when Is J’s graduation?’ he said “tonight”

          sigh… 😉 my brother … LOL… nuff said!

  8. Harry’s doing XC? Good for him. Both my daughters adore(d) it – both the athlete and the not so much athete. See also if the coach is giving a summer workout, which may give him some race strategy and spring work too.

  9. What I need to get done. Or started.

    1) Get in my mom’s house and start purging. I’ve barely made a dent.
    2) Find a home (read: get DH to move) the dorm fridge sitting in my kitchen.

  10. Like Sister Q, summer starts for us a week from tomorrow, so I don’t have a whole lot of “get it done” time. Not that I need it, so far we have nothing planned for the summer except the kids going to youth group camp for one week.

    The sad part for me right now is that one of my best friends is moving from 1/4 mi away from my house to Richmond, VA. They leave the day after school is out. We’re throwing a big party this weekend — I gave her a gift today but I couldn’t write a card yet because I didn’t want to get too emotional and dampen the fun of our day together.

  11. My “before summer” list is almost overwhelming. I put some of it in the Thursday “what’s on your mind” thread.

    Seth needs more camp weeks – I’ve only got 3 weeks pinned down – 13 is a tough age – too old for regular camp, and limited options otherwise.

    I need to figure out some major work/budget things – best case before next week’s budget presentation to the board; worst case by mid -june.

    I need to plan for a 2-3 week leave in July

    Would like to figure out a family vacation – it’s been a shitty winter and a very very busy spring – I think we need a few days away “just us”

  12. Why, oh why, did I choose to teach summer school? I could see the end of the semester with grades posted today and my online classes start Monday.

    So, with that said, I need to finish the last pieces of Week One (discussion questions, summary and quiz) so that I can work a week ahead all summer. I do think it will be a nice challenge as I’ve not taught online classes before and I don’t have the stress of trying to learn them during the standard semester. And the money will make for some nice family adventures this summer but man, I so wish I were just sleeping in and playing in the garden.

    Other summer projects:
    Build raised flower beds, to replace the ones that are presently rotting
    Think about/do some kind of decking or patio in our backyard
    Spend lots of time at the pool with William

    And I really, really, want to knock a wall down in our bedroom but I don’t think that’s in the budget this year. Darn old houses and their plaster.

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