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  1. Ok I’ve kind of had it with daycare. It’s not a bad place but they are very bad with communication. Dd’s teacher left to go back to school full time and I heard nothing of it until I asked because I hadn’t seen her in 2 weeks. That’s kind of a big deal for a 2 year old! Her new teacher is nice enough, but Dd’s been crying about going to school on and off for months and its getting worse. I don’t want to cave to her, but we decided I am going to work weekends for a while, plus moving further away, so now is a good time to stop. I think our last week will be right after we move. I’ll look for a closer preschool or daycare for the fall. Dd’s been extra clingy, and with the new baby and 3 moves this year, I’m just not up for sending her somewhere she doesn’t want to go. She’s fine when she gets there, but I think she needs time with me for a while and then something better in the fall.

      • It sounds like the right choice. I don’t think it’s caving at this stage. Fall will be here before you know it, and having a little time to get settled with the new home & new routine will be great.

        • Thanks for the reassurance. Going with my gut on this one. The staff is nice enough but the lack of communication bugged me, and her teacher leaving just sealed the deal. And we thought dh could just work from home with the baby on some weekdays, but baby has other plans. She’s not a content “sit in the bouncer for hours” baby like her brother was. So we need backup child care when he’s at home anyway. Grandma or a sitter can shuttle her to preschool if I’m working.

          • I feel you about daycare and communication. Honestly, I think most daycares aren’t so hot about communication, but Clara’s current one is way worse than Lucy’s was (even though it’s supposedly one of the best in the city). We like her teacher and she seems happy there, but we don’t like how often teachers are shuffled around in that place. It’s a large center (though her classroom is small), and there’s a lot of teachers subbing in and out so we often don’t know the adult who is with our daughter when we pick her up. And sometimes we go to pick her up and she’s been moved to another room for one reason or another. The other day they sent DH on a wild goose chase to pick her up and he had to make stops in like 3 different rooms looking for her. Not cool at all. We’re getting pretty weary of it and plan to make a switch when she’s 18 months and ready for a toddler program.

    • That’s not caving. That’s going with your instincts. You’re making the right call. She will get more out of it when the dust has settled.

  2. One kid has a birthday party and the other has a junior high dance so we are going to get to go out to dinner without even getting a sitter! Woo hoo.

    • Come to think of it, it must be going to be soon that we could do this anyway… I leave them during the day but last time I checked the 7th grader wasn’t comfortable being left at night. We just haven’t really thought about it. Maybe start with something fairly quick like a drink out.

  3. I’m trying to work at home today, which always means I have to throw in a load of laundry and do the dishes first. Ahem. Anyway, I had the whole damn dishwasher loaded up and realized we were out of soap. I googled and saw several places that I could use a few drops of dish soap and some baking soda. Trying it right now and hoping it works. Wish me luck!

  4. Tee hee, update on the NM rep who tried to make post-rape/incest abortion a felony, she disconnected her office phones, deleted her Facebook page and changed the wording of the bill.

    I have never heard of a legislator disconnecting their phones because of angry calls. That is a new one on me. Way to be accountable, there, Rep. Brown!

  5. Who has two thumbs and strep throat? This mama. If I had a dollar every time a dr told me that it probably wasn’t strep this year, I’d have 3 bucks. Thank goodness my pcp started me on antibiotics before the swab results came back anyway due to DH.

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