It’s time for the airing of the grievances

It’s Festivus for the rest of us.

I really do love the holidays but I’m the elf who does all of the overtime around this house so I thought I would open up this thread for anyone who has a holiday related or just general vent.  Come on, let it all out.  It will feel good.

Here’s mine.  I really don’t care for the division of labor in my household especially this time of year.

Have at it, friends!


Thank you so much!

I just had a lovely visit and my very first meetup with someone here with our Lonestar Canuck who arrived bearing gifts!  Sammy slept peacefully in his bassinet for her entire visit, Mary Rose was up to no good with Sammy’s swing judging from how quiet she was, and Josh was around.  Our elder cat, Freddy, at least, showed her some love.

Thank you so much for your generosity.  I am so blown away by the outpouring of love for our family.  I love the toybar and Katie’s sleeper and teether for Sammy and the Mothertalkers bag, onesie and shirts for the siblings and me and holy cow, the Wegmans gift cards!  That is going to be a huge help with me not working at the afterschool until the situation there is resolved.  Also, it will give me more opportunities to run into Alec Baldwin when he’s visiting his mom;-)

Lonestar told me all about the coordination this took and I cannot believe it.  You all rock!  It has been so great to have all of you here with your love and support throughout this pregnancy and before.  Sammy is so lucky to have so many sweethearts for online aunties!

Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!


Brown-eyed girl updated

Although I was initially put off by the price, my mom has convinced me that I should order the Bitty Twins from American Girls for my daughter’s big Christmas present.  There were options for hair color, eye color and skin tone, but I could not order a little girl with brown eyes and blonde hair like my daughter.

So I’m considering my options.  I will order one boy twin with blond hair and blue eyes as Mary Rose’s brothers have blond hair and blue eyes.  In fact, the boy twin with the blond hair and blue eyes looks just like her brother Joshua.  But I’m not sure what direction to go in for the girl twin.  I really wanted to order a girl who looked just like her but my options with the Caucasian twins are a little girl with brown hair and brown eyes or a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. My husband thinks that I should just order the brown-eyed girl with the brown hair as Mary Rose’s hair will likely turn brown as she grows older but I really was hoping that I could find a doll that looks just like her at almost two.  I also looked ahead at the bigger American Girl dolls and found that among the “Just Like Me” dolls, there were brown-eyed girls with blonde hair.  However, there weren’t as many options for hair length and texture as there were among the ones with blonde hair and blue eyes.  If I had been a little girl trying to find a doll just like me, I wouldn’t have been able to get it as apparently only red haired American Girl dolls can have hazel eyes.

Last year, I was able to find her a baby doll with brown eyes from the Fisher Price Little Mommy collection.  This year, I noticed that while the individual Fisher Price Little Mommy baby dolls come with various eye colors and skin tones, their twin sets that I have seen in the stores are all blue-eyed Caucasian babies.  So many babies in the baby doll aisle have light skin and blue eyes.  There are a handful of African American babies but there really aren’t too many options out there at least not at big box stores.  It would be really difficult to find a baby with brown skin or various Asian complexions.  In fact, the only ones I’ve seen have been the Circo brand from Target.  Mary Rose has a lovely family of multi-racial mini baby dolls from Target.  Those dolls are only $2.99 apiece, so they have been rewards for being patient on shopping trips over the past year.   But I’m pretty sure that even the Circo twin sets are mainly blue-eyed blondes.

So I’m wondering, Mothertalkers, what dolls have you found for your daughters who are not blue-eyed blondes?  

Well, looks like these are going to be birthday presents now anyway.  Just checked the website and the blonde boy and brown-haired girl are back-ordered until January 8th.  Pisses me off.  That and the 24 scale freaking Gravedigger is unavailable for my boys.  This Christmas is starting to suck toywise even with Zsu-zsu pets are off our radar completely.


Help me plan my honeymoon!

DH and I have decided that we should actually go on our honeymoon sometime before our tenth wedding anniversary in September 2010!

We did not go right after our wedding as I was student teaching at the time of our wedding.  Then we dropped what would have been our honeymoon money on a furnace and other not-very fun repairs on our house at the time. After that the kids came and you can imagine the rest.

Anyway, I’ve been in sort of a winter will never end type of funk lately and thought that planning this escape preferably around this time next year would be a good thing.  DH is on board and excited.

Here’s the deal.  We are both embarrassingly untraveled in a George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life sort of way-or maybe a Sarah Palin sort of way if one is being uncharitable.  She’s actually better traveled than I am. Like way, way better but I digress.  In spite of the craptacular economy, our personal economy is looking up a little as we are one payment away from retiring our credit card debt forever so we want to celebrate-and I don’t want to become my MIL who is 70 and still waiting to go on hers.

Here is what we have decided.  We want to go someplace that is not winter around this time of year in 2010.  Although I have wanted a Caribbean honeymoon for oh almost 10 years, my husband is hesitant to go that area as he feels he cannot do so in a guilt free manner due to the crushing poverty in the region.  He feels if he travels in that region we should go as helpers rather than partiers on a resort away from it all.  So we are looking for suggestions for a relaxing vacation that gets us away from winter, doesn’t exploit people and isn’t ridiculously expensive as we have transitioned to a cash economy.  Suggestions please!


The Beach Bully

Last week we went on our summer vacation.  It was a whirlwind of visiting inlaws, a trip to the beach and a wedding.  A lovely time was had by all of course, except for one small glitch.  My oldest had his first experience with a bully.

The encounter went something like this.  Joey, age 4, and his two year old brother Josh were playing in some small pools in the sand.  These were the hot spots for the two to six year old crowd as the waves were pretty high and it was a little windy.  DH and I were taking turns watching the boys and going into the ocean or “the big water” as my two-year old was calling it.

While I was in the big water and DH was watching the kids, an approximately five year old girl started singling out Joey.  According to my husband she started into him by saying “Someone here is a nerd” and started describing Joey.  Two other boys in the pool started chiming in with her until their embarassed mother shooed them into another pool.  To my husband’s amazement the beach bully did not stop.  Even though he was standing right there, she kept up with it this time lumping my husband’s description into Joey’s.  Apparently, along with whatever else she was sayin about him my son was then “hairy and wearing glasses.”

The funny thing about this is that my son is a little too innocent to  understand that she was being mean.  At one point she may have said something about poop so of course he just started repeating poop because it’s a very funny word when you are a four year-old boy.  After she left, my husband decided to make this into a teachable moment about how the little girl was a mean person and how we should never say mean things about others.  One thing he mentioned to me was that she had a large birthmark.  Maybe she heard a lot of the stuff that she was saying directed at her at one point.

I was upset with my husband for not putting an end to it while she was doing it.  He was enjoying watching the other mother present squirm.  If I had been the parent in charge at the time, I probably would have put an end to it somehow.  But then again, what does a parent say in this situation without running the risk of a huge confrontation with the girl’s parent(s)?  I’d like to think that I would have the presence of mind to start on her “Someone here is” and then talk about how she was saying mean things and how people who say mean things don’t make friends-except may be she was with the other boys.

What would you do in this situation?