Hump Day Open Thread

What’s up?

Teen pregnancy rates are highest in New Mexico and lowest in New Hampshire, according to a study reported in LiveScience.

In case you missed it, online news threads have been abuzz with the announcement that Yahoo would no longer allow its employees to telecommute. What’s especially disappointing is that the CEO, Marissa Mayer, is a new mom with a built-in nursery at work. With friends like these…If you are interested, here’s the MomsRising statement on it.

Finally, I am headed to New York this Friday for a food event MomsRising is hosting. The event, which is free and includes a documentary and lunch, is open to the public. I will be meeting our Sue in Queens. Can’t wait!

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?


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  1. Today is my day to have a comment eaten by WP…..

    I’m excited to meet Elisa on Saturday, and to hear some great food-related speakers!

    In other news, I am loving being the parent of a teen. Algebra-related temper tantrums aside, I love that our dinner table conversation starts with “So we had some people come in today to talk about the DREAM act”

  2. It is very cool that you can talk to them about adult issues now, I agree Sue!

    We are having sudden drama over sports. My son’s team that he has been with for 2.5 years is suddenly (literally from Sunday night until today) breaking up, with several kids leaving for various reasons – mainly because they just want to do other things. I totally support kids doing what they want to do, and honestly it was becoming a problem that some kids were there who didn’t want to be any more, but I kind of wish they had realized this a month ago, when the families all agreed to a spring schedule. Now we suddenly don’t have enough players for events we have already signed up for. It isn’t all that easy to just find replacements out there locally, particularly kids who can play those specific positions. My kid just wants to keep playing and who knows what is going to happen at this point. Meanwhile you of course can’t do all this simply, there just has to be parental drama, right? So now the emails are flying. It’s always something! Oh well… at least the younger one is still enjoying karate. Things that are through a pre-existing organization probably tend to have a lot less drama than organic parental-driven groups.

    On a totally unrelated note, I was reflecting on the Harlem Shake thing because a friend of mine posted a video of her family doing it, and more largely the change since we were little in the generation and consumption of entertainment. I was talking to my 3rd grader about this on the way to school. It is so different in terms of the ownership and domination of just a few outlets in the entertainment industry, whether books, periodicals, music, movies, TV or whatever. Now we still have those things but there is so much more stuff that people out there are themselves generating, from YouTube videos to blogs to self published e-books and self-mixed or self-uploaded / published songs and all the rest of it, and you can choose to contribute to it as well as to consume such a much wider variety of material. It seems like there was a really big pool of pent up creativity out there. The world missed a lot by not having that technology available. Obviously it is still a high dreck to gems ratio, but before we would never have had the opportunity to see so much of the good stuff either, unless somebody managed to get it through the very narrow channels that existed back then. Now I guess it’s sort of the reverse problem, breaking through the wall of noise to get noticed. There’s so much more opportunity to identify and reach a niche audience now though. We talked about this a little bit earlier in talking about the music business and using Kickstarter for smaller bands to put out their stuff. Anyway … yay technology for fostering creativity.

      • I saw something about that yesterday. Crazy! I don’t understand how they can stop you from telling your friends that someone raped you, even if you don’t have a proven case in court.

        Did you hear what happened about the legal case, whether he has been tried or not, or if not why not? I didn’t understand why the Honor Court was getting involved in that part. I know when I was there, there was a student who was tried for a rape – and small town story – his sister lived in the dorm room next to mine, and my BFF’s father (who was a prof on campus) was on the jury. So I know that normally at that time these things were going through the legal system, not the Honor Court, which was for things like cheating on tests and such.

        • Apparently she didn’t go to the police – pretty understandable, since it sounds like date rape. So his case was heard in Honor Court, and he won, perhaps in part because they played “try the victim” and brought up past mental health issues. Interestingly, he was kicked out of the university for awhile, but is now back. I’m assuming he brought the complaint to the HC? Obviously the role of HC needs to be seriously rethought,

          • Seems like they need to really make a distinction in HC about what types of things they will look at. Actual crimes seem like they are not appropriately the purview of the HC.

        • sigh.. I wanted to when we went to NYC a few y ears ago but we were already meeting another online friend and Kelly kind of had a little freakout about spending our whole vacation running around meeting people I only knew on the internet…


          • Oh, so your spouse has that freak-out too? Snort. A always gets uptight about that when we’re going to the US. Then we meet people and he always, without fail says at the end of the meeting “What a great bunch of people! So nice! So cool!” So I try and keep it strategic!

  3. sigh…Had a knock down battle with RJ this morning, including six screams of “I hate you!!!”. Why? I dared to cut his fingernails. He hates how they feel when they’re cut. But they grow really fast, and he ends up scratching people while playing (not to mention the bacteria yuck factor). So they WILL be cut.

    Why do we have to battle over such ridiculous stuff????? Can I just have some normalcy occasionally? Or is normal nonexistent?

    • Oh, this is normal in our house. So either we’re both wack-tastic or it’s normal. Also, finger/toe nail cutting is a frickin’ chore for the girls, too.

    • I used to HATE getting my fingernails clipped. I don’t have any real sensory sensitivies but I do remember the feeling that my mom cut them too short. Is there any way to cut them a bit longer? That might help settle him. Sorry about the battles :(

      • I could…but then I’d have to battle him more often. The child’s nails grow faster than anyone’s that I’ve ever seen. I’ve been called him Harry Potter because it doesn’t matter how often you clip them…they always need clipping!!! But I will be mindful of it.

    • Oh dear lord, the nails. That was a battlefield DS10 was willing to die on. We started letting him trim his own fingernails when he was maybe 3 – it combined his love of small motor activities, sharp objects, and self determination, which was just enough to get us over the hump and initiate the activity. He does a decent job on his fingernails these days, though he keeps them too long. We still have to do his toes, though. We call him Deinonychus.

      It just occurred to me that the two hygiene issues he fought tooth and nail were . . . Teeth and nails.

    • File them? Would he consent to having them filed rather than cut? Then there’s no risk of accidentally cutting him (done that!) or getting them too short because he could stop it when it hits a manageable length. And, he could be responsible for it.

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