Golden Globes Open Thread

ncmom asked, and she shall receive!

Let’s talk dresses, hair, makeup, winners and losers. I’m watching the red carpet arrivals on E! and feeling for all the starlets, so bare skinned in their sexy gowns, yet so freezing in the unseasonably cold temps. 54 degrees and windy is not typical for L.A at this time of year, and they are all complaining about how cold they are, LOL.

Actually, I shouldn’t laugh. I’m at home snuggled under the covers. Hard to believe I spent four winters in Boston!


26 thoughts on “Golden Globes Open Thread

  1. My first thought: I can not believe Claire Danes birthed a baby one month ago. Wow.

    And Julianna Margulies looks smokin’ HAWT. Then the impromptu red carpet reunion with Clooney? SQUEE!

  2. Anne Hathaway clapped like a little kid when they did the Les Mis intro – so cute!
    Halle Berry looked bored, just before the commercial break.
    What’s up w/the low keyhole/boobspace gowns? I’ve seen at least 3 and I’ve been watching only for about 10 min.

  3. Hollywood is so weird, right after the Argo clip, they show Ben Affleck sitting next to his beautiful wife Jennifer Garner. Then his ex-fiancee JLo comes strutting onstage, practically naked in a skintight lace dress. Awkward!

      • See, I thought the top of her dress was bad for the exact opposite reason – that she doesn’t have very much in the way of breasts and this was a weird way to …. I don’t even know. Accentuate what isn’t a strong feature? Made no sense to me.

        Now Salma Hayek’s dress – va-va-voom!

        • Salma Hayek’s dress was gorgeous, for sure. And I didn’t even mind Jennifer Lawrence’s dress. Loved the color. Mind you, I saw Jennifer Lawrence’s dress right after seeing Jennifer Lopez’s dress, so by comparison…

  4. Aussie coverage was, obviously, tilted towards the Aussies. I really liked Nicole Kidman’s dress; I freely admit that I love Art Deco style and I thought her bodice was heavily influenced by Art Deco. I also thought Naomi Watts looked gorgeous – that maroon was beautiful.

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