Thursday Open Thread

We’re making god progress toward potty training, I think (knock wood!). Dry day at preschool yesterday, and if anything he is a little too eager to use the potty– as in, “I have to go pee pees!” and then nothing but a tiny dribble. And lots of false poop alarms. It’s better than the alternative, so I’ll take it!

We have promised him a ride on a real, honest to goodness train if he keeps using the potty and staying dry. Cross your fingers that a rail trip to gorgeous, seaside San Clemente is in our very near future!

What’s in your near future? Chat away!


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  1. We’re back from DH’s consult. I wish I was more reassured. The surgery itself will be 5-6 hours involving a team of surgeons and despite all of his scans, they really won’t know what they are facing until they open him up. Some of the possible outcomes are terrifying. We’re looking at a month’s recovery in Baltimore at least so I will be traveling back and forth between him and the kids.

  2. Seriously guys WHY aren’t I writign for Jezebel? one of their latest articles say “Kim Kardashian – stop trying to make “Babymoon” Happen.. just. no. ”

    I know a bunch y’all are big on the whoel “babymoon’ concept but FINALLY someone speaks what I’ve thought for years “WTF with the Babymoon?”

    • That term must have been invented since my DS1 and your kiddo were born. We went to Hawaii for the first time when I was pregnant with him, but we didn’t call it a babymoon, we called it a vacation.

    • Maybe I don’t understand the Kardashian context. But DH and I loved our trip to NYC as a couple while I was 6 months pregnant with our first baby. It was wonderful to wander around, be grown up tourists, eat when we wanted (when I wanted, actually, which was a lot), do leisurely people watching, etc. We kind of thought that life was going to be different and it might be harder to travel after she was born. Little did we know what a ridiculous understatement that was! That’s what WE called our babymoon. Am I missing something?

      • I dunno.. it just seems indulgent to make this big made up thing out of taking a trip before you have a baby but that’ s just me being all cold and yankee again :-) and I didn’t really have that kind of environment in my first marriage so I probably have no ground to stand on here LOL

        • I’m right with you there. Plus, the LAST thing I wanted to do when I was knocked up was travel. I was fat, my feet were swollen, everything hurt and I was puking every 3 minutes. Why in God’s name would I want to go out in the world like that? I wanted my sweat pants, Ben and Jerry’s and a Buffy marathon.

          • plus as I’ve written about before.. there are certain types of women who are expected and even encouraged to ‘rest rejuventate and relax’ at difficult times in life.. I was pretty much encouraged to work until I dropped and to lay off the thin mints…

            • Yes! And I always had people who took a stressful situation and made it even more stressful. What am I saying had for? That should be have. Stressful situation, still have to deal with people like that.

        • Ummm…okay. I guess I just don’t get the objection. We don’t travel much for pleasure at all as a family, only for family obligation. Even then, it’s usually by car. Since having children 6.5 years ago, we’ve had exactly 1 fun family vacation and 1 weekend away together in 6 years. We can’t afford it, and we have limited support for babysitting. In order for us to go on that one weekend, my parents very generously took 2 days off of work and flew down here at their own expense so that we could go.

          Frankly, hearing about the concept of “babymoon” was helpful to me when I was pregnant the first time, because it forecasted that future reality and lit a fire under our butts to go do something fun as a couple while we still could. I’m so grateful that we got a chance to take that little trip together. I guess I just don’t see how there’s anything wrong with that.

          We didn’t take a babymoon the second time, we took an uncomfortable roadtrip when I was 35 weeks pregnant to see our goddaughter get baptized. Family obligation travel strikes again. But whatevs. Pregnancy is hard enough. I guess everyone has to do what feels right to them.

          I’m not defending Kim Kardashian. I don’t give a crap what she and her baby daddy do or don’t do. I do, however, think Katie should write for Jezebel.

          • I’m with you, big time. We spent a weekend in Sonoma just before DD was born, and a weekend in Santa Barbara just before DS was born. It was a lovely opportunity to spend time alone as a couple, just before going into the trenches of giving birth. Then caring for a newborn. Etc.

            I’m lucky because I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancies and felt up to some travel. I guess I’m also lucky that DH tends to pamper me while pregnant (and not) but I remember those weekends fondly and would do it again in a heartbeat. Call it a babymoon or a simple weekend away, it was lovely.

    • I am not big on babymoon or push present or smash cake or any of that. and my first thought when I read that those two were having a kids was “god help that poor child”

      • I’m not big on any of those things either. “Push present” – ick. Call me crunchy but the present I got for pushing out my baby was, well, my baby.

        The whole Kardashian thing makes me tired and kind of cranky. One thing that makes me want to scream is that she’s still married to her husband, whom she wed in mid-2011. I try very hard not to be scold about stuff (because life happens, and all that), but if you’re already separated, there are really good reasons to make the divorce final before you have a baby with another man. Here’s one: If, for some reason, she gave birth in Iowa while still married, her husband would automatically be named as the father on the birth certificate. NO EXCEPTIONS – even if all parties acknowledge he’s not the bio-dad. He would be the legal father, and Kanye would have no legal claim on the relationship unless Kim’s STBX-H relinquished/terminated his parental rights. Knowing the Kardashian family tendency towards drama, I could see this becoming a hugely-drawn-out affair. STBX could ask for visitation, pay child support, etc.


        Also, I vote for Katie writing for Jezebel. Where do we sign that petition?

    • Actually, reading through this thread reminded me of a funny story. A few weeks after we told everyone in the family that I was pregnant with Lily, I was having my regular webcam chat with my parents. My dad really gleefully asked me “So, are you guys taking a babymoon?!?” IIRC, the New York Times Styles section had just discovered the concept, and dad was sooooo proud of himself for having learned a new word… It was absolutely hilarious.

    • What I don’t get…. When I had my kids, “babymoon” referred to the few weeks of bonding directly after the birth. If you were taking a babymoon, you discouraged visitors and just cuddled and bonded as a family. Kind of a different concept…

      • yeah – that’s what I thought it was. Still too precious for me but I thought the idea was that you took the time to figure out this new relationship – kind of like the honeymoon but with less sex.

      • Yeah, that’s the way it’s been used in the adoption community as well – mom and dad go on vacation from the world to spend time with the newcomer.

  3. I didn’t actually push mine out and I got a present (a healthy boy) anyway, both times.
    I had to ask my far-more-hip SIL about a year ago who these Kardashian people are and if they do anything or are they just famous and wear clothes well.
    Do Italian-American B&T New Yorkers count as Yankees?

  4. I’ve been thinking of you Aussies with the insane heat you are having. I hope things are holding up where you are. I see there are a lot of wildfires but it looks like that is more central, but I’m not sure if we get all the news over here. I hope it cools down soon!

    • Oddly enough, we’ve been alright so far in Melbourne; we’re in a weird trough where it hasn’t been too hot. It’ll go well over 100 today, and there’s a huge risk of bushfire because it’s been so dry. Then the temps will drop back down to the low 80s. But elsewhere, it’s an inferno and very, very scary indeed. Aussiegeek has copped a worse whack of heat than me, though.

      • It’s nice here now, but it was certainly miserable for a little while there. I just can’t believe that they’ve had to alter the temp scale from the Bureau of Meteorology to accommodate the 54 degree plus temps in the centre!!!

          • How do you even breathe in 54 degrees? Seriously…I’ve been in 47 degrees before and it hurt my lungs. The tar on the road was bubbling and popping like lava. It was impossible to even consider surviving outside for longer than a few minutes. I can’t imagine what 54 feels like. Or how anyone survives it.

            • I think 43 is probably the hottest I’ve ever felt because I’ve never been to the interior of the country like you have. But yeah, I think we have to deal with this question because it’s coming. OK, the heart of Australia isn’t populated, but the rural fringe of most of the mainland states will feel this.

  5. Sleep training report: we’re now putting her in her toddler bed after a time of nursing and almost-fully-asleep, with me laying my head near hers on Big Turtle (her pillow, which is, unsurprisingly, a giant plush turtle), and staying until she is calm and quiet, or asleep, if it happens quickly (I have been staying for 15-25 minutes, but I think even that length of time will shrink). When and if she cries out very loudly and persistently in the night, we go and lay our heads down on Big Turtle until she’s calm and quiet, or asleep, again for about 10-20 minutes. This has actually worked for the past 4 nights.

    I think we have both a strategy we can follow consistently (which we know is most important, but we’ve been terrible about) AND which actually WORKS. It does not hurt that DH is fully on board and we’re both able to do this (well, except for the nursing thing). We do feel better that we’ve been liberated from feeling we have to rock or hold her until she’s really deeply asleep and then hope she doesn’t wake up when we transfer her to her bed. It feels great. And I know I’m sleeping better, which is 1,000% awesome.

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