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I’m sort of late to the game on the Ashley Judd story – being neither a big follower of her in particular or  of celebrity gossip in general.  But I did see her for a bit on one of the morning  shows, and then read this story today (  How cool that she is able to consistently and calmly turn the story away from “are you fat?” “no I’m not” and to a frank  discussion about our obsession with women’s bodies.


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  1. I missed this until your post. It was an interesting article. I agree that it seems like the physical standards seem to only get higher as time goes on. If you look at movies from the 70s the women were very thin but not fit / buff really. Now everybody (even politicians’ wives) has to have toned arms and 6-pack abs.

    I sort of go in circles about the idea that this is all media generated. Certainly the tabloids are guilty of printing close up photos of celebs to show their cellulite or other flaws, but on the other hand, those articles surely sell (and probably mostly to women) or they wouldn’t be printing so many of them. Or why women can’t get good roles in films as they get older – is it because filmmakers aren’t interested, or because those movies don’t make as much as the ones starring a 25 year old. Whose fault is it? I’m not sure there is a simple answer. The media play a role but the public seems very complicit, I guess might be one way to say it.

    • Yes, the public definitely plays a part in this. One reason the media continues to publish such stories is because they do attract attention — they sell magazines and generate buzz and lots of cliques on the internet. One of my own guilty pleasures is the “OMG! What were they thinking?!?” feature on Yahoo!. About once a week they publish photos of celebrities who are wearing something horrific and nitpick the outfit — every time I click through the photos I say, “Wow, I really need to stop doing this. I’m feeding the beast.” But….then, I find myself gawking at their horrific outfits again another time.

  2. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her candor as I’m someone who deals with constant fluid retention/edema issues. I’ll never like being “puffy”, and will always cringe in photos where it’s really apparent, but honestly, if his photo of Judd is judged as someone who looks extremely “puffy”, then that’s almost enough to make me not want to go out of the house on some days.

    On the same topic, I was really, really offended about many of the nasty comments about Jessica Simpson in a photograph looking very, very pregnant. If one looked closely at the photo, she had a lot of pregnancy related fluid retention. Could see it in her hands and her feet. Comments on blogs and websites, though, were just cruel. Yeah. Women get pregnant. And most of us get pregnant all over. We swell up. That’s how it works.

    • I think Jessica Simpson is adorable pregnant. Although she’s not generally respected for her mind, she seems to make very good business decisions around her line of clothing/accessories. Either she has a great sense of style or has surrounded herself with smart designers.
      I didn’t pay much attention to her in years past, but recently have a decent amount of respect (as well as one of her coats:)

      • I’ve always thought that one must be pretty smart to play being stupid so convincingly.

        I thought she looked like pregnant women look. Only thought that went through my mind was hoping that she remains all right as it was clear in that photo that she did have a lot of fluid retention/edema. That happens, too, though. In very normal pregnancies.

  3. By the way, on a somewhat related note, I was kind of weirdly fascinated / horrified by something I heard Samantha Bee report. While in Hollywood she heard this secret for weight loss: Chew Nicorette gum as regular gum.

    I bet it works, too.

    • You know what horrifies me? That for a split second (okay, about 2 minutes) I considered trying this to get rid of the last 15 or so my doc wants me to take off. I’m sure that’s *not* what he had in mind…

      Sick sick sick.

      • Everybody does that. It’s so not horrific to think “I wonder if that would work?” when you hear about some ‘miracle’ diet. Every cabbage soup thing, every infomercial every everything. It’s not horrific…it’s normal. Then you stopped and thought about it and decided against it.

        Quit kicking yourself for every little stray thought.

  4. I don’t have much new to say about this, except “go Ashley!” this reader response is interesting and sad.


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