Monday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

Sorry for the paltry post, but we are driving up from Orange County after a long weekend with Erika’s family. I’ll make sure to post pics, but we went to Maya’s birthday party on Saturday and then Erika and I ran the Tinkerbell half marathon on Sunday.

How goes it this Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend? Do you have any plans?

In case you missed it, First Lady Michelle Obama sported a new hairdo for her 49th birthday. I love it!

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?

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60 thoughts on “Monday Morning Open Thread

  1. Wait Michelle Obama is 49? Dang! I look older than her at 32.

    I want to talk to ds about Martin Luther king jr and read him a book, but on Friday one of the older kids on the bus told him he sandy hook story, which he hadn’t heard yet. So I’ve been hearing things from him like “I wonder what it feels like to get shot.” He seems to have accepted our promise that he is safe, but I am just laying low on the mlk story this year.

    Also I fear for the obamas safety. As always.

  2. Trying to figure out which office at my university to send the $100 bill for my sitter today. Public school is closed, Clara’s daycare is closed, my DH’s nonprofit runs a day of service…and I have a packed full, can’t skip day at work. Makes no sense why an academic institution that purports to be all about promoting social justice has business as usual today. Grumble grumble gripe.

    • Ugh! I thought everyone had MLK off…it’s a federal holiday. Even non-profits that have only 5 or 6 days off have this one. Phooey on your Uni!

      • My DH doesn’t get today off either. He gets Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, thanksgiving and the day after, and Christmas Eve through New Years Day. They are very generous at Christmas so I can’t complain, but it’s kind of weird to me.

      • Were I at work – which I’m not because I’m on leave – I’d be working today. The thing that mystifies me is.. we mostly service schools and other businesses who ARE off. It makes no sense to drag us into work when we just sit on our backsides and read because there’s nothing for us to do.

    • My university doesn’t have MLK Day off either (which I tend to feel is a little disrespectful, especially since the U has a black president). I can’t remember if the big U where I got my MA had MLK Day off either. It’s weird timing for academia–the students are starting back tomorrow, but I don’t know if faculty are still technically on break or not. I think having the extra day off would just throw everybody off schedule. Still–wasn’t happy leaving DH home in bed this morning!

        • Exactly. And they have to hurry around a bunch of clueless about MLK kids running around the streets because they’re off school.

          While I’m at it, I have to vent about the HS groups going to the inauguration. About half the parents involved emailed or posted some of the nastiest carp about Pres Obama/FLOTUS. Now they’re all over FB with photos and “look at my baby at the inauguration!”

  3. Very glad for a three-day weekend….both DS and I are fighting colds. He’s been running a fever (which seems to be down this morning – via the forehead kiss test) and both of us are coughing. One more day of chilling will be good.

  4. H has a cold- not a bad one- but DH is driving me crazy with the infectious protocols. Seriously dude, it’s a cold. Not smallpox. My hands are sore from all the washing.

  5. OMG, I am SUCH a baby. DH found a small leak from the dishwasher and then discovered it’s gotten into the walls. This happened a few years ago, except by the time we found it we had black mold growing like gangbusters in DS’s room.

    DH has been really vigilant since then so I don’t think there’s any mold, although there is definitely moisture IN the walls. Shudder. Meanwhile, there are people coming in and out to look and test but the worst is there are huge, really loud dehumidifiers strewn around. The noise is making me mental, even while hiding in another room with the door closed. I don’t even understand why that is, since I can’t really hear it. Maybe a distorted reaction to last time, when we had to move out, felt really guilty for DS being sick and us not knowing why? They will be here until at least Thursday.

    DH asked the insurance lady if they would put me up in a hotel since I’m such a basket case, and she said yes! But, I don’t wanna go. I do not know what is wrong with me. Inertia.

    Anyway — next time any of you start to feel like wusses for one reason or another, you can think of me paralyzed by — a fan. In another room. And feel really, really good about yourselves and your coping skills!

    • I had three of those ‘fans’ in my house when we had the ice dam issues a few years ago and they are NOT just ‘fans’ –they’re GD windtunnells that sound like a plane is taking off in your house. I reacted in much the same way… except I was alone.. with an anxiety prone 9 year old and I had to cover it up… sigh…

      go to the hotel…. you’ve earned it.

    • We all have our things. I was petrified the entire drive up the mountain, even though realistically the road was about as scary as the road to the grocery store (we stopped before getting near the summit). Then this morning I got about 15 minutes into the drive back and had to pull off the road to check the air pressure in the tires. Just because I had a sudden need to check the air pressure in the tires. Which I’d checked and filled before the drive up, and also looked at before getting in the car on the way back. But better to just get off the highway and check the darn things again than let it ferment in my brain the entire way down. So coping skills, to some degree, but perhaps not ones I feel terribly proud of.

      This whole thing has turned out to be a good talking point with my kids. They see that I have fears that are real, if a bit silly in places, and they can see how I approach and struggle with these fears.

    • You’re not being a wuss, for the love of Bob. Now honey, you go and get that hotel room. Mental health is a good reason to go to a hotel room. And then you can do me a favor and order something decadent from the room service menu and enjoy it on my behalf.

    • I’ll bet it’s louder than you think or, perhaps has a hummmmm at some odd threshold. Some things just go through you. I’m with the others who say you deserve a break.
      If it’s not too late, go to the room, turn on the TeeVee and pour some wine!

    • Hmm, in my experience, insurance companies don’t give you anything unless it is tripple justified – so you are absolutely not a wuss! And lyn is right: we all have our things – apparently, this is yours. I really hope you took the wise MTs advice and took the hotel room. meanwhile, you ave cyberhugs coming your way. I hope this is dealt with soon and well.

    • I vote for the hotel – and I’m late to this so I hope you did go and get some rest. We fear what we fear. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

  6. I swear to Bob, I’m blissing out on this Inauguration stuff. Totally drunk the Kool-Aid, gone true believer, etc. Al Roker! Joe Biden! The girls! Give me moooooore photos, NOW!!!

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