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  1. Well rested! Clara is healthy finally, so last night it was time for another round of sleep training. Boo. But the good part is that when we do it, I sleep in the basement guest room with Lucy and DH takes care of sleep training upstairs. The girls share a room, so we have to relocate Lucy if Clara’s going to be left to cry in her crib for more than 30 seconds. So that means I went to sleep around 9ish when Lucy did and I slept through the first wakeup entirely. I woke up for a 4am to 5am wakeup, but then went back to sleep again. I feel great! And I’m resolved to finish grading, run a few errands, and to try not to wallow about CT.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

    • Yay for sleep!

      Any hope of temporarily dropping a nap for her? Ds was a bear to sleep train. Every so often we had to drop his nap so he’d be good and tired at night. Could backfire if she’s overtired but it did generally work for us. If you make it thru the afternoon, that is! We would go back to naps when we got nighttime straightened out. He quit napping altogether at 2 though.

      • Yeah, good point. She doesn’t usually get a great nap at daycare anyway. Yesterday it was just 1.5 hours. I guess that’s a good reason to be doing this during the week instead of over the weekend, as when she is at home, she can often do 2.5-3.5 hours in the afternoon. They did okay with sleep training last night. Crossing our fingers for another good night tonight, as well. We need to have a night of sleeping all night before Lucy can go back to her room. I am hoping for that tonight, but it might be tomorrow, realistically.

          • Well, to be fair, she dropped her morning nap at around 9 months and she takes those great long afternoon naps when she is sick and not sleeping that well at night. When she’s well it’s usually about 2 or 2.5 at home, usually not more than 1.5 at school. It’s just that she’s almost always sick, so I’ve kind of lost my perspective about what’s normal.

          • That does seem awfully long for an afternoon nap, so maybe that is part of the problem. 1.5 hours was the max for both of mine – one good sleeper, one lousy sleeper – once they dropped the morning nap.

            • Dd almost 3 naps 4 hours on a good day, 2 is super short for her. She never stops moving and absolutely runs herself ragged. Totally the opposite of ds.

              • Lily was a better napper than Jess, but neither did more than 2 hours except when really sick. I think they were just too nebby to stay asleep and potentially miss out on things.

            • I also tend to get my kids in bed later than many people do. When I hear people talking about their kids going to bed at 7, I wonder how they ever get to spend any time together. Realistically, the baby goes to bed around 8, and sometimes even 8:30, while the 6 year old goes to bed closer to 8:45 or 9 most nights. We’re all happiest when it’s about 8 and 8:30. The good thing is that neither of us have to be to work by 8 or anything, so the kids can sleep until about 7:30, though the baby usually gets up by 7.

              • our magic hour was 730 come hell or high water that kid was asleep by 740… the nightly routine started at 7… trust me when she was a baby and a toddler the last thing I wasnted was more togetherness… I wanted her asleep… 😉 Her nightly routine may be the one and only successful thing I did as a parent in those early years.

  2. Went to assembly at M’s school today. Nothing like a rousing chorus of Jingle Bells (complete with drums and xylophones) to restore one’s faith in humanity. Plus I scored a Nutcracker- signed by the principles from the Boston Ballet who danced Sugar Plum and Cavalier this past weekend at M’s show- from one of the moms who ran the gift table. She knew I wanted one but was waffling, so she held it back for me. M is going to be one happy girl on Christmas morning.

    • Sweet! My uncle sent us money for the kids. Instead of buying them more crap we are getting tickets to yo Gabba Gabba live! I think we are more excited than they are!

        • Unfortunately, experiences cost more than I can afford. The Nutcracker, however, was $15. We did pretty well on limiting the stuff this year- a lot of the kids’ gifts are things they needed for their activities- dance and soccer gear, etc- or clothes. I guess that’s one benefit of having older kids: they’re less interested in toys they’ll lose interest in.

          • I was thinking that I haven’t set foot in a Toys R US or a Target toy department for 3 Christmasses now… I have to say I don’t miss it.. I much prefer Hollister, Pink and Aeropostle! LOL

            • My kids don’t play with toys. Really, they are so into art and creating things. They have toys, but they prefer to make their own “toys” out of paper, cardboard scraps, ect. My son made a “backpack” out of paper that actually opens. The toys they do use are dress up stuff and the play kitchen, and their baby dolls. So I try to encourage “experience” gifts and passes to museums. But if course at the holidays and Christmas, there’s generally a $10 or so limit to most gifts so I try to keep stuff in the original packages to donate discretely.

              • One of my colleagues has twins who just turned five. For their birthdays, we gave the boy a roll of his own duct tape, and the girl, three balls of yarn. My husband thought I was INSANE but I said I knew the kids would like those things better (I’ve seen them play with or use them recently, and yes, the son has “his” duct tape for art projects.). It was a huge hit.

                Yay for art and experiences!

              • One of my colleagues has twins who just turned five. For their birthdays, we gave the boy a roll of his own duct tape, and the girl, three balls of yarn. My husband thought I was INSANE but I said I knew the kids would like those things better (I’ve seen them play with or use them recently, and yes, the son has “his” duct tape for art projects.). It was a huge hit.

                Yay for art and experiences!

          • Yeah, we tend to pad the tree with things we were going to get anyway. Our DVD player bit the dust so the replacement is wrapped as a family gift. And I’m replacing my iphone 3 this week – DH already got a new one from work – so two old deactivated iphones are going into the stockings. Otherwise we’re down to:
            Books (only one kid actually wants these)
            More Legos
            At least one weapon apiece every year. Because what’s christmas without weapons?

        • I totally agree with the experience gifts. This year, the timing wasn’t great–a lot of our great touring Broadway shows that I would have bought for DH or DD1 came this fall. I considered buying tix for Beauty and the Beast as Lucy’s big present this year, but it was this past week and I decided not to do it. I think it would be hard for a 6 year old to understand the concept of an early Christmas present like that. BUT THEN, we ended up getting free tickets and went Sunday afternoon!!! So totally awesome. We were very thankful and it did make me resolve that I need to be putting tickets to great shows at the top of my priority list for gift-giving.

        • Younger Dd wished for tix to Imagine Dragons because she saw that they were going to be in NC. Turns out they’re only going to be in one venue, as far from here as you can be and still be in the same state. Oh we’ll.

  3. Baby is 5 weeks and I haven’t given her a bottle yet. Whoops. I just don’t wanna…I enjoy nursing her and I don’t have time to be bothered to wash all the pump stuff. But, I have to. The window of opportunity is closing and I have to go back to work at some point, so she needs to get acquainted with her new friend the Gerber bottle.

  4. So here’s a conundrum. There was a lot of chatter at M’s school this morning about some rumors going around at the middle and high school about Friday. Specifically, that there are a group of kids planning something “bad” at all of the schools. I have no idea what the details are- it sounds like just a rumor to me- but a number of moms were going to start vacation a day early and keep their kids home. The teachers have actually moved the holiday parties to Thursday because of the number of planned absences in fact. So I’m torn between “Hells yes I’m keeping the kids home” and “I’m not going to panic and be stupid about some ridiculous rumor.”

    I’ve heard nothing from the district about it, but I’m wondering…wwmtd?

      • also given her anxieties I think giving in and keeping her home will only feed them… being calm, telling her there’s nothing to worry about and that we are just going to keep living our lives… is the way to go.. (signed.. mom of another anxious kid)

        • Yup, you’re right. (Though, if I did keep her home I’d do it under the guide of “You’re wiped out from the Nutcracker and I don’t want you to be sick for Christmas” since she’s been hacking up a lung for the last week or so)

          But still… you’re right.

    • We had those rumors once a week when I was in high school. I know it’s hard, but I would send her. You can’t start with this. The bad thing could be walking out of class for all you know. It would be hard for me, but I know my dh would absolutely not stand for a rumor getting in the way of class time. Shame on the teachers for caving in.

      • Dh is sort of encouraging me to keep H home because there’s a lot of anger at the Middle School right now in the community. I sort of agree that it’s probably more dangerous to drive back and forth to the school than it is to be at school, but we’ve got some end-of-timers locally who are really vocal about the cost (the MS is a new building), the environmental impact (it’s built in a wetlands and required some clear cutting) and the historical impact (they discovered some of the oldest Abenaki artifacts in New England when they were clearing the site).

      • Many times people take the kids out on the day before vacation starts because they are traveling – holding the party a day early means that the kid doesn’t miss out. The Thursday party is not necessarily due to some bullshit rumour but may be a way to make sure that everyone gets to party.

  5. Coming over here to walk away from a stooopid FB fight. Someone whose opinion I usually highly respect has posted that all people with schitzophrenia should be banned from owning a gun. I pointed out that if we can’t pass and keep laws on civil commitment, how can we possibly expect a gun ban based on an illness to pass? He says, well, we ban epileptics from driving cars, let’s ban schitzophrenics from owning guns. I hit the googles, and no, there’s no blanket ban on epileptics driving cars. So if we can’t ban epileptics from driving cars, how do you expect to ban schitzophrenics from owning guns. He goes, well we should ban epileptics from driving cars.


    I’m up in arms around this one; my parents are social workers. They’ve worked around the severely mentally ill for going on five decades. I’ve been in and out of their workplaces since I was a newborn. I am highly attuned to discrimination against the mentally ill. I am so disappointed in this guy.

  6. I got cards today! Thanks Gigi, Erika and MusicTeacherK! We loved all the pictures. Ours will be a while, but eventually should arrive – but then, we do New Year’s cards, so we cut ourselves some slack.

  7. And inevitably, now we have a story from Utah about a sixth grader whose parents (supposedly) gave him a gun to protect himself following Sandy Hook and he pulled it on another student at school. Great idea, parents.

    Will the insanity never end?

  8. Well, I’m well into the process of telling people that I’m leaving my job. Guess I’ve done a good job of hiding my unhappiness, because everyone is SHOCKED (except my hubby, BFFs, and family who are sick of hearing me complain!).

    Interestingly, my ED who I thought would be nice about it was very “we have to follow policy”, my immediate boss was way more supportive than I expected, and the parent I was dreading calling (I see two of her kids) was just so nice I almost started crying.

    An email was sent to the 20 top managers and exactly ONE person emailed to wish me luck…..guess they’ll survive without me!

    Bad news is I can’t use any vacation days in the next four weeks, but good news is my boss told me (privately) that we can push my schedule around to give me some flex this weekend and next.

  9. Why is it that when I wash my daughter’s hair, nary a strand of her golden brown locks falls out. But when I wash my own (already fine, sparse hair), I seem to lose half of it?

    Seriously. It started after my last pregnancy and it hasn’t seemed to stop. At the rate I’m going I won’t have any hair left.

    • Is your hair curlier than M’s? Her hair seems straighter — more may fall out during the day, whereas yours being curly may not due to hair strands being intertwined more.

      I feel you on the bummer about losing hair, though. Your hair always looks lovely and full in photos, btw, but I know we always see ourselves more critically. I’m pretty much limited to one hair style at this point. Can’t let it grow long since it’s too fine, can’t cut it shorter since I don’t want to look like my mother did! She looked cute, but I’ve had a lifetime of being compared to her — not going to invite even more comments.

      I get sad when I hear women say “oh, I’m never going to cut my hair when I’m older, why do women do that?” Some of us don’t have a choice : /

      For a product tip, I’ve been using Aveda’s Invati shampoo & scalp treatment for about 6 months, and I do think it has helped a little. It doesn’t regrow hair, but it interrupts the hair’s life cycle (so to speak), so it doesn’t fall out when it normally would. It helps keep each strand in longer so the hair seems fuller.

      • Maya’s hair is pretty straight, and mine is curly, so you might have a point. The curls are my saving grace, they make it look like I have a lot more hair than I actually do. I have very little hair! Recently I have grown it longer (down to mid-back) but I feel like unless I go all out styling it, it just looks straggly and ends up in a ponytail. So it might end up back near shoulder-length soon. I too feel like I am limited in my hairstyles; can’t get bangs because of the curls, too lazy to straighten it everyday, so curly and long it is. Sigh.

        Thanks for the product tip!

        • Mine has been falling out a lot more lately, too. My stylist said it was probably hormonal since I’m still nursing a bit. She also said I have a lot of new growth, so my feeling that it’s thinner will hopefully be temporary.

          Bring back the tall mall bangs for us curly girls, please!

  10. I just got an alert from the enviro-hippie-greenie-park around the corner from us that there is going to be a special Christmas Day service by the local “Eco-feminist community of the Uniting Church”.

    #soblessed #soveryveryblessed

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