Tuesday Open Thread

We had quite the chat in yesterday’s open thread! Let’s keep it going!

I’ll throw out a few topics.

Gone Girl: the book vs. the movie.

Homeland: how much did it creep you out that Carrie’s baby looked like an itty bitty Brody replica? And then there was the bathtub scene. DEAR LORD.

My 4-year-old son thought it was funny to poke my “booboos” repeatedly during our shower last night. THOSE AIN’T YOURS ANYMORE, KID.

Pumpkin spice: threat or menace?

Chat away!


Weekend Open Thread

I’m going to a family wedding today, and shizz is getting real, ladies.

I am the eldest grandchild on my father’s side, and one of the oldest on my mom’s side, as well. So I have stark memories of most of my cousin’s births and babyhoods. Now my cousin is getting married! I cradled him when he was a baby. Soon, he will be having babies of his own. The passage of time can feel so bizarre. But here we are! I’m pushing 40 and my cousins are no longer kids.

DS has been asked to be a ring bearer, so that should be interesting (and cute!). My cousin is also bucking tradition by not having a big Catholic Mass in the morning, followed by a party at a huge reception hall in the evening. Frankly, I’m glad! Those all-day affairs are exhausting, and then you have to find a way to kill the time in between. With kids in tow. No, thanks!

Instead, they will have a ceremony at the outdoor venue, immediately followed by cocktails and then dinner and dancing. This is a radical departure and it has caused some harrumphing among some of my more traditional aunties, but I’m applauding the young couple. Plus, my cousin’s soon-to-be wife is of Polish descent (just like my DH) so we’re feeling a bit of a kinship with them. Of course, we made my family go apoplectic when we eloped, so I guess we were the first to step outside the box.

Another twist: we’re experiencing a crazy late summer heat wave. Good times!

What kind of weddings do you enjoy attending? Do you like traditional or untraditional affairs? Big or small? I will say the two most fun weddings I’ve attended did not include kids. And this was after I became a parent. Hee.

What are you up to this weekend? Chat away!


Thursday Open Thread

Do you ever get “hangry?” While DH suffers from this condition far more frequently than I do, I will admit to going without breakfast far too often, and being a starving, snippy mess by the time lunch rolls around.

I know breakfast is important, but I’m just not hungry in the mornings. Then there’s my penchant for going without breakfast AND skimping on lunch when I know I’ll be having a big, yummy dinner. Because I need to save room, y’all!

Sigh. Do you have any bad eating habits? If you have conquered them, any advice for those of us still wrestling with them?

What else is on your mind? Chat away!


Thursday Open Thread

I got a chuckle out of this: State Farm had to drop Rob Schneider from its advertising campaign after social media blew up with people pointing out that he is an outspoken anti-vaccination advocate.

And he’s pretty hardcore, according to the AV Club:

Unfortunately for State Farm—a company that promotes immunization awareness as a means of preventing the spread of viral diseases that it definitely doesn’t want to pay for—Schneider has a long public history of anti-vaccination statements. For instance, the time he protested a California state bill that would have required parents to be informed of the risks before taking a philosophical exemption to vaccinations, with Schneider comparing them to both the Nuremberg Laws and the forced sterilization of the mentally retarded.

Made me giggle when I remembered his old Saturday Night Live character. In my head I hear his voice: Viruses! Makin’ COPIES! The Polio-meister! Measles-o-raaah-mah!

What’s on your mind today? Chat away!



Tuesday Open Thread

Happy Tuesday! I’ve got weddings on the brain. My cousin is getting married in less than two weeks, and just last Sunday he and his fiancee asked my 4-year-old DS if he would be their ring bearer. Very last minute, but I think it’s sweet. Now I am scrambling to get him something dressy yet comfy yet appropriate to wear. Thank Zeus for Amazon Prime and Zappos, is all I’m sayin’.

The wedding is Oct. 4th at 4pm, and both DD and DS have soccer games that morning. Should be a fun and crazy day! Fall is always such a busy time for us, and this season is proving to be no exception.

How is your autumn shaping up? What’s on your mind today? Chat away!