Monday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

All last week Eli was out of school with the flu. She is better now, thanks for the well wishes on Facebook. But during that time all I could think about was how grateful I was for a job that allowed me to work from home and provided me with paid sick leave to take her to doctor’s appointments, pick her up early from school and even take the day off if need be. How working parents with no earned paid sick leave manage is beyond me. I was thrilled to see stories on the importance of paid sick leave during flu season at the organization Family Values Work and the Daily Kos. Now, if only every business and our federal government would get with it…

Kudos to Parents magazine for featuring a child with spina bifida on the front cover of its magazine. My friend and fellow bloguista Laura Tellado interviewed model Emily’s mother for her Holdin’ Out for a Hero blog. Hers is an inspiring and well-written piece!

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?

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22 thoughts on “Monday Morning Open Thread

  1. Well, our kid is sleep-trained. For now. I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to hit upon a strategy that works for us and for Bacon Baby, but it is really working. And she knows that her bed is where she sleeps and she does so with a minimum of fuss. We’re so happy! And already it feels like my life is better. I get more of my evenings back to pray and read, and I think that this week (even though it’s hellaciously cold out) I’m even going to add running to the mix. YAY!!!!

      • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Turns out, the kid slept well last night probably because she has Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease. Awesome.

        The “method” we have finally hit on was to a) convert her crib to a toddler bed (thank you, MTers who suggested that), b) get her a giant plush turtle to be her pillow (and initiate use of another stuffed animal and blanket to be her “lovies”), c) get real consistent on the bath-to-bed routine and time. After her bath, I nurse her to sleep or mostly-sleep (it’s down to about 20-30 minutes, from 45-60 minutes previously, most of which was using the boob as a pacifier), lay her in her bed, and put my head on “Big Turtle” for a few minutes. I usually count 100 breaths of hers and then leave. She’s either asleep or close to it at that point. The whole routine, from beginning to nurse to bedtime, is now about 35-45 minutes, instead of 1.5-2 hours (and then no guarantee because if she woke when we laid her in the bed, she’d start screaming and we’d hate to leave – I know, we’re softies).

        We don’t go down right away if she cries out in the middle of the night, but most nights she doesn’t. Not even last night, when she had to have been a little sick (which would usually trigger whining/crying in the early morning or late night).

        Since we know she puts herself to bed at daycare for naptime, we have just settled into a sense of confidence that we can set the same expectation at home. The toddler bed, I think, has made the biggest difference – but I can’t really say way. She doesn’t climb out and we didn’t really make a big deal about how she’s such a big girl now. But for some reason, even if she cries or whines when I put her in bed at night, she will lay herself right down. I’m calling victory.

        I think we’ll be able to shorten up this routine, too, and even set a clearer expectation that she can put herself to sleep. But for now, even this long of a routine feels short and wonderful.

        • One reason the toddler bed might help is because some kids find security in having control. Since you gave her the power to get out of her own bed and come to you if absolutely necessary, she doesn’t feel trapped and doesn’t have to scream for you to come to her. At least this is what I believe was going on with my older son. He didn’t need to get out of bed, he just needed to know he could in an emergency.

          • I know what helped when we moved liza to a bed was that she just simply needed more space… every time I gave her more space she slept better..

          • I think this must be it – because it is literally the same bed, just with the 4th rail “gone.” (There’s a small half-rail that runs about halfway across.) She’ll even play in the bed now (or at least throw toys and dolls on the bed).

            She’s growing up. Independence. Sniff, sniff.

            KIDDING! I love it.

        • Seriously anytime I said out loud that my kids were sleeping well or potty trained or not having seperation anxiety we then started having issues again. I never sigh with relief any more!

          but hopefully this is a star of a trend and the she gets over her illness quickly.

  2. Soap opera alert: remember SC Gov Mark Sanford, walker of the Appalachian trail? Both he and his ex-wife are thinking about running for the Congressional seat just vacated by the person who was appointed to replace Jim DeMint. Get out the popcorn.

  3. I feel like I have been fighting becoming REALLY SICK for about a week. I keep thinking I am better only to wake up feeling crappy. But at least for now I don’t seem to have the awful flu that so many people have gotten. I just have no energy. I came in late to work and at 2:48 I feel like it should be 5 already. May be sneaking out early….

    • Me too. Since Friday. Sore throat, headache, crabby and achy, but not really sick. I did stay home today. I sure hope tomorrow is better, for both of us.

    • oh, I haaaaaaate that feeling so much. Went through that for a couple of weeks in November only to get sick with tonsillitis after Thanksgiving. The worst of it is, the only way to cure it is to just slow down and get rest, etc. But isn’t that the most annoying advice in the entire world?!

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