MT Holiday Card Exchange

This year will be the fourth! (I think) year for the MT card exchange. Mom of Twins and I have taken turns organizing it, and I’m up again this year. It’s a lot of fun to see everyone’s cards, whether they’re holiday stationery or photo cards with pictures of family, pets, vacations, etc. We are all an intelligent, interesting, good-looking bunch (Lake Wobegon is nothing compared to us.)

If you haven’t done it before, it works like this:

1. Email me your address here. Include your MT name. I’ll compile all the names and make and send out a master list. Last year, a couple people sent cards via email, so I’ll also include email addresses in the master list.

2. If you have moved—and, I’m looking at you Baker Baker, Suzanne 77, and Cynmill! (I know there are others; I just can’t remember off the top of my head!)—send me an address update.

3. If you have participated before, you are still on the list. You will remain on the list unless you ask me to take you off it.

4. Of course, MTers in South America, Australia, and Europe can participate.

5. The main thing is that you DO NOT have to send cards to everyone on the list! This is supposed to be fun and stress-free. If you just have a couple extra cards once you’re done with everybody you need to send cards to, that’s fine. If you have decided to go card crazy and send a card to everyone you’ve ever met in real life or virtually, that’s fine, too! (At MT, we’re all about choices.)

6. I’ll take addresses until Dec. 7 and then send out the master list that weekend. I’ll also post this info on the MT Facebook page if people prefer to message me that way.