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  1. Near the end of week two of my four week ending to my job. At first I was not happy working this week when everyone else is home, but it’s nice and quiet so I’m getting stuff done.

    My ED has been the touchiest about this transition. She was the one who recruited me nearly 15 years ago to write the proposal to create this program ( just found our original proposal July 1998). But slowness in recruiting to hire to replace me is a reflection on the agency’s mixed feelings about the (autism/ABA) work that I do, and a reassurance that leaving now is the right thing.

    Back to sorting books and cleaning out email and writing ‘final’ notes for my cases

    • I’m glad you feel affirmed in your decision. Enjoy the quiet time–while I wouldn’t want to work that way all the time, it sure is a great way to be productive in short doses.

    • Sue, glad – and sad – to hear that kind of confirmation! I don’t understand their hesitation personally. Not only do I believe autism is on the rise, but either way, these kids benefit SO much from all the different therapies, and the value of a great aide/specialist/TSS cannot be understated!

    • I’m hoping your new employer values you properly and you can put this ED’s ambivalence behind you.

      Do you start the new position right when this one ends, or will you have a break?

  2. Dammit dammit dammit. Everyone is sick at my house except for me. DH started coming down with a cold on Christmas Eve. His roughest day was the 26th, when he had fever, but he’s still not better. He really is sick, though I think there’s definitely a bit of mancold in there. I’ve been pretty much on solo parent duty since the 26th, though he does pitch in now and then, he mostly is hiding. Now both girls are sick, though Lucy seems a little worse off than Clara at this point. I’m fine so far, knock wood. But we were supposed to leave on a long driving roadtrip to his family today, with a stop off for a couple of days to see friends. We’re postponing leaving until tomorrow to see if he can be back closer to 100% and the girls’ fevers go away. I’m weary and going on 2 days without leaving the house or showering and I’m growing increasingly morose. I think boyfriend is going to have to suck it up today and hang out with the kids more so I can do what I need to do for myself and to get us ready for this trip. If we can’t leave tomorrow, I’m not sure what we’ll do. The thought of skipping the friends altogether is too depressing to contemplate. If I could get in bed and cover my head right now, I totally would.

    • So sorry everyone is sick. We had a nasty cold over the weekend, first DD then me then DS. It was a miracle that DH and my mom stayed healthy.

      I hope your DH is feeling better soon so you can do your trip to friends and relatives!

      • haha! If I were going to go somewhere alone, it most decidedly would not be on a long driving trip to see my in laws. Even if they lived 2 hours away and not 20, I’d rather stay home with 3 sickos.

        However, you’ve given me an idea. I have a credit card. Maybe I should sneak an overnight bag with me when I leave on an errand today and head to the airport instead. I have friends who live on the beach in North Carolina…

      • No, the family trip is the reason we’re going. The friends are just a few hours away from the family. DH’s mom isn’t doing great and she needs to see us. But that’s very tempting.

    • Thanks for all the well wishes, friends. DH is up and around and encouraging me to get out of the house. So I’m gonna. Clara doesn’t seem very sick and hasn’t had fever today, so I don’t know if she has a milder version or if the worst is yet to come. But I’m gonna try not to worry about that. We can travel with her being sick, I think she’d just sleep extra. DH and Lucy are better off staying home until they are feeling a bit better. And anti-germ hexes for me!!

    • Oh, man. I think your fantasies of running away are completely deserved. Running the house with 3 sickos and no relief on the horizon is no fun.

      I really really hope you get to see your friends. xoxo

  3. December has been a crazy month–end of the school year, a birthday, a surgery, Christmas, a ton of work. I feel like I’ve been running nonstop–figuratively, not literally, since I haven’t had time for any exercise. I’m about out of my mind, since my bike and my hikes are what usually keep me sane. Had a nice hike with the dog this morning, though, and I’m already feeling more grounded. And Santa brought me a lovely town bike, the kind with upright handlebars and a step-through top bar and a basket. We live out in the middle of nowhere, but some stores have recently opened up within about a five kilometer radius, so I should be able to pretty much park the car for the summer. At least, I would like to…

  4. I’m finally checking out the mobile version of the site – can you respond directly to comments?

    Sheri, sending healthy vibes your way. I really hope DH is better soon and you still get to visit your friends.

    Sue, glad that the process of leaving is strengthening your confidence in your choice. May the next few weeks bring continued calm.

    We’re in Chicago for a couple days. It’s our first time back as a family since moving a few years ago. It’s been really fun to experience the city as tourists. And it’s been nice to be just us. As much as I love our families, I have enjoyed the time with just the four of us.

  5. Still vacationing. My in-laws watched Bacon Baby so we could go have a date last night. We had dinner and finally saw Lincoln. It was amazing! I did ask where his axe was and why we weren’t seeing too many vampires, because we both read AL: Vampire Hunter over the summer and LOVED it (and my husband is a Civil War buff so that’s saying something). DH said, “The vampire thing is very subtle in this portrayal.”

    And that, friends, is why I love my husband.

    Tomorrow: a day date to E. Palatka to visit my grandparents’ graves.

      • Totally. That sneaky humor is one of his cutest traits.

        Also, the mere fact that he enjoyed the vampire Lincoln book still makes me giggle. (A couple of months ago he showed me a picture of Lincoln in one of his stuffy history books, pointed out the ax in the photo, and dryly noted, “And there’s his vampire-slaying ax.” #nerdtastic)

    • The site looks great, but I didn’t try to buy (so I don’t know if it works). Can’t wait to see other stuff….I love the look of his pieces!

          • He has a few on hand (I think 2 painted and one unpainted), but a little lead time is always appreciated. (He’s also selling those in pieces- you can get just the family, just the creche, just the wise men, and just the animals- for folks who want to collect a bit at a time)

            What do you think of the prices? He’s not able to really charge for the time it takes him to make them, but he’d be making them anyway so it seems like selling them is the best way of getting them out of their house.

              • Yup- more leaves and feathers, plus decoys and the like. He makes these adorable little hearts- they’re like worry stones, about the size of a quarter- that make perfect Valentine’s gifts. He does custom work too, when people request it. I like the leaves best- a friend of ours picked up 3 leaves from her daughter’s wedding and had my dad carve them as a present for their first anniversary.

            • They seem fine, great for handmade. I knit and I know there’s no way to recoup my time and materials. I once laughed at someone who told me I should sell stuff like the scarf I was wearing at the time; she would have been willing to pay about what I spent on the yarn, never mind labor.

              I’ll definitely think about an order later in 2013.

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