Tuesday Open Thread

It’s Tuesday!

Those of you who used Miralax to help reluctant potty trainers along: how much did you give them?

Alex had two accidents on Saturday, didn’t poop at all on Sunday, then pooped a teeny bit yesterday. I do think he’s constipated and want to help the process along.

The good news is he is staying dry, even through naps, and that only took one day for him to figure out. WIN.

What’s on your mind today? I hope it’s something more pleasant than poop :)

Chat away!


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  1. We gave M a tablespoon or so in her juice in the morning- a little more to start out (maybe 2x a day) then a teaspoon as maintenance. Go back to pull ups though- it can be a messy process. Let him know what you’re doing so he doesn’t worry about not being able to hold it.

    Good luck!

  2. Ah.. the joys of Miralax :-) So we did three things:

    Miralax – we started with 1 cap (for us that was for a long time, but the ped said that often it only needs to be a cap for a couple days). We started by splitting it 1/2 cap morning, 1/2 cap evening. We’re now on maintenance of 1/2 cap.

    Fiber – this is a big deal for M. So she still takes two fiber pills a day. We also get oatmeal and snacks that have extra fiber.

    Water – we try to get M to drink 32 ounces of “clear” drinks (water, gatorade, juice) a day. This is a huge help but can be a pain. She’d prefer to drink milk but that doesn’t count towards this. Gatorade has been a saving grace – both for getting her more liquids and getting her to drink the Miralax.

    Hope it works out soon!

  3. We did 1/2 a cap per day for a long time (months). Now it’s maybe 2x a week.

    It can take about 1 week to get everything moving normally. You may be shocked that your son’s body could hold so much poop!

  4. Can’t get started today. So much work, no interest in any of it. I even arranged my day so I could work from home- usually my most productive place to work. Instead I’ve gone from one fire to another- M forgot her flute then burst into tears when I went to take it to her so apparently we’re back on the anxiety train, H dropped a bombshell on the way to school today (“I get bored at school ’cause I’m always by myself. No one sits with me.”), DH was up all night (confused an Excedrin Migraine with Ibuprofin and those 64 mgs of caffeine weren’t helpful) and I have GOT to get some work done.

    • My kids would cry when I left after seeing them out of our normal routine. The normal routine was drop off and the next time they see mom is end of day when we all leave together. Anytime they saw me when they weren’t leaving with me was an issue.

      • M has struggled with this for a couple of years- lots of anxiety issues and she’s been in therapy on and off for the last year. We’ve been off since December, but I think it’s time to get back to it. She’s been toying with the idea of changing gymnastics gyms and she’s also considering adding a dance class- lots of decisions and lots of complexity. All recipe for stress.

        • I’m goign to sound like a broken record but if it was one thing I learned from liza’s counselor during her THREE AND A HALF YEARS of going EVERY TWO WEEKS… it was “don’t pull them out when they seem ‘better’…” don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t… I must have said a 1/2 dozen times “I think we can go to once a month.. or I think we can take the summer off” only to have her counsleor look at me and say “no… not yet” and she was always right. When Liza was finally sprung last summer it FELT right.. and it was with the understanding liza could always go back.. and we may do a check in before starting high school next fall.. but it’s the regular every two weeks or every week sessions that build the strategy and made the difference when it comes to this stuff.

          • It wasn’t on purpose- Nutcracker, flu, and then Christmas. Now I’m trying to get her scheduled but the calendar is a mess and she’s out sick again. I need to get H started with someone too, but he’s really not interested in going so it seems like it would be a waste of time.

            • wow wordpress ate my comment.. or it will appear here twice… I was lucky that Liza’s counselor was relentless in making us fit it in.. through summer.. through Christmas.. through vacations.. through snow storms.. she NEVER cut us a break and it was the single best thing anyone has ever done for us.

                • she was awesome I would say “oh things are great I think we should go to once a month” and she’d say “nope!” I’d say “oh you know it’s Christmas break…” she’d say “so you have more time to come in then.. does morning work?” and the bEST part is that she spent 30 of the minutes alone with Liza and she made it clear if liza ever needs to go back that she is at an age I will not be in the room which I think is appropriate… to this day I don’t really know many of the things they discussed and that’s as it should be.

                  • M loves her, so she’ll be happy to go back, but she’s not interested in being in their alone. Now H…I don’t have any idea about what he’d want and (since he simply will not talk about anything at all). He says he doesn’t want to go at all, but what kid with social anxiety would want to go to talk therapy?

                    • I would press for her to include time for M in there by herself… it’s really important… b/c if she is always in there with you she’ll always look to you before she answers and they need time and space to tell their therapists how screwed up their mom is.

                    • Oh- and this is great. The counselor at school volunteered to look in on H for me. Just got an e-mail from her in which she called him by the wrong (not even close) name not once, but three times.

                      Now THAT’s reassuring.

              • I am so grateful for the kid’s therapist. My two kids have dealt with the separations so differently, and at different times in the process. My 14 year old got the hugeness of it right away, while my 11 year old struggled more later. Like “oh yeah this is really happening.” Aida just had her last therapy session last week. (with the same open invitation to go back whenever needed.) She can talk about her feelings so beautifully and is able to make boundaries with her dad who all in all is a great dad – but since he is angry with me a couple times has wanted to make sure the kids knew whose “fault” it all is. Aida can tell him now very clearly that she is totally uninterested in why we are divorcing. She just wants to have as normal a 14 year old life as possible.

  5. I had a sitcom moment this weekend. DH and I went out to dinner on Saturday in celebration of our birthdays. A client gave me a gift card to a swanky restaurant downtown, and so we decided to finally use it and have a night out.

    The earliest reservation we could get was for 9:00 pm, so after we dropped the kids off at the grandparents’ house, drove downtown, parked, etc., it was still only 8:00. The place was full of uber-stylish, and young, city folk. We decided we’d just hang out at the bar. Well, there was no room at the bar, so while DH attempted to get close enough to even order, I hung back. After a moment this guy came up to me and started chatting — where are you from, oh, why would you leave California, any tips for a Chicagoan thinking of moving to SF, where do you live in the city (should have seen his face when I replied that “we” moved out to the suburbs years ago), etc. I played along and chatted with him and then got the signal from DH that he found a spot to sit. So, I was telling DH about how this guy was hitting on me, and we were laughing, and then I look over and the guy has moved on to a lady who was probably 10-15 years older than me! Not much later DH points out that the woman was so drunk she just fell out of her chair. So much for feeling good about the attention from a random guy at a bar!

  6. Shit shit shit shit shit. I got a call at 9:30 to schedule a medical appointment, and when I opened my calendar to check availability I noticed that his cardiologist appointment was today at 9:15. Apparently I didn’t have the ipad calendar synchronization set up correctly and I have become overly dependent on phone alerts. I’ve now got the calendar thing mostly straightened out, but it appears that DH is on four trips to Europe today. It kind of feels that way, so I’ll leave it.

      • Actually the reality is not much better. Originally the plan was 3 round trips to Europe in one month. Then this trip got extended, so the first two trips are being merged. We don’t yet know when he’s coming home but it will be a couple of weeks.

        I don’t like it. He’s not in the best of health. When his company was acquired he was a big component of what they bought, so they structured the deal so that he’ll get a nice bonus as long as he stays long enough. I like financial security but I’m not convinced this is worth it. If it weren’t for our absolute dependence on health insurance and the probability that a new job would require relocation, I’d probably be advising him to walk.

  7. And now the man who helped the little kids from Sandy Hook who were at the end of his driveway is being harassed by people who think it was all a conspiracy theory. You guys…this is too much.

    • No kidding. That guy really found his way into my heart when I first read his story. He was like some kind of magical gnome that shepherded those kids and their bus driver for a while. And now this? Unreal. The conspiracy / hoax people are just plain sick. No better than the Westboro Baptist asshats. I wish there was some kind of harassment charge to slap them with, with bonus points for mandatory jail time.

      • Plus — I don’t think they really believe it’s a hoax, they’re just being extremely cynical and trying to gin up doubt so gun control efforts fail. There are worse things, but this is pretty freakin low.

      • It’s…just…unfuckingbelievable…. To think that people love their bang, bang machines so much that they would make the people of Newtown suffer more.

        There is a deep dark ugly side to some people and I just can’t handle it.

        • Well, you’re talking to someone whose brother bragged he was going to the gun show the day after Newtown, for some high-quality “family time.” Meanwhile my other brother employs people who knew the Sandy Hook principle who was killed and his days were filled with grief-stricken people and a terrible uneasiness. You’d think someone would know better than to open their gob at a time like that. Show some restraint.

          It’s a weird “rub it in” impulse that I don’t understand or condone. All I can do is try to reduce my exposure to it.

  8. Good morning all! I’m about 8 years past potty training and honestly it is all a blur……

    My big news is my old flame turned new flame is flying in this weekend and we are having a hotel weekend. Pretty darn excited. There are some great things about dating in ones 40s. At least for me it is good. I have a much easier time now just laying it all on the line. This guy is so great, but something about having kids too just changes ones priorities. If it works that would be great, but if it doesn’t I know I will be OK.

  9. Ugh. I have a HUGE zit on my chin. It’s bright pink and HUGE and hurts. When I was 16 I never would have thought I’d be dealing with this in my mid-30s.

    In other news :-) M has her full day learning eval tomorrow. The class observation was yesterday. So last night we told her about the eval and asked if she noticed the Dr. in class that morning. She did a hilarious skit of how he took notes, checked his papers, and sat during the class. She didn’t know he was there because of her, but she definitely noticed him.

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