Hump Day Open Thread

What’s up?

Update: First of all, a very happy birthday to our Cynmill and Snarky Mom!

I completed my third half marathon this past weekend and all I gotta say is OW. After getting severe pain in my left knee, I hobbled to the finish line for my personal worst time at 2:39. I had stopped to walk for two miles at mile 10. Ow, ow, ow.

As it turns out, you can’t really prepare for this kind of a race on workout videos alone. Also, my IT band — the muscle on the side of the leg — had to be rolled out. As soon as I did that, my left knee stopped hurting, but now my right calf muscle is on fire. I am guessing it’s because I overcompensated for the knee during the race.

That said, it was awesome to see Erika and her family. I feel great now, love to run and plan to do it again soon. LOL!

In other news: Thank you to the TODAY Show for airing an episode how 40 million workers in the U.S. lack paid sick days and this is contributing to the flu epidemic.

For the first time ever, more Latinos than any other group are applying to the University of California, according to the Latinos in Social Media newsletter.

In case you missed it, the San Francisco Chronicle published a front-page story on Friday about a Living Room Conversation co-hosted by both and Tea Party Patriots’ founders. I was invited by my friend Joan Blades at MoveOn and was quoted in the article.

Also, admittedly, I missed the inauguration as we were driving back from Orange County on Monday. But I’ve been eating up the post-coverage, including this BuzzFeed page on how First Daughters Sasha and Malia “stole the show.” Very cute.

Finally in celebrity news break, Colombian pop singer Shakira gave birth to a baby boy yesterday in Barcelona: Milan Piqué Mebarak.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?

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34 thoughts on “Hump Day Open Thread

  1. Gee thanks! It’s off to a crazy start that’s for sure. Woke up at 5:45 because there was this pounding bass beat coming from outside. This has happened a lot lately and today I was just not having it. Put on my shoes and went out to see who the $%*^ was rocking out at that hour. Turns out it was the guy next door- he starts his car and lets it run for awhile before he leaves at 6. I banged on the door (his dogs went nuts and woke up his whole family- serves him right) and very sweetly pointed out that I could hear the music from his car in my bedroom. He looked at me sort of weird and then I realized that I couldn’t hear it from *his* house, just from mine. I’m not sure how the physics of the whole thing works out, but somehow you could only hear the bass line on my side of the row of pine trees between my house and his- and my bedroom faces the pine trees. Is it the frozen air? The roots of the pine trees acting as some kind of weird natural woofer? Whatever it was, I assured him that I *could* hear it- I named the song (Quiet Riot thankyewverymuch), and pointed out that there was no other reason why I’d 1) be up at 5:45 and B) be standing at his door when it was -10.

    So if this is 43, it appears it contains a substantially increased level of badass.

  2. Felt tired (damn baby), but otherwise fine when I woke up. Ate breakfast, drank coffee, and wham. Started feeling dizzy and nauseous. It’s not morning sickness, I’m certain, though it kind of feels like that. Same thing Lucy and Clara had this past weekend, it seems. They never had fever, just felt bad and then it was gone. I’m supposed to teach all day and also a 4 hour night class. Already cancelled the day classes, but am holding out hope that I’ll feel better by this afternoon. If not, that’ll get axed as well. Ugh.

  3. Packing again, but happy packing this time! It’s hard to find the time with needy baby though. Hard to pack while baby wearing. I sorted out newborn clothes for donate/keep and I didn’t even fill a shoe box with “keep.” We really are DONE but keeping my very favorites for possible foster kids in the verrrry distant future. It wasn’t hard at all to get rid of stuff, but it generally isn’t for me. But I need it out of my house right now so I’m not tempted to take one more look.

    Also, I need to find my pre pregnancy work uniform for next month and I have not a clue where it is, ugh. I’m too cheap to buy a new one.

  4. Way to go, Elisa and Erika! Now rest up for a while, and recuperate.

    Happy Birthday to Snarky and Cyn! Enjoy your days.

    Its cold here. Cold being relative, of course. But dd still had swim practice predawn, and I’m dying to find out if her hair froze after, or if it was dry. And today was the first day of second semester, so I’m looking forward to hearing how the new classes are.

    And older dd hasn’t let me know yet if the boy has been back in touch.

    So, I’m just waiting for information and avoiding starting anything productive.

  5. OK, this is a little weird. DS10 has always been so reticent with his friends but he and his new best friend from the new school have just started arranging playdates – this is new! – so of course I’m doing everything in my power to support this. Today is pouring rain so the friend came here, but to my surprise the 6th grade brother is tagging along. Who used to be in the same class as my older son before switching schools, though they were never particularly friends. Awkward for my older son, who will be home soon? (had another activity). And who encourages their older kid to tag along on his little brother’s playdates anyway?

    • Someone who saw her opportunity to have the afternoon to herself? I agree, that is odd. We had that happen when my DS befriended a kid at a camp who it turned out had a fraternal twin but the twin didn’t go to the camp so DS had not met him. Turned out he was not on the same wavelength with the other twin so that was a little awkward.

      Nice that DS2 has made a new friend though!

      • Well, that worked out just fine. The older brother is a bit dorkier than the two 4th graders, but the three dorky ones played happily together while my 6th grader hung out in his room and read, then went out and found another neighbor to hang with.

    • The girls’ bio-mom used to do that if one of them was invited to a party, especially if the party fit in with a custody-exchanging time (which often happened on a Saturday afternoon). She’d tell DH to send DSD-2 along with DSD-1 to the party and she’d pick them both up from there. DH would tell her no, because DSD-2 wasn’t invited and it’s RUDE to do that. We never did it if we had the say, but she never got the idea, and I know from my SDs that she’d go ahead and do it if we weren’t involved (it ticked both of them off too).

      • That happened to us once. It was back when they were only 3 and moms stayed, but she had an extra kid in tow. The invited friend was a boy in her preschool class and we didn’t really know his sister, so didn’t anticipate that she’d be there. The older sister was 5 or 6 at the time, so she just jumped in with the other kids and enjoyed the party. Kinda awkward, because I had the kid tables set for the number of kid guests I was planning on and had to scramble around a bit. And luckily, we had an extra treat bag for a friend that couldn’t come. It ended up fine, but it would have been nicer for the mom to ask if it was okay to bring the other kid when she rsvped. She totally didn’t assume I was going to include the older girl, but it felt rude not to. She’s a kid and it’s a party, it seemed mean to not let her be a part since she was right there in my tiny house looking on. Since that year, I’ve always made an extra treat bag to have on hand, just in case.

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