Tuesday Open Thread

I’m angry, ladies. The Supreme Court has really fucking done it this time.

What next? I keep seeing memes and petitions on facebook that talk about fighting back. But in my head I guess I’m feeling like once the Supreme Court rules on it, there’s no going back.

Is there? Can we do anything to fix this ridiculous mess?

I’ve never stepped foot in a Hobby Lobby even though we have one near my house, because I knew about the pending case. But between that and Target being asshats about Open Carry (and kicking protesting moms with petitions off the premises at a San Antonio store) I’M RUNNING OUT OF PLACES TO SHOP. Get it together, America!

GAH. Feel free to vent along with me, or talk about whatever’s on your mind today!


Thursday Open Thread

We’re back from North Carolina! It was such a great trip. The highlights: staying at BIL’s rad house, going to see Katy Perry live (DD’s first concert!) and meeting NC Mom for brunch. Total blast, from beginning to end.

Today we asked DD what her very favorite thing to do is. She gave it some thought and said: “Go on vacation.” As we were kids who didn’t get to go very many places, DH and I are so happy to be raising little travelers. While we had flown cross country before, this was their first nonstop flight and they did just great. While I will always miss the baby stage, I will say that this is kind of a golden time for our family. I am loving having a 4-year-old and a 9-year-old.

What are you thankful for on this Thursday? What else is on your mind? Chat away!


Thursday Open Thread

We’re leaving on a jet plane to North Carolina today! Visiting BIL and SIL. And with some luck, I will meet up with our NC Mom. Yay!

As an aside… if you were a grown ass 38-year-old woman, what would you wear to a Katy Perry concert? The goal is to look nice and appropriate, not boring, and NOT like a Real Housewife of _Insert City Here_.

What’s on your mind today? Chat away!


Thursday Open Thread

Today is DD’s last day of school. Third grade came and went, just like that. Sigh.

Do you have any big summer plans? We will be traveling to Raleigh next weekend; entertaining relatives who will visit from Connecticut in July; and hope to spend a weekend in Santa Cruz to close out the summer. Otherwise, lots of day camps for my endlessly energetic DD.

I also hope to read many books. I just finished The Fault In Our Stars and thought it was delightful and heartbreaking, all at once. Truly a book that will stay with me. Have you read the book/seen the movie? Do you want to? This young cancer survivor says it hits much too close to home.

What’s on your mind today? Chat away!


Weekend Open Thread

Let’s talk movies.

The other day DD complained to me that the powers-that-be at our gym’s Kids Club will no longer show Frozen, because it’s rated PG.

I pretty much scoffed and said, that’s ridiculous! There’s no way that movie is rated PG!

I was wrong.

Turns out that nowadays, the majority of kids’ movies are getting slapped with a PG rating. Frozen’s offense? “Mild action and rude humor.” Huh?

Tangled got a PG for a brief moment of stabbing violence that was just fine for “all audiences” in Beauty In the Beast.  The Muppets got a PG rating for uh… making parents cry in front of their children as mom and/or dad realized they never got to say goodbye to Jim Henson?  Aww, crap… I’m welling up again. Anyway, Free Birds got a PG just a month ago despite having no sexual content, no profanity, and a token amount of violence. This isn’t about out-and-out action pictures like Kung Fu Panda 2 or Puss In Boots earning PG-ratings for brutal action and some genuinely adult story elements. This is about Universal’s The Lorax getting a PG for “brief mild language” and Despicable Me 2 getting a PG for scenes of the Minions smacking each other around.

Meanwhile, PG-13 movies have insane amounts of gory violence, but say the F word once or show a boob and BOOM – Rated R.

Which is all to say, our movie rating system is f*cked up, yo.

If I find a movie questionable, I tend to check Common Sense Media or ask other parents. In the case of the Harry Potter movies and even The Wizard of Oz, I made sure DD read the books before watching the movies (I read with her) so that she would know what to expect on screen.

Do you remember watching inappropriate movies when you were younger?

Two come to mind for me: Purple Rain at age 9 (my aunt Gloria/big sister I never had took me. BAD INFLUENCE!), and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (also age 9). That movie was crazy violent, and RATED PG. Dear lord.

How do you determine which movies are appropriate for your kids to watch? What else is on your mind? Chat away!


Thursday Open Thread

When is the last time you felt guilt?

For me it was yesterday. I finally sat down to hash out my daughter’s summer day camp schedule, and felt terrible for putting it off for so long. Once I had successfully signed her up for Girl Scout camp, figure skating camp, a nature camp and a musical theater workshop, I felt relieved and . . . guilty.

Guilty because when I was a kid, there was no money for day camps. Guilty because my kids have so much, when so many others have so little. Guilty because day camps are such a luxury.

Then I read this story. Click on it and prepare to be amazed. Yes, it’s a day spa for infants. They can go float in water and get massages. Did I mention the warmed towels?

Sure, if you’ve got the cash and time to burn you might well take your kid to the Floating Baby spa. After all, even if the claims about benefits sound dubious you worry that some other yuppie family is secretly getting an edge. But if your $65 a week were instead in the hands of one of the nearly one in five American children who live in food insecure households, it would do a lot more good.

Day camps are indeed a luxury, but my curious and energetic daughter will be getting exercise, learning about science and animals and nature, and working on public speaking and performance skills. An infant spa? Just leaves me baffled.

What do you think? Are infant spas insane or inspired? Where do you draw the line when it comes to luxuries? How often do you wrestle with guilt? What makes you feel guilty?

What else is on your mind? Chat away!