Weekend Open Thread

My baby girl is 8 years old today!

American Girl Cafe, here we come…

And tomorrow Elisa and I will run the Tinkerbell Half Marathon. Our house is filled with people and laughter and hubbub, which is the only reason I don’t have time to get weepy about that fact that my baby is 8 YEARS OLD! Wow.

What are you up to this weekend? Chat away!


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  1. Happy Saturday, all!

    Busy, busy days around here. January is the month my district conducts its magnet school lottery, so I’ve been very busy getting the word out about my school’s IB magnet program and recruiting prospective students at school visits, open houses, etc. This of course coincides with the state competition for one of the clubs I sponsor (Future City), so I’m spending a lot of extra time at school for that.

    BUT, despite the busy, I’m happy to say that the boys and I did manage to carve out some time to participate in an MLK service event today. DS2’s school was one of three sites to host a county wide celebration. We were able to spend part of our morning making bookmarks that are part of reading initiative that gets books in the hands of children three and under. DS2 was very proud of the slogan he came up with for his book marks: “Open up a book and never close it!”

    Now, time for grocery shopping and laundry. Whoo-hooo!!!

    • I love that you did the day of service for MLK day – I always think of it, then forget. I would love to find a service outlet for my DS. He’s very empathic, so he’d go for it 100%, but it has to be something meaningful for him, and sustainable.

  2. Lucy woke up feeling bad. She kind of feels queasy, but hasn’t thrown up. No fever yet, but took a nap (which means she MUST be feeling bad) and is just generally lethargic. She doesn’t want to eat a thing–all day, she’s had 3 bites of waffle and 2 strawberries. Is this one of the versions of flu that’s going around? I feel like a couple of my colleagues have complained of similar ailments. We all had the flu shot, but I know that’s not 100%.

    • The flu that the flu shot is for is influenza, which has symptoms that are typically body ache, fever, chills, cough. Nausea and vomiting are occasional but not typical with influenza. Stomach viruses are a different type of virus. It sounds like it could be a mild one of those.

      • I know that stomach viruses are different, and your description is what I thought was flu, but I’ve recently heard that there was some different strain going around that sounds kind of like the symptoms I described. A couple of my colleagues were achy and lethargic for 4 or even 6 days, but no respiratory stuff. No actual vomiting or fever, but nausea. Strange.

        • What PoB said. My son gets the flu every year, despite being immunized, and he usually presents with fever, chills, and body aches. (I know it’s the flu because as a medically fragile patient he gets tested for type.) No respiratory symptoms except for cough, and if he has cough it’s probably on it’s way to becoming pneumonia. Other respiratory symptoms tend to point to a cold.

        • My impression is that for actual influenza fever is a must, but I don’t know. There are lots of viruses out there right now, that’s for sure. Whatever it is I hope it is over with soon!

          • Thanks–she perked up by around 11am today (Sunday). Strange. Never did get a fever, and the nausea that started upon waking on Saturday am only amounted to 1 mostly dry heaving episode this morning. The rest of us seem fine. I know she really was sick and not faking because she took a couple of naps yesterday, which she NEVER does.

    • Sorry Lucy isn’t feeling well. There’s a lot going around. S and I are both fighting colds. He’s coughing and running a fever – so far OTC drugs are helping, but it’s no fun when our kiddos are sick.

  3. Well, MY baby girl is long past 8, but she had her own developmental milestone this month. L (and a few friends) did their first big winter break road trip. They have close to a month off in Dec/Jan, and each year she’s had to think about what to do with this time. In earlier years, she’s come to NY (a place she only sometimes refers to as ‘home’), needing the break. She’s a very emotionally intense person, and has always needed time to separate from school and friends, and to hide in the cocoon of familiarity and family.

    This year is different – she has her own apartment, has her own car (grampa’s car, gifted to her last year), and she has a fantabulous group of female friends! So they decided they needed a road trip – she drove (by herself) to NH and ME to visit friends there, then back to RI to pick up a friend, then a three-day trip to AL, where one of her besties is. They took a side trip to NOLA, back to Birmingham, and then a three-day trip back to RI (stops in Baltimore and Arlington). Along the way they crashed with friends (and friends of friends), and had one night in a hostel. They negotiated sleeping, eating, and other daily rituals. In New Orleans, they took cabs so they could stay out late partying, and then slept very late in the morning.

    Through all of this, I only got one “I can’t take all this togetherness” phone call. She figured out what to do when her car wouldn’t start, put new oil in when the light came on, did all the driving (because our insurance only covers her), negotiated snow/ice in the south, and


    I”m so proud of her. I was nervous every day she was on the road, and she humored me with daily texts of which city she was in. I apologized to my mother for the long road trip I took at the same age, when we didn’t have cell phones and I didn’t always remember to call and check in.

    The confidence that L had in doing this trip was a big step for her, and the growth in confidence will be immeasurable.

    Not always easy for me, but I kept thinking about “roots and wings”…….more and more, it’s about wings!

    • Eeeep. It brings back memories of Hillary’s hair missteps, which include the sad reality that first ladies who are trying to be taken seriously are vulnerable to public approval on hair. Hillary now has the gravitas and cajones to wear a ponytail whenever she damn well pleases and she looks like f’ing don’t mess with me Hillary. But our black first lady is judged even more harshly and unjustly on her appearance than a high powered careerist in the 80’s; Michelle still needs her aristocratic eyebrows and forehead.

  4. Ugh. Mean girl drama. M had a birthday party today for a girl who’s a newish friend- they’re in Girl Scouts together. There was a big group and one girl (not the birthday girl) engineered a bit of “Let’s not play with THEM,” leaving M and another girl out completely. Parties are hard for M anyway- they’re pretty socially complex and exhausting- and this was awful.

    Big tears. Lots of ’em. Why do some girls have to be so mean? Ugh.

      • They were there, but there were a whole bunch of adults there too- it was a combo friend/ family party and the girls were sledding. The mom was sledding too, but apparently the little princess managed to do this subtly enough that she didn’t notice.

        We know this girl- this has been a thing for her since kindergarten. I managed to talk M down a bit (why would someone feel like they had to be that way? Why do you think she picked you and H? ) to the point that she’s feeling a little sorry for the other girl for having to live her life as such a prickly mess and just a bit superior because she doesn’t have to bully people to make them be her friends. At the same time, she’s also building up quite a head of steam about the ways the birthday girl and the grown-ups should have stepped up.

        I’m proud of her- but it’ll be a cold day in hell before I send her to a party without knowing the full guest list.

        • I’m glad that M is focusing in a better space – she’s absolutely right that the birthday girl and grown-ups should have stepped in. When Jess was going through her mean-girl bullying last year, that was something the principal/teachers brought up. The school curriculum teaches ethics/philosophy (which is cool), and I heard about it from Jess. Apparently, they spent one of the learning community circles talking about bullying and community responsibility, including the responsibility to step in and say something if you see something wrong.

    • Ugh….so sorry that M had to go through this, but it sounds like you did an amazing job of helping her process it. Since there will always be someone trying to pull that BS (even as adults we face it), knowing how to handle it is so important. (((Hugs))) to you and M!

      • Thanks. It was an interesting conversation, that’s for sure. Especially when I asked her why she thought the other girl picked them to exclude. Her best guess? Because they’re nice to everyone, they were the two girls she knew least, and “honestly mama? We do better in math and we have better hair than she does.”

        Okay then. I just let that one be.

        She also talked about how there must be a lot of people “pouring mean” into the bully and how much easier it is to be nice when your mom and dad and your friends pour hugs and love and funny stories into you all the time.

  5. I took Kid 2 hiking by the coast while DH watched over some 7th grade boys watching the 49ers game. All good. There was big surf out where DS and I were – they are hosting the Mavericks surfing tournament this weekend down near Half Moon Bay (which they only have when the waves are >20 feet, some years they don’t have it at all). The waves were huge and powerful looking. I would not have wanted to chance getting in even if the water was warmer.

      • I know Australia has big surfing. Are any of the big spots near you?

        I’ve seen a contest by Santa Cruz, and some on the North Shore of Oahu – really amazing to watch. I enjoyed trying when we were in Hawaii last time but I was not good at it at all.

        • WP ate my comment, booooo!!!

          The most famous surf beach in my state, Victoria, is Bell’s Beach. It has a pro surfing event. Victoria’s coast isn’t as iconic as parts of the rest of the country – Bondi in Sydney, anything out by Aussiegeek in Perth, the Gold Coast in Queensland, etc. The beaches by and large are mostly surf beaches, given that they’re colder, have more rip tides, etc. So basically, the entire southwest coast of the state is known as the “surf coast”. Rip Curl, the surf manufacturer, has its world headquarters in Geelong, a regional city that is right on this coast.

          The more you know!?

    • Love HMB. We used to live just over the ridge, a climate zone away, so we used to take the boys a lot when they were little.

      We went in the other direction. I decided after 7 years of living near the sierras it was time to confront my fear of mountain driving. It seems a pity to have Tahoe so close but be unable to get there on my own! So I packed up the boys and drove as far as I dared – not all the way to the top, but further than I’ve gone before. So we found a place to spend the night so the boys have a chance to play in the snow.

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