Thursday Open Thread

It’s Thursday, y’all!

Yesterday a few of you were sharing the songs that calmed your babies, and even put them to sleep. Were there any songs that were guaranteed to wake them up? I came across this video on facebook. SO STINKING CUTE! Of course Gawker commenters found reason to criticize their parenting (“Why isn’t the older sister in a car seat? Why would they pierce that baby’s ears?” Gawd, people suck).

I enjoyed the video nonetheless. Totes made me smile.

Are there any songs guaranteed to get your kids moving and grooving? DD’s current favorite is a little punk ditty called “This is L.A.” by The Briggs. They play it whenever the L.A. Galaxy score a goal, and she and DH attended a bunch of games last season. She knows all the words and likes to belt it in the car  😆

DS is currently enamored with “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC, and “Time to Say Goodbye” by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. Little dude has eclectic taste.

What’s on your mind today? Chat away!


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  1. That video cracked all of us up at my house! But, yeah, the first comment on the poster’s fb feed was, “cute video, but babies should be rear facing until at least age 2.”

    • You know what pisses me off? That car seats are so darn complicated with all these stupid rules and regulations that it literally has to be your hobby to be able to use them correctly. Lucky for me, my sil is a car seat freak, so she tells me what to do and when to move up/change strap position ect. But I couldn’t figure out all this crap on my own and I’m assuming most people are like me. Why can’t they be universal and easy to use?

      • I turned mine around at nine months to stop the screaming. I just do not care about the letter of the law. I have rational thinking on my side. A mother that can concentrate on the road is far safer than any car seat position.

      • Me, too, with Lucy! Phew! She got carsick frequently and turning her around helped. It didn’t eliminate it, but it cut down our barfing episodes. Plus, being back there by herself was much less isolating when she could see us and where we were going. Thankfully, Clara doesn’t seem to be prone to carsickness. Her being rear-facing is sort of okay, because it means that the two of them can interact more easily.

  2. Musicteacher and her DH are on my mind this morning. I hope the surgery is going well! I’m sure he could not be in better hands.

    I don’t remember any songs waking my kids up like the girl in the video. At that age I think DS1’s favorite song was Baby Beluga by Raffi. A little later they both liked the Ramones and Green Day a lot.

    • Do your DH’s know about Musicteacher’s DH? I realized this morning that I think of them daily, but haven’t really told my DH. The idea of “online friends” is still sort of abstract to him, so I don’t talk about you guys all that much……but then today I told him about A’s surgery. It has been on my mind so much, it seemed odd not to tell my DH.

      • Yes I tell my dh about you guys and what’s going happening with A really hit home for him, since they’re roughly the same age. But my dh has also met mrs pastor and PD, and as our tech guy he’s interacted online with a few of us, so I suppose you seem like real people to him.

        • “seem like” LOL

          My DH has met a few, including the charming Suzanne and her hubby, and he knows I’ve met a few others. The more I talk about it, the more he understands that it IS real…’s just not something he participates in.

          He was very affected by A’s story this morning, which makes me feel like I should have told him earlier.

      • I’ve talked about it a little. The funny thing is that my DH has known Elisa’s DH since college, and so we’ve all known each other for a long time IRL. So you’d think that MT would be a valid source of friendships in his mind, but I think he’d rather I spend the emotional energy on meeting/developing friendships in person. So I don’t share too much about what is up with all of you with him. I have mentioned MusicTeacher & her DH to him several times, though, and especially when the holiday cards came in made a point of showing him who everyone was. Recently I was saying something about an MTer and kind of noticed his eyes glaze over, so I added something about how it’s very cool to keep in touch with people over these last 7 or 8 years. That seemed to kind of connect with him a bit.

          • My DH can’t keep anyone straight, but he at least listens politely when I share highlights here and there. Sometimes I read him a particularly witty exchange of banter and he appreciates that. Mostly, he just says he’s so glad that I have this supportive community and was surprised and appreciative of your generosity when DD2 was born. He has hung out with liturgygeek and her DH and kiddo and he is happy for me when I get to have other meetups now and then. I have much higher social and communication needs than he does, so me supplementing our couple socializing time with y’all is perfect for him!

      • Yes, I have told him about it, although I think it is a little abstract to him. But he tells me about people at work who are abstract to me so I don’t think it’s too different.

      • I told DH, and it hit him as well. DH has met a number of MTs through the years (Aussiegeek, of course, but also Hillary, Katie, Elisa and mpg). I think he still finds it a little bit weird that the computer has yielded such a diverse set of friends and relationships, but he’s such an extrovert that he’s willing to just go with it. What really blew his mind, though, was everybody’s loving generosity in sending the birth presents when Lily was born.

        • Yes, the amazingly generous gifts I got when both my girls were born just blew dh away. And my parents still cannot get over it!

          I told you guys my dh calls me baker baker sometimes, right? Lol.

          • My mom still doesn’t get it. She’s like, “but do you KNOW these people?” Um, yes, I KNOW them. Just not necessarily what they all look like or what their voices sound like.

      • Yes, he does. He will be happy to hear any updates later today.
        He’s out of town, but returns tonight, so I’ll catch him up later.
        You raise an interesting question, Sue, about spouses and SOs.
        I’ve shared a number of life’s ups and downs from MTers with dh. He belly laughs over various FB interactions (smart + funny =MTers) and “awwws” with me over babies and children in their finest moments. I have shared with him any meet ups and the occasional phone call. I can’t even tell you how very touched he was by everyone’s generous donations to our daughter’s camp.

      • Oh, good heavens, no. I have sort of occasionally mentioned my “cyber friends” to my DH, but he does not use any social media whatsoever so he just doesn’t understand. The computer is for work and sports reports, so he looks sort of shyly puzzled if I talk about you guys–like he doesn’t want to judge me, but he isn’t sure about these strangers I spend time with.

        • DH used to be like that, but then he found a site for personal investors, and now he has his own set of friends that live in his iPad. So he gets it better.

            • For my DH it’s MacRumors and JK/ Wrangler (the Jeep, not the jeans). He gets it. Then again, my first group of cyber friends were harder for him to take. The internet was new and he wasn’t sure about these “X-Philes” I was going to visit in California. He was pretty certain it was either a guise for me to leave him or a cover for someone trying to sell me into white slavery.

      • I tell DH about A regularly, but mostly because we met up with MusicTeacher, her mom and kids last year. He also knows I have met with others and tried hard (but failed) to meet with MKatherine on the same trip we met MusicTeacher. I guess I should also tell DH a bit more perhaps, but because he is not part of this it always seems a bit vague to him. I do sometimes mention topics that have come up, but rarely specific people.

    • I’m hanging on to my sanity by a thread this morning. Ds’s bus was 40 minutes late. We wait at the bus stop in the car since its so cold and on a busy road (dd1 is known to run into the street). The other 2 kids at the bus stop wait in the car with us. 5 kids crammed in my car. 40 min of non stop screaming from the baby (who would not be soothed by music or singing) and intermittent whining from dd1. I wanted to just get out!!! But I couldn’t leave them all in a running car. My nerves are shot.

      We are going to try a bigger seat for the baby. The one dd is in, forward facing, goes down to 5lbs rear facing. I have a second seat for the big kids in the smaller car so we’d lose that option. But I have to do something. Just praying she will like this arrangement better than the infant carrier. I just can’t take it!

      Oh and Sheri, she did like “Baby” yesterday when we were at home, but music in the car is a lost cause on her.

      • Oh, man, too bad it’s frowned upon to knock back a beer at 10 am. 40 minutes late? That is crazy.

        I was just talking to my SIL about the car seats the other day. My nephew is almost too big for his infant seat, but it’s so much more convenient to take them in and out of the car in one when it’s winter. Moving them into a convertible seat is an option, but then you have to have them in coats or bunting so when you get out of the car they don’t freeze. But then the news is the car seats aren’t as safe if the kid is in a coat because the straps aren’t as snug. You can’t win!

        • All carseats are safe when used properly – they all meet the same stringent standard. The testing differences among them are very nearly negligible, and greatly outweighed by considerations that affect their real life use, and how well they fit in the car you actually own, or how easily and securely you get them buckled in.

          You know what does affect safety? A driver on her last nerve because the infant won’t stop screaming. If you find a seat that she doesn’t scream in, I would assume she is safer.

          • We’re built to respond to our babies’ cries. Hearing other babies cry never causes me the same frazzled nerves as hearing my own used to. It may be annoying (although other babies crying never annoys me anymore — I don’t have to do anything about it!), but it doesn’t just grate on you like your own kid crying. I suppose that’s just the way nature intended it so we try to fix whatever problem the kid has rather than let them languish on their own in a field!

      • Switching out of the baby bucket helped Clara be a lot calmer in the car. It’s better padded and more roomy. It also helped a lot that Lucy could interact with her more, as the rear facing convertable sits up a bit more. I am crossing my fingers and toes that a change in seats may help your DD2.

        Sorry that the Biebs didn’t work miracles in the car.

  3. Joining in on the warm thoughts for MT and family. Hoping today is the beginning of a strong recovery!!

    Also marveling at the intense EMOTIONS of the young teen!! Tuesday night was a cursing/yelling/door slamming/near tears event over algebra homework. At the end of the day I said to him “Algebra is about a LOT of small pieces, all of which you know how to do. Just chip away at one small step at a time.” and I got a shrug and “whatever”. Last night, he said (out of the blue) “You were right Mom…’s just something I have to be patient with”

    But before you whip out your “awww, how cute”……before bed last night we had another (somewhat less intense) “I can’t do this, stupid teacher, I’m going to just tell her I can’t do it” blow up.

    I told DH that if I hadn’t lived through hyper-emotional teen years once already, I’d be very worried about my DS/.

    • I SWEAR that I went through this five years earlier than you did b/c liza was such a nightmare as a kid… she is so calm and even these days even WITH the hormonal surges it’s amazing… she doesn’t fly off the handle, she doesn’t freak out about homework, she just kind of hums along.. but b/c of the battle scars from those hoirrible years even when she does fly off the handle it never seems that bad LOL

      • I’ll let you know! 😉

        ok, seriously? She is still a very emotionally intense person, but by 9th or 10th grade she stopped letting her emotions get in her way. I told her “you’re just throwing road blocks in front of yourself” and eventually she learned how to manage things.

    • My son had a similar emotional meltdown-freakout this morning over making his bed. I was like, the fact you are acting like this is the end of the world only tells me I need to have you make your bed *more often*. He hates having a lawyer for a mom.

  4. Thinking of music teacher and her DH. Anyone know how long this might take?

    We made it through the first half so the swim meet. We get to go back for finals tonight, which is a pleasant surprise. Dd had thought about going back to school, but I vetoed that. So she’s napping now. I guess that locks me out of running for mother of the year.

      • When my mother had her surgery for breast cancer, they told me some timeline (like 3 hours or something) so somehow I expected that at that time, like by 3:00 or whatever it was, I would be hearing something, but it was at least another hour. I wish they had let me know that the amount of time doesn’t necessarily mean you will know something when the time is up. Of course I was sitting there thinking that the fact that they were later than they told me meant something had gone wrong, but it hadn’t.

  5. Sheri, you inspired me and the duct guys are here right now working. Just as well since they found some deterioration in the heating unit and are fixing that as well. Hopefully things will be at least a little less dusty from here on out.

    • Ha! That reminds me that I still haven’t shop vacuumed out the furnace room after they left a dirty mess in there last week. I hope you are happy with it!

      • Our furnace is on the roof so hopefully I won’t have to clean up there :)

        Supposedly they leave it cleaner than when they got here, which would be good. I did see them vacuuming out the laundry room which is awesome, they are doing the dryer vent as well.

  6. Holding Musicteacher, Alex and her family close in my thoughts; I went to bed just before he was to into surgery and I’m looking forward to hearing that update that he’s in post-op before the sun starts rising here in Melbs.

  7. On a lighter note, last night I made lennie’s cookie recipe and have been quite happy for the past 14 hours or so. Lennie, if you’re out there, thanks again.

    And my fever-ridden-since-Monday-afternoon kid is finally back to a normal temp so he is going to school tomorrow. Plzthx.

    • I missed the recipe and would love to see it, if it isn’t too much trouble.
      Glad to hear your little guy is on the mend and ready to return to school. yay!

      • Here’s what I found:

        Lennie’s Cookie Recipe
        Makes 18 LARGE cookies

        1 c. unsalted butter, melted
        1 c. firmly packed brown sugar
        1 c. white sugar
        1 T. vanilla
        2 eggs, plus 1 egg yolk
        3 c. all-purpose flour
        1 t. baking soda
        1 t. salt
        3 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips
        Spray two cookie sheets with no-stick spray or line with parchment paper.
        Mix together melted butter, sugars, vanilla, eggs, and egg yolk. Sift the flour, baking soda, and salt into the bowl and stir the ingredients together to form a soft dough. Stir in the chocolate chips.
        Using a 2oz. ice cream scoop or a 1/4 c. measuring cup, form large balls of cookie dough. Place on cookie sheet, 9 to a sheet. Chill dough for at least 30 minutes and up to overnight.
        Preheat oven to 350.
        Bake cookies until they are golden brown and crips around the edges but still slightly soft in the center, 15 to 17 minutes. Transfer to wire rack and allow to cool completely.

  8. Emailing with Snarkymom’s Dad has made my day – a little wooden heart on its way to me, to be tucked into DD’s Valentine card next week! yay <3

  9. Hi ladies! Life has been rather crazy lately so I have not been around commenting as much but I wanted to say to all that I think of you regularly, read here when I can, and am happy that I can keep up with so many of you on FB.

    My kids favorite songs at around age 4 were Hallelujah Chorus [DD] and Let’s Groove Tonight by Earth, Wind and Fire [DS]. Those were the days.

  10. Ugh. We just bought a big trampoline for the boys. All their friends have them, so they have been jumping on them for years. We installed it this evening, and on the first use my 11 yo took a bad fall. I called the traumatologist (our neighbor), who took a look and says he thinks its a fracture. We’ll get an x-ray tomorrow to see what it looks like.

  11. This working thing has several serious flaws. Like, I get the whole “accept money for a proposition” part of the equation, but what’s up with this “produce work” part of it?! amirite?

  12. Tonight Lucy was particularly chatty in the car. She said in one long string while barely stopping to take a breath, “I’m going to be the best mom ever because I already know how to do a lot of things with babies. Like I fed Clara a bottle once and I know how to snuggle babies and shhh them. Well, I don’t know how to nurse, because I’ve never done that. But I know it’s easy cuz all you have to do is put your baby on your lap, pull up your shirt, pull down your bra, get out your nibble, and let your baby suck it. So I’m sure I can figure that out.”

    She says nibbles. I don’t have the heart to correct that.

  13. There’s nothing more frustrating than a “snow day” when it’s not snowing. We could have done a 1/2 day or even the whole day- it’s not going to get bad here until later- but our supt got caught up in the hysteria and called it. I know it’s a hard call to make and he’s in a danged if he does/ danged if he doesn’t situation. We’re looking at a June 27 dismissal now and we go back in mid- August this year. Short summers make everyone cranky.

    /end rant

    • Yea – it seems to be hitting NY later than they had predicted – snowing steadily now (4:30), but there was no accumulation to speak of as of 3:30 or so. We didn’t have a snow day because it’s a very very rare event in NYC, and they almost never have half days or early dismissal.

    • It was the right thing to do – even with the little snow we got early the roads were black ice– outside my hometown in Maine there was a 16 car pileup this morning, cars off the road all over the place on 93 this morning… i’m glad they did it…

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