Weekend Open Thread

It’s the weekend, y’all!

Last night I made latkes for the very first time, took my family to a local neighborhood to peep at Christmas lights, wrapped several presents and stuffed and sealed all my holiday cards. I’m like a frickin’ elf here, people! I’m helpless against the holiday spirit!  😉

What are you up to today? Hanukkah begins tonight. Hope those of us who celebrate have a lovely and festive evening!

Chat away!


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  1. I decided to skip the second day of a two-day conference, and Im so (guiltily) glad that I did. I slept past 7:00, had quiet coffee on the couch, made scones (from a mix) and eggs, and have time to plan some shopping and cooking.

    Looking forward to teh first night of Channukah (Erika, your latkes look wonderful) and a restful weekend before another busy week next week. DH found my second box of Channukah stuff, so i can put out more things today to get in the spirit. I’m totally glad that my DS still gets into it with me, and isn’t too “cool” to be silly about the holiday!

  2. Hooray for the coffee, scones, and second box of stuff! Enjoy the holiday!

    (And seriously, I need a step-by-step, non-cook’s guide to latkes ’cause YUM)

    • scrub large russet potatoes (about one per person that you are feeding). You can peel or not peel – depending on your preference. For years, I peeled, and then found out if they potato is scrubbed clean no one could tell if they were unpeeled.

      Grate the potato. I use my food processor which is faster and protects knuckles from being scraped.

      Chop one large onion

      MIx potato, onion, 2 eggs, about a half cup of flour, salt.

      Put veg oil in a flat bottom pan that has a lip (easier to flip them), and heat to medium high – the test is that a drop of water “bounces” up from the oil.
      turn down burner to medium
      Put in large spoonfuls of the batter – it’s not really batter-y, more like mushy hash browns. – into the oil, press the top to flatten a bit.

      flip when done on one side (this part is how my stove gets covered in oil!) and cook a bit more

      Put on paper towel to drain. Try to keep family members away long enough to cool a bit – otherwise you have kiddos (or hubby) with burned fingers and tongues.

  3. Once again, thank you all for your amazing generous gifts for our family! We are so incredibly thankful :)

    And in ungrateful news, dh’s family is driving me crazy. I don’t need guilt right now about not attending every friggin holiday function. We attend nearly everything. Pulling the newborn card and skipping some stuff, plus we are (gasp!) going to spend Christmas at MY parents for the first time in 5 years. We just saw my parents for a month when the baby was born, so how dare we spend the holiday with them? So. Over. This. Crap.

    I know that my mil wants to spend time “helping” and she’s upset that my mom got more time. But, my mom was helping with my older kids and cooking, and mil is unable to do those things. Her “helping” is actually visiting and requires entertaining and I’m just not up for that kind of help right now. We are seeing her plenty, I’ve just declined to have her over during the days. I think she’s hurt and I feel bad, but I’m in survival mode right now. Sigh.

  4. Happy Hannukah to those who celebrate!

    We went to the Christmas tree farm and got our tree. Always a nice activity although this year apparently the kids are too old to ride on Santa’s “sleigh.” The 12 year old is officially too tall for their annual kids’ growth ruler this year – it goes to 5’6″ and he is apparently about 5’8″. In any case, we have a tree, I am about done shopping, and the cards are here, so it’s all good.

      • Well, the sleigh ride had a long line anyway so I didn’t mind!

        I am wondering myself. My family is not especially tall. DH is almost 6 feet. I suspect he will end up somewhere around there, maybe by next Christmas at the rate he is growing.

  5. I always love this time of year, but for some reason I feel like this holiday season is shaping up to be an especially lovely and memorable one.

    I don’t feel rushed, and I am way ahead of schedule in terms of gifts and cards. We are taking time out every weekend to go in search of neighborhoods with elaborate light displays. I made latkes for the first time and bought Maya her first advent calendar, and she is enjoying learning the story of Christmas. We bought mini stockings for her American Girl dolls and decorated them with glitter glue. We take walks with the kids several times a week to look at the lights around our neighborhood. This morning we took Maya to a beautiful production of The Nutcracker, then went and found a lovely 8-foot noble fir. For $20 extra we had it delivered and set up in our living room by a friendly Eagle Scout. Painless.

    Tonight we took our annual trip to see Santa, which is a ride on the Irvine Railroad Christmas Train. They do up the park with lights and it’s just lovely. The lines were short, the kids behaved beautifully with Santa, and we had a great dinner with friends afterward. Alex did not start squirming in his high chair after 20 minutes. It was a Christmas miracle.

    Next weekend is our annual getaway for Tyler’s birthday, which we look forward to every year. I am just feeling grateful and lucky, especially after a not-so-stellar November.

    And now that I’ve dared to write this out, watch everything go haywire from now until Xmas! Even if it does, these first two weeks of the holiday season have been awesome. However, I will refrain from posting it on facebook with a #soblessed hashtag 😉

  6. Oh FFS. Grandma’s back in the hospital. Plus I just got a call from the church- apparently I was supposed to bring dinner for the youth group tonight. I have a vague memory of saying I’d do it, but thought someone else ended up getting booked for the date. I think they’re starting to think of me as the Flaky Mom Who Can’t Be Relied Upon.

    • Oh no – so sorry to hear about your Gramma! Hope it’s a quick visit and she’s home and resting soon!

      Sry about the church/youth group/dinner thing. We’ve all had those moments – so hopefully others will be understanding. What did you decide to bring?

          • Eh, I would have had it there 30 minutes sooner and I would have ordered more- we didn’t have enough. H ended up eating a whole other dinner after he got home.

            No big though- if this is the biggest mistake I make, I’m doing pretty damn well.

  7. Thank you to everyone who has been cheering DH on his FB page. He has had an incredibly rough weekend. The treatments are knocking him flat and he has a pinched nerve near where his shoulder meets his neck so he is really incapacitated and miserable. It means a lot to him to see that others are thinking of him.

    • Hugs to both of you honey. Is he able to use massage or acupressure/ acupuncture to help with the pain? It’s amazing how much pain takes out of you- physically and emotionally- and how exhausting it can be to take care of someone who’s in pain.

      Here’s hoping he gets some relief soon.

    • Ah, rats on the pinched nerve. Seriously, body of his? Can’t you cut him a teensy tinsy bit of slack and not add stupid injuries on top of everything else he’s going through?

      I hope you both enjoy some much needed rest after he’s done with treatments for awhile.

    • soooo…. I need to apologize… we totally under ordered our cards.. I don’t know what we were thinking so um… merry christmas gang… sorry about that.. you can take us off the list LOL

      • I still feel guilty because I have a stack of last year’s cards with a printed off MT list stashed in a drawer somewhere. I had good intentions. I even bought enough stamps. Just couldn’t do it. It doesn’t feel easier with a toddler than it was with a newborn, either. But this year I think I can do it. Maybe. Don’t hold your breath, but I’m still optimistic.

    • I got the list, thanks! I’m really struggling to get my orders out and have no clue when I’ll be getting my own holiday cards out. This was the first time we had a pro take our photos, too, so I hope I can get it together!

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