Wednesday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

Christmas with small kids is the best. The looks on their faces and the squeals of glee totally make up for all the care, the worry and tantrums that come with parenthood throughout the year. Lol!

As we do with all holiday seasons, we tell the kids that they need to be good so that Santa doesn’t give them rocks. Then we re-hash the Christmas in El Salvador in which Papi and Tio Alex got rocks for being bad, which made Papi cry.

Eli in particular throws a lot of tantrums and cries a lot so Papi and I made a point to have a conversation in the car in front of her, in which we pondered out loud what Santa could possibly get Eli if she didn’t get a rock. “Maybe Kleenex?” Papi asked me. “That’s it! Eli will probably get a box of Kleenex!”

She sat upright and I seriously believe she worried about it until Christmas morning. I spilled the beans with Ari last year, but Eli definitely believes in Santa. When Ari’s bff Jude said he would stay up “to see if Santa is real”, Eli immediately schooled him. “Of course, Santa is real! Our parents don’t have sleighs and reindeers, duh!”

Just to show you that Santa gives to those who believe, our spoiled girl got an American Girl Doll parlor with furniture — which Papi helped her put together — Josefina and tons of American Girl Doll clothes. As I joked with her, “Santa Clause brought you half the American Girl Doll store!” She was so excited that she kept pointing out all the things that Santa remembered, like, what she wanted for Christmas and her Christmas list — wait a minute, her Christmas list — was gone from the tree! “Santa took it!” she said.

That dollhouse, by the way, is the first toy I plan to save for grandchildren. Compared to all the plastic trinkets my kids own, this is actually sturdy and made well out of wood. I can’t imagine parting with it.

As for Ari, he was very excited to receive a Luke Skywalker light saber — Papi got Darth Vader’s — and two huge Star Wars-themed lego sets, which he began building immediately. Both kids got books, which is a good thing since they both love to read, and no clothes. Score!

The kids and Papi got me clothes from Bebe — my favorite! We topped off our perfect Santa-generous-filled day with brunch at Amy and Will’s house. Ari then stayed to play with Jude.

How was your Christmas?


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Open Thread

    • Tell us how Liza reacted when she found out she was going en pointe! I was thinking about her yesterday, wondering if I’d hear her shriek all the way over here.

      • It’s so hard to describe… I saved the box for the end… hid it way behind the tree… then said “oh I see one more back there…” I had packaged up a pointe shoe my friend Katie (who is a gorgeous professional dancer and teacher and who liza WORSHIPS) had given me for this purpose, with a note telling Liza that Katie had worn this shoe when she danced Sugar Plum Fairy last year and that I couldn’t wait to see the roles Liza would dance when she goes on pointe…

        ..she BURST into tears.. not shrieks.. not yells just big big ugly heaving sobbing tears that she couldn’t stop… and everytime she tried to read the note she started crying again… which of course made both of us cry… It was probably the most emotional Christmas moment of my entire life..

        later that day when we were at my inlaws she said “when I think about you writing that note to me I start crying all over again” and then last night before she went to bed she just said “oh thank you momma thank you momma thank you momma.”

        best. Christmas. Ever.

          • aw thanks… I don’t take one minute of life with her for granted …it’s all so sweet…. the best part was she said ‘thank you momma… but mostly for paying attention to me and understanding me…”

            puddle.. total puddle..

  1. We’re supposed to head to my inlaws today. But it’s pouring now, and that line of scary weather is supposed to come through starting around lunchtime. I think I’m going to campaign for leaving bright and early tomorrow morning. It’s only a 2.5 hour drive, so we could be there in plenty of time for the gathering tomorrow. Wonder if that will fly?

  2. So…telling on myself here. I’m cooking our nice holiday dinner tonight, because although it had been thawing in the fridge for over 24 hrs, when I went to prep the cowboy ribeye last night it was still frozen solid! So we got Thai takeout and tonight is a do-over. Right now I’m enjoying puttering while DH and the girls have a tea party picnic on the living room floor. With hats. LOVE.

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