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  1. Hey, wish me luck. Lucy has the fever. The Bieber fever, that is. Just found out that he’s going to be here this summer, the week after her birthday. I have a friend who works at the arena, so can try to buy tickets a day early during the presale. Which starts in like 8 minutes. I am sitting with ticketbastard.com open on the JB page and I’m ready to hit refresh at like 9:58. Refresh too often and you get kicked out, apparently, so I was told to refresh only every 30 sec or so. Wish me luck!! Lucy has no clue about any of this, and I won’t tell her at all if I don’t get them. If I do, I will have to keep the secret in the vault until her birthday this summer.

    I’m ridiculously nervous about this!

    • ok tips:
      1) presales are often not for prime seats- often they are for top tier seats- by all means try but if you don’t get through during the presale don’t panic
      2) can you get tickets from the arena box office as well or do you have to go on line? if you can get them at the window consider that option – it can actually be faster and more conveinent sometimes.
      3) if you don’t have any luck don’t panic… ask your friend at the arena the following “do you know if there are any house seats, production holds, promoter holds, or company holds that will be released and if so may we buy two of them” use that EXACT language.

      you’ll be fine!

      • Thanks for the tips! I got upper bowl seats. My friend also said to try again tomorrow for better seats and then I’ll sell these. But we’re in! YIPPEE.

      • My friend said not to do the box office, because if there are more than 20 people in line in the am, they give out lottery numbers. He said online is better. Thanks for the tips!

        • the fees are usually non existent at the box office though — when we had our Adam lambert onsale we had 100 people on the walkway and we gave them each a number in the order they got there and they all got great seats… but you’re in so all is well!

      • WHAT???? you MUST take her! The BEST presents I”ve ever given liza have been performances… the High School Musical live concert, The Cheeta Girls Live Concert, the American Idols live concert, Reba McIntire (where my then 9 year old charmed the entire section by standing on her seat and singing every word of “the NIght the Lights Went out in Georgia” and “Fancy”… yes songs about murder, adultery and prostitution FTW!) Wicked on Broadwa (… the night she told me was “the single greatest night of her entire life”) OMG you MUST take her you MUST! Where is she playing and how can I help…

        • It’s at Foxboro and the tickets are like $250 a seat for the ones behind the stage and way up high. I don’t think there’s anyway you can help (though if she were at the Cap Center I would so be hitting you up). Seriously- at this point the stubhubbers have all the tickets and it’s getting worse by the minute. I’ll get her to something eventually, but this is just not going to be it.

          Love the image of Liza at Reba though. That one will make me smile all day.

          • tix have already gone on sale for Foxoboro? never say never.. we will investigate.. (honey she’ll never play here… 1300 seats are you nuts?) …

          • Ok I am sorry if I diss any Taylor Swift fans but the fact she can charge $250 for cheap seats after writing that song about never ever ever getting back together is just annoying.

            But on a more positive note, my sister is the Queen of contests, maybe you all can try winning some tickets to the concert. Never win if you don’t try right?

            • I agree that is crazy expensive. Bruce Springsteen was just in Oakland and the seats were $120 (according to a friend who was trying to offload a couple extras they had).

              • I took another look- the guilt got to me. Looks like nosebleeds are 120 or so plus the fees. Not as bad as I thought, but also too much to pay to see a little teeny spec on the stage.

  2. Well, Hunger Games fans, a reality show is coming based on the books.
    “Fans with an appetite for more “Hunger Games” may want to tune in to The CW soon.

    The network has picked up a new reality competition series “The Hunt” that will feature contestants heading into an “intense wilderness competition” where they will be forced to survive and hunt over a month in order to win, according to Deadline. Participants will be given no food, water or shelter during the game and track and capture each other in order to win their prize if the odds are in their favor.”

    Hopefully it won’t be as bloody as the original…

    • Honestly…that’s what I always thought “Survivor” should be. The lack of survival skills of the people on that show drives me crazy.

      Not saying I’ll watch it though. Sounds a little on the creepy side.

    • Did the people who came up with this idea actually, you know, READ the book? Do they not get the point of the series? To say nothing of the literal DEATH-MATCH aspect of the Hunger Games?

      Argh. People can be so idiotic. Also, I hate reality tv. #getoffamylawn

  3. Thinking about one of my BFFs, who is getting married today! She is one of my college Gang of Four that also includes Elisa.

    She got engaged in October and originally planned a spring wedding in Virginia. Then she and her sweetie decided to elope! And I must say, it sounds like they’re doing it up just right. An amazing resort in Key West, just the two of them. Elisa and I got a bunch of her girlfriends together and pooled money for a group gift. They will get wine and cheese and champagne and strawberries and many other assorted goodies during their stay. I am so, so happy for her!

    I begged her to post a wedding pic on facebook. Waiting to see her radiant, happy face.

    This has me thinking back to my own no-frills elopement, almost 15 years ago now! Some friends of mine just flew to the Aulani resort in Hawaii with their two kids, and renewed their vows while there. Maybe it’s time for me and DH to re-elope, now that we’re not broke like we were the first time? 😉

  4. I have to bring an appetizer to our team holiday party tomorrow night. I am just going to bring chips for the kids but what about for the adults? I am thinking of making bacon-wrapped dates but I haven’t ever made them. Any other suggestions out there? I am so bad with appetizers.

  5. They’re installing our new carpet today. Dear gawd, shoot me now – moving might have been less trouble than this.

    But my girl will be home later this afternoon. Yay!

      • We had to get everything off dressers, off the floor, under beds, closets. It’s in bathrooms and the kitchen/sunroom/dining room downstairs. The beds and dressers stayed put and they’re moving them around.

        It’s amazing how much carp we’ve accumulated in 19 3/4 years in this house.

  6. I need ideas for a group christmas present suitable for 6-8 totally awesome ladies. My son is going to be starting home based treatment after the first of the year, leaving the hospital clinic and hoping never to return. His last treatment there will be Dec 26th and we want to leave his nurses something special as a christmas/goodbye/thank you gift. Any suggestions? There is one nurse there who had essentially been his primary care provider for nearly 5 years but we no longer see her due to scheduling changes – I may leave her a separate gift.

      • Nice! with an assortment of K-cups/coffees.
        Or basket of goodies as was discussed someplace recently (BB?) or if any local bakeries do a treat-of-the-month club, or if you could convince one to do it for you. Harry & David does a fruit o.t.m.

      • I love this idea! I don’t know what they already have in their break room, though; the nurse’s area is not visible to patients. The clinic recently moved to snazzy/depressing new digs at the fancy new comprehensive cancer center, but I suspect most of the funding went into “look how impressive we are” and not toward “let’s pamper our staff”. The place is all kinds of awful – more equipment yet less lighting than necessary, vast lobbies and cramped treatment areas, beige layered on beige on beige for a peds ward, etc – and while the nurses aren’t saying much I don’t get the impression anyone is too happy with it.

  7. Braggy Mama Moment? I worked backstage at M’s Nutcracker dress tonight but snuck out to watch her number. My girl? Is a freaking beautiful dancer. The place she dances was drawn from the pits of hell, but she’s unbelievable. The best part? Her smile is obvious all the way to the back row.

    • How gratifying that must be for you! I can’t wait until my girls find talents that they love. Lucy’s one experiment with dance when she was 4 was a disaster. She imagined twirling and leaping and she got stand in a line and point your toes. It was boring and there were a couple of other overly active kids who also weren’t too engaged in the class, so she just happily goofed off with them. We just paid for one semester, but even that stressed me out to no end and I was SO glad she didn’t want to do it again.

      • If she is really interested I’d let her try again… Liza’s studio is really good about saying “they’re not quite ready..but come back!” and it usually works!

        • That’s helpful, thanks. If she pushes for it, we will try again with a different place. We signed up through a community “arts for all” program the first time. It seemed like a good way to try it out, but the teacher was not particularly warm or good with kids (?! working for a kids arts program!?). We took a little break from activities when Clara was born, anyway, but she’s wanting to do soccer this spring. She sometimes says she wants to try dance and sometimes gymnastics, but I’m waiting to see what is a real interest and what is a passing idea.

          • I would look for a dedicated dance studio ..they’ll be much more equipped to get her in the right class… and they are better at mixing ‘fun’ with technique…

        • Mira took a break for a bit but just started back with a jazz class recently. I can’t believe the difference in her reaction to the classes. In the past she was generally positive, but not what I would say “excited” – but this time, it’s been excited, dancing at home, showing up moves, talking about the class. HUGE difference. We’ll see if it sticks :-) But I was really pleased with just the immediate difference.

          Sheri, another thing to consider – we talked to different studios and many had options to observe and/or try a class to see what the best fit might be. That’s what helped us find the class for Mira – jazz. Now she’s already talking about adding ballet next time as well. Again, we’ll see, but I’ve enjoyed seeing the passion this time around!

    • I’m so happy to hear this…that M loves dance and is o god at it! Too bad the dance studio is so awful, but very glad you got to see the end product.

    • I’m so happy to hear this…that M loves dance and is o god at it! Too bad the dance studio is so awful, but very glad you got to see the end product.

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