Weekend Open Thread

It’s the weekend before Christmas, y’all!

I wrapped the very last present last night. Today we take DD to see Disney on Ice, and tonight we go see our nieces dance in The Nutcracker. In a sad attempt to be crafty, I made lollipop bouquets for them. I hope they will appreciate them despite my ham handed artistry because, well, CANDY!

Yesterday was DS’s first ever preschool Christmas performance. He sang and danced to Twinkle Twinkle, as well as the Jackson 5’s version of Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town. It was DARLING. He stood where he was supposed to, smiled at the audience, and shook his little booty. LOVE.

What are you up to this weekend? Chat away!


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  1. OK i tried twice to post but our lame signal at this house doesn’t let me! argh. we live in the city! but it’s a city of hills, so we’re right next to a tower but in the shadow of a mountain.

    anyway, i gave a gift card to Pizza Hut to dd’s daycare staff yesterday. sadly, i don’t think they get many gifts because they acted like i bought them all a car! they greeted me with plenty of thanks at pickup and a thank you card signed from all of them. i’m glad i was able to provide a nice holiday lunch for them. easier and less expensive than individual gifts, and much more appreciated! definitely will be doing that again in the spring! for dd’s birthday in feb maybe i will bring in munchkins as a treat for the kids and also bring a box of coffee in for the staff.

    ready to head to my parents house monday for a nice quiet Christmas. i’ve had about enough of dh’s family for now. especially people who try to tell me how to parent my 5 year old. they are experts because they have one child who’s 18 months old and she has lots of rules to follow. a 5 year old should not be politely impatient to open a gift that’s sitting in front of him with his name on it. ok that’s all i’m going to say. gah.

    • oh and also, baby slept thru the night! 7 hours! poor thing was exhausted from not getting a decent nap yesterday. i’ll be glad when the holidays are over and we can stop running around and get into a semblance of a routine.

  2. I am off to breakfast and a holiday ornament exchange with four of my best girlfriends. Looking forward to girl time and relaxing. I am so far from being finished with Christmas — none of the gifts are wrapped, some not even purchased — my excuse is that Thursday was the kids’ 16th birthday and all my focus was on those gifts and making that happen.

    happy holidays to all! xoxo

    • Ornament exchange sounds really nice. Do you each just bring one?

      And you totes have plenty of time. It’s only the 22nd! And you have to wait until after their birthday to know what they still need, right?

    • That sounds so nice! The other day I was out to brunch with DH and there was a table full of about 8 elderly ladies, all festively dressed, doing a gift exchange. They were so cute! I said to DH, I need more friends! I want to be old and grey and exchanging gifts with a table full of ladies! I have friends, but they are spread out all over the country :( I am grateful for them though.

      • my mom did that with her friends– there were four of them – only my godmother is still living… they called themselves the ABC ladies and started with A and then went out every month to a different restaurant beginning with the next letter of the alphabet and took pictures and kept a record of where they went.. they got pretty creative with X, Y, and Z! My mom just loved it.

      • That’s why I started my women’s group here. My mother in law has a couple of groups of women that she does things with (trips, special occasions, etc), and I realized that I wanted that. So I’m making it. :)

        • Good for you! I just haven’t found my tribe here. This is a pretty conservative area, and I haven’t clicked with anyone yet. But I have two high school girlfriends that I adore, maybe I will start with them, organize a ladies’ night out sometime soon. How did you start your group? How did you know who to recruit, so to speak? :)

  3. Day 2 of our drive to FL to see the in-laws. Yesterday was epically awful; it snowed for nearly the whole drive and I was white-knuckling it in the passenger seat the whole way. DH was driving perfectly reasonably but I was a tense mess. Today it’s beautiful with nary a cloud in the sky. We’ll get the in the late afternoon even if we don’t push the pace.

    I still need to get DH a couple of things but I need to figure out what books his family hasn’t yet purchased for him. Sigh…

  4. Today I’m finishing up some last minute stocking stuffers. Also returning an obnoxious toy that I got for the niece; a Fur Real friend that randomly barks and apparently has no off switch. Um, no. It will be exchanged for something that has no batteries and makes no sounds.

    Later, wrapping and cookie baking, the fun stuff.

  5. My parents are here and took the girls out to breakfast and the childrens museum for a few hours while the air duct people did their thing from 9-11. Except that it’s 10:56 and the SOBs haven’t arrived. I had a groupon, so I’ve already paid. But if they aren’t here by 11:15, I’m calling the company and saying that we need to reschedule for early January. Clara’s nap starts around 12:30, so they can’t be here working then. ARGH.

    Such a bummer, because DH and I could have used this as alone time. Instead, I’m stuck waiting here while he’s at the grocery store. SO romantic.

  6. We finally got around to making the list of stuff that needs to be done before Christmas – shopping, haircuts, Goodwill donations, that sort of thing – never mind the house stuff that needed fixing etc. Of course all the things should’ve been done last weekend, but we were kind of shellshocked last weekend. Baking cookies (frying honeyballs here) didn’t make the cut. Thank bob for Lexapro or I would be freaking out by now. Instead I’m in aw-screwit mode.

  7. DS11 has spent the morning texting on his phone with a group of friends – another boy and three girls – to make arrangements to go see a movie downtown. So we’re calling it: adolescence officially begins today, 12/22/2012.

        • No, I don’t think the movie has been selected yet but it’s not the Hobbit – he’s going to see that one with dad, brother, and another friend. My son knows (via me) that a subset of girls (mostly girls) can’t abide Tolkein – in all the years that dad has been reading aloud to the family, the Hobbit was the only book that sent me out of the room every night. DS11 has excellent instincts; between the strength of my reaction and the negative reviews the movie has received, he has too much sense to risk that one unless he is sure the girls are already fans.

      • They’re not going today since they’re not all free today. This is just advance planning for some time during the break. But he’s definitely feeling a heady whiff of freedom and autonomy.

    • My “welcome to adolescence” was also the first movie they arranged for and went to on their own! Now I get these phone calls, in a deeper than I can stand voice, saying “hey mom…I’m hanging with the guys…be home in a bit”

  8. Hi, everyone! I think BB posted a note last week (Thanks!) about my son’s surgery, which was finally scheduled for Tuesday morning, so we were in the hospital as of Monday afternoon. The cardio team decided to keep the pacemaker with external leads, because my son is just too small for the internal kind–the leads would probably clog the vein used to get into the heart. That meant cracking his ribs, but the surgery was initially successful–until it was later discovered that the new lead hadn’t solved the problem. Back into surgery he goes on Wednesday. The second surgery had the best possible outcome, however: the pacemaker itself had developed a very unusual problem (which is why they didn’t catch it at first–it just never happens), so the surgeon replaced the PM and did not have to open the ribs a second time. Phew! Also, the pacemaker should be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. We finally came home Friday afternoon. Our Christmas season thus starts today.

  9. Early Christmas with my folks today. It was nice. We had a yummy ham dinner and then opened gifts from each other. Lucy is over.the.moon. because my parents gave her an American Girl doll. This is her first and she has really been hoping for one for ages. She got one that looks like her with glasses and everything. They gave Clara one of those little pottery barn chairs with her name on it. She took one look and happily crawled right on. So cute. DH and I were given tickets to the Lion King in a few months, which we were really excited about. We gave them iphone covers with photos on them and itunes cards.

    Tonight I realized, though, that I think I have a total of 1 other present for me under the tree. I know it’s not about me and it’s not about quantity over quality, but boo! DH has like 5 from the girls and me. My siblings decided not to exchange gifts this year and I miss it. Oh well, more time for me to eat Christmas cookies and drink coffee. And I’ll probably be helping Clara open hers, anyway.

    • Unless there’s a possiblility that it’s diamond encrusted, it might be time to drop a hint to DH. You do want to be modelling “mom doesn’t have to do everything” behavior for your girls after all. 😉

    • me too….blah humbug. Leah got me a book (Kingsolver, woot!!) but nothing else. Many hints to DS yielded nothing (which will lead to a talk in January, he has his own money, so he could have done something for me, his dad, and his sis). I try to remember that DH is not good at giving gifts “on scheduled events” and often gives BIG when the spirit hits him. He bought me a new car 3 years ago, just because he thought I needed one and was worried about our old car. He bought an iPad on Valentines Day after years of barely remembering flowers. But still, all of Channukah came and went with no gifts for me.

    • I have to give DH credit here – he’s come a long way in the nearly 14 years that I’ve known him. He’s a very caring and generous person, but his family never taught him about buying presents at the big events (birthday and Christmas). Seriously, he and his siblings were cut loose with cash at the big days once they were teenagers and his parents never expected presents on their birthdays or Christmas. So he just never developed the skills of planning and buying on the big days. There was a present for me, but when the girls came along, it was like you – one present for me, while I was making sure that the girls all bought presents for him, etc.

      Honestly, what really helped was having Jess get old enough to notice. When she was, I think, three, she noticed that I was way low on the present count and turned to DH and said “Da-aaaaad!!! Where are all of Mummy’s presents! She’s a good girl too!!’ There was really no comeback for that, and he pulled his act together. This year, he took the girls shopping with him to do the present buying, which was really nice and awesome.

      • I’m kind of hoping that happens, or that DH just notices the imbalance when I’m sitting there and he’s opening present after present. I have hinted about all sorts of small things I would like, but to no avail. At least I don’t think so. DH is also pretty bad about wrapping things at the last second, so it’s possible things will look different xmas morn. If not, I’ll be more direct right away because my birthday is on the 30th!

      • This is why I have zero guilt about buying things for myself while Christmas shopping. My DH is actually pretty good about getting me gifts, but I have no parents or siblings, so I pretty much only get gifts from DH and then cash from my MIL and my Grandma. DH and I usually just do stocking stuffers anyway, but some years he’s been known to buy me some jewelry, and hey, it fits in the stocking, so I won’t complain!

  10. I just made pralines for the first time. My mother used to make them at this time of year as a nod to my dad’s New Orleans upbringing. That stopped when they split up, now that I think of it, so I guess these will be the first I have had in quite some time. They seem a bit too runny but I expect they will be tasty anyway. They weren’t hard to make although I had never really made candy before with a candy thermometer so that was new.

  11. It’s Christmas Eve here and my lovely daughter has just reminded me that we have to do the gingerbread house. Why did I start these traditions???

    Sigh. But I did call the local bakery, and they have flat pack gingerbread houses all ready to go. Yay! Only the layering of the lollies is left to do.

    • hooray for flatpack gingerbread houses!

      Me? I’ve gotten things pared away to a couple-dozen cookies before the end of Christmas Day and MPG’s cranberry white chocolate bread for Xmas breakfast. I call it a minimalist win.

    • that reminds me…. I bought a pre-assembled gingerbread house that we have not decorated. Guess that’s a good Christmas Eve activity.

      A few weeks ago the girls saw the pre-made house and begged for it. I initially said no but they made a very convincing argument that the part we always hate is putting it together and the fun part is decorating it.

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