Tuesday Open Thread

How soon is too soon for holiday hoopla?

I’ve been seeing a lot of Christmas-related complaining all over social media this year. “Not already!” “It’s too early for decorations and music!” But this is a trend that doesn’t seem to be reversing.

I have decided that right around mid-November is when I’m OK with seeing decorations at the mall and hearing carols on the radio. But seeing the holiday onslaught of TV commercials and catalogues and newspaper circulars on the day after Halloween was kind of a head-scratcher.

Still, I don’t get as incensed about it as many seem to. I can tune it all out until I’m ready to embrace it. So the temperature in SoCal has finally fallen below 80: Toss me a light sweater and bring on the holidays! ;-)

What say you? When do you start feeling the spirit? When do you start shopping? Decorating? Chime in, and chat away!


Weekend Open Thread

Soccer season ends today! Thank Zeus, because this Team Mom is ready to reclaim her Saturdays.

What are you happy about today? And what’s next for you? We’ve got a 5-day trip during Thanksgiving week, visiting BIL in Raleigh. I have never traveled during Thanksgiving week. Should I be scared? ;-)

Chat away!


Thursday Open Thread

Did you know that the spread of smartphone technology has made us all so distracted as parents, that our kids are breaking more bones because we’re so busy ignoring them?

That’s the totally reasonable conclusion reached by this Yale graduate student’s study.

Palsson found that between 2005 and 2012, during the time the telecom giant expanded its speediest cell phone coverage, injuries to children under 5 increased 10 percent. Injuries to kids 6 to 10 years old—those of an age who, presumably, do not need focused parental supervision—did not increase. Palsson uses this difference to show that distracted parenting is the cause.

Seems totally logical, amirite? And don’t you just admire the New York Times for giving coverage to this groundbreaking study? BLECH.

What’s annoying you today? What’s making you smile? Chat away!


Tuesday Open Thread

DH is out of town on a business trip, and the time change has me feeling down. Each year I have such a hard time dealing with the sun setting so damn early.

And it’s not even cold here! I’m such a wimp.

Cheer me up? And chat away!


Thursday Open Thread

A school bond measure in our local school district needed a supermajority of 55% to pass.

It got 54%. What a f*cking gut punch, amirite?

This would have funded critical repairs and modernization of our high schools, which are literally falling apart. But 46% of voters said, “F*ck those kids.” Or something. Heaven forbid their property taxes rise by $39 per $100,000 of the assessed value of their homes. Asshats.

I got nothing. Do you have any bright spots to share? Jokes? Memes? Cat videos? Throw ‘em at me! And chat away!


Weekend Open Thread

Halloween took a sad turn when DS4 came down with a nasty stomach virus and had to skip the candy grab.

But it also resulted in a moment we will remember for decades to come. Before the puking commenced, DS kept telling us he was too sick to trick or treat, and I guess he felt we weren’t taking him seriously enough.

He disappears upstairs, comes back down holding a phone and telling me, “You have to talk to the girl.” I took the phone, told him to stop playing with it and hung it up. A few seconds later it rings. Caller ID says “Anonymous,” I assume it’s a telemarketer, and ignore it. Then it rings again immediately. I answer, ready to lay the smackdown on the persistent shill.

“Hello, this is Orange 911. We received a call from a 4-year-old in your house who says his stomach hurts and he can’t go trick-or-treating?”

Never have I laughed so hard while simultaneously wanting to crawl under a rock and hide.

The 911 operator was clearly amused, and said she had to call back to make sure everything was OK. She also politely asked me to have a talk with him about the purpose for 911. I had no idea he even knew what 911 was! I asked him where he learned about it and he said, “From the conductor on the train.” Um, we’ve been on a train exactly twice. No idea what he’s talking about, LOL.

So, that’s two major parenting fails in one week, for those of you keeping track at home. ;-) Totes worth it for the laugh I had!

How was your Halloween? What are you up to this weekend? Chat away!