Weekend Open Thread

Guess what DD got in the mail? An invitation to sign up for a cotillion!

For those who don’t know, cotillion consists of teaching young boys and girls table manners, social graces, and even dancing. I didn’t even know this was still a thing until last winter, when some friends of ours signed their son up. I had only ever read about such a phenomenon in books, and figured it was a long gone tradition.

To say I didn’t grow up in an atmosphere where cotillion was common would be an understatement. Did any of you do cotillion? Did your kids? Does this sound fun to you or hopelessly old-fashioned and elitist? I actually think DD would love it because she is into stuff like that. And having table manners and social graces reinforced by an outside source isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

What do you think? WWMTD? What’s on your mind this weekend? Chat away!


Weekend Open Thread

I’m in decluttering mode, y’all!

Even though I am only very vaguely Catholic, I am observing Lent by giving up clutter. I came across this challenge, called 40 Bags in 40 Days, and decided to jump in. The gist is, every day of Lent, toss or donate 1 bag of crap. The goal is to decrapify your life, one area at a time.

I thought it sounded simple but damn. It took me two days just to clear the cluttered area next to my nightstand. An entire evening to sort through and dump old art supplies and drawings. And I am dreading my closet like you wouldn’t believe. But it’s gotta be done. The thing is, my house appears pretty tidy on the surface, but our drawers and closets and ottomans and storage benches are stuffed with crap. The biggest obstacle will be my kids’ toys and books, I think.

Some days are more productive than others, but that’s life. I figure at the end of 40 days, I will have less crap in my life. And that can only be a good thing. Wish me luck!

What are you up to this weekend? Chat away!


Thursday Open Thread

So what’s the batshit craziest thing you’ve read lately? Something so whacked out that it crosses over into weirdly funny?

I humbly present this piece of work. It’s from a blog called A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman. And it’s a long, rambling diatribe about how the Disney movie Frozen is one long, elaborate plot to advance the homosexual agenda.

Among the evidence: Elsa is a “queen,”  so that = GAY AGENDA.

I shit you not.

Have you seen the video with four-year-old twins singing “Let It Go”- near perfect? With the help of media outlets, such as The Huffington Post (not clueless) and KSL.com (hopefully clueless), mainstream media is helping to advocate Frozen’s message by jumping on the popularity bandwagon. While most watching this video, likely found it adorable, I shed tears.

Watching adorable kids sing “Let It Go” makes her CRY, y’all. From sadness.

I warn you, it’s long and all over the place. But most of the comments are of the “WTF is wrong with you?” variety. And she posted an update to all the reaction, in which she reveals that one of her daughters is a lesbian.

You can’t make people like this lady up, can you?


How are you today? Talk away!


Weekend Open Thread

DH and I are off to Solvang where we will meet Elisa and Markos for a kid-free weekend!


Elisa and the husbands will complete a century bike ride today. I will sleep in and greet them at the finish line bearing Danish waffles. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make!  :lol:

The four of us haven’t spent time without the kids since . . . well, since before the kids were born! Holy crap.

Solvang has many wineries and so does nearby Los Olivos. YUM and YAY!

Can you tell I’ve been looking forward to this?

What are you up to this weekend? Chat away!


Thursday Open Thread

Today’s topic: Love You Forever, the children’s book that is either beloved or reviled, depending on your POV. How do you feel about it?

I’m one who loves it. I remember picking it up for the first time in 2008, well after I was a mom, but before I had a son. I had heard people mocking it and picked it up out of curiosity while browsing at a bookstore. Aaaand I was crying like a fool by the end of it. To me, it captured the feeling of a mother’s never ending love.

Yesterday I stumbled across this article, which explains the origins of the story and the author’s inspiration: the loss of his two stillborn babies.

As the author himself explains:

Love You Forever started as a song.

“I’ll love you forever,

I’ll like you for always,
as long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.”

I made that up after my wife and I had two babies born dead. The song was my song to my dead babies. For a long time I had it in my head and I couldn’t even sing it because every time I tried to sing it I cried. It was very strange having a song in my head that I couldn’t sing.

For a long time it was just a song but one day, while telling stories at a big theatre at the University of Guelph, it occurred to me that I might be able to make a story around the song.

Out popped Love You Forever, pretty much the way it is in the book.

I’m going to have an even harder time getting through that book without crying. I’m SUCH a sap. :-|

Which books, songs, movies, etc., bring on the waterworks for you?

What else is on your mind today? Chat away!


Weekend Open Thread

Have you heard about the Linked In/Millennials kerfuffle?

So this 26-year-old woman tries to connect on Linked In with a woman who maintains a jobs board in the Cleveland area. Here is the response she receives:

“Apparently you have heard that I produce a Job Bank, and decided it would be stunningly helpful for your career prospects if I shared my 960+ LinkedIn connections with you—a total stranger who has nothing to offer me,” Blazek wrote to John Carroll University graduate Diana Mekota. “Your invite to connect is inappropriate, beneficial only to you, and tacky.

“Love the sense of entitlement in your generation. And therefore I enjoy denying your invite. … You’re welcome for your humility lesson for the year. Don’t ever reach out to senior practitioners again and assume their carefully curated list of connections is available to you, just because you want to build your network.”

The last line? “Don’t ever write me again.”

What the what?! And two other people have come forward with very similar emails from this woman, so you can’t even chalk it up to a bad day. This is her M.O.

I think back to how I got my reporting job at the Sacramento Bee: a cold email to the executive editor. He was one of very few Latinos to reach such a position at a major daily newspaper, with decades of experience under his belt. I imagine he had dozens of journalists beating down his door, looking for a job.

He wrote me back. He gave me a chance.

I can’t imagine treating someone the way this “Jobs Bank mother” treated this job seeker. And all over a request to connect on Linked In?! Jeez, way to take yourself WAY too seriously.

Have you ever encountered people like this woman? On the flip side, who were the people who helped you up the ladder?

What else is on your mind this weekend? Chat away!