Thursday Open Thread

I got a chuckle out of this: State Farm had to drop Rob Schneider from its advertising campaign after social media blew up with people pointing out that he is an outspoken anti-vaccination advocate.

And he’s pretty hardcore, according to the AV Club:

Unfortunately for State Farm—a company that promotes immunization awareness as a means of preventing the spread of viral diseases that it definitely doesn’t want to pay for—Schneider has a long public history of anti-vaccination statements. For instance, the time he protested a California state bill that would have required parents to be informed of the risks before taking a philosophical exemption to vaccinations, with Schneider comparing them to both the Nuremberg Laws and the forced sterilization of the mentally retarded.

Made me giggle when I remembered his old Saturday Night Live character. In my head I hear his voice: Viruses! Makin’ COPIES! The Polio-meister! Measles-o-raaah-mah!

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Tuesday Open Thread

Happy Tuesday! I’ve got weddings on the brain. My cousin is getting married in less than two weeks, and just last Sunday he and his fiancee asked my 4-year-old DS if he would be their ring bearer. Very last minute, but I think it’s sweet. Now I am scrambling to get him something dressy yet comfy yet appropriate to wear. Thank Zeus for Amazon Prime and Zappos, is all I’m sayin’.

The wedding is Oct. 4th at 4pm, and both DD and DS have soccer games that morning. Should be a fun and crazy day! Fall is always such a busy time for us, and this season is proving to be no exception.

How is your autumn shaping up? What’s on your mind today? Chat away!



Weekend Open Thread

So I hate to be a downer, but I can’t stop reading about the abuse allegations against NFL star Adrian Peterson.

Everything about it appalls me. His son is four years old. FOUR. The same age as my son. And I can’t begin to imagine what my son could possibly do that would merit being hit multiple times with a switch. I look at my son’s face and the very thought of leaving welts on his body makes my stomach hurt. Yet Adrian Peterson thinks he did nothing wrong. Just some good old-fashioned discipline. And the sickest thing is that way too many people agree with him, if you go by the comments I’ve been reading on teh Interwebs.

But I agree with this Minnesota Vikings blogger: Peterson needs to be released. Yesterday.

Many times, in situations like this, there’s a healthy ‘he said/she said’ element to what happened. There are two wildly differing versions to the story, and the truth, the ever elusive truth, usually lies somewhere in the middle.

That doesn’t seem to be the case here. There are pictures. Pictures of a four year old that wasn’t disciplined, but was beaten. Beaten by a man that trains to withstand beatings, ironically enough, of 300 pound men moving at car crash speed into him. The father,Adrian Peterson, running back for the Minnesota Vikings, admits to it. He admits to ‘whooping’ his son. My father ‘whooped’ me when I was kid.

What Adrian Peterson did to his son isn’t a ‘whooping’, it’s child abuse.

Damn straight.

What are you up to this weekend? I will be watching my 4-year-old son play in his very first soccer game. And I will give him extra hugs and kisses, win or lose, because that’s what every 4-year-old child deserves.

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Thursday Open Thread

My 4-year-old son will play in his very first soccer game this Saturday! I was so stoked with visions of him darting across the field in a bright, tiny jersey.

Then I got a look at his team uniform:


Wow. Way to harsh my mellow. Desert camo?! Who the f*ck had the brilliant idea to put itty bitty 4-year-olds in desert camo? Not only is it aesthetically hideous, it’s just NO.

Sigh. Because I was stumped, I asked for team name suggestions on facebook, which kicked off a lively (and funny) conversation. My BIL, in particular, came up with name suggestions that made me chortle:

-Military Surplus
-Industrial Complexities
-Shock and Awesome
-Camel Spiders
-Improvised Scoring Devices

In the end, our very own Rachel suggested the Scorpions, which DS liked. When it came time for the team to vote on a name, he said Scorpions, and all the boys loved it. So Scorpions it is. Quite a difference from DD’s first soccer team: they wore bubble gum pink and were called the Pink Ponies.

Ah, parenthood. You so crazy!

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Tuesday Open Thread

It’s Picture Day around these parts. I will be up early to curl DD9′s hair and make sure she is sufficiently primped. How much longer do you think she will want me doing her hair and helping her pick out what to wear? In any case, I’m enjoying it while I can. :-)

And for the record, I find the optional “retouching” service offensive. Removing blemishes will set you back $6, while $12 will whiten teeth, even skin tone and remove scars and blemishes. WTF? It’s a school photo, not an Instagram. Hmph.

What, if anything, do you do to prepare for Picture Day? What else is on your mind today? Chat away!